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My cat enjoys weird foods

I've posted before about how my kitty enjoys eatting essentially anything that she can find. Anything that drops of the counter, such as tofu or vegetables, gone within seconds. She's also recently taken a liking to popcorn, I don't know if this is okay. I generally don't give her any because I like soysauce on my popcorn, and that just doesn't sound like a good idea for her to eat.

I also discovered, accidentally, that she has a taste for honey. Is there anything wrong with her eating/having eaten honey?

All the cats I've owned have had a taste for sweet things. One of my older kitties, who passed away a few years back, would manuver ontop of the fridge (counter to fridge-top), open the door to the bread box and dig into the Drakes cup cakes (I don't know if any of you know what Sunny Doodles are). He would chew through the plastic and eat all the frosting out of them. They weren't chocolate ones, but it always bothered me to come home to the field of half eaten snack cakes.

He never seemed to really be bothered by the snack food consumption, so I never worried about it. He also wasn't over weight.

My current kitty, Hagakure, is also not overweight. I'm not worried about her consumption levels, just about her consumption in general.

The pouty face and the whimpering ruins my ability to enjoy the popcorn. :)

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I had a cat some years back (Berkley) and she loved all kinds of strange stuff too. Raw potatoes, cantaloupe, tomato based things -soup, maranara, enchalada sauce, green beans, and like yours quite the sweet tooth -cake, cookies and especially donuts. She was quiet and stealthly about it. I had a dozen donuts I was taking to work the next morning sitting in a box on the counter and as I passed by them on my way to bed I couldn't believe she'd eaten 8 of them with just a few crumbs left over. Crazy girl.

"A cat's got her own opinion of human beings, she don't say much, but you can tell enough to make you anxious not to hear the whole of it"

Jerome K. Jerome
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My male cat loves beer and bread. He gets to have a bottlecap about once a month or so because he wont leave my stepfather alone otherwise. He generally doesn't bother me when I have a beer (because he knows I wont give him tablescraps) but he loves beer. I also found he liked hot sauce when he was a kitten because I put some on wires that he started chewing on. It didn't work so I had to go with the bitter apple spray. The female cat likes to sniff things and goes crazy over my hands when I have eaten an orange or after I use certain soaps. They also really like green olive juice, which I caught them licking out of a bowl after I turned away for 2 seconds!
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Tabby will eat just about anything I do (spagetti, cup-of-noodle) and is pretty relentless about getting to sample whatever I eat. I usually give him whatever he wants, but he's starting to put on some weight. He's not really overweight, but I don't want him to get that way so we're cutting back to where he can only have some when I'm done. I've read that it's okay for cats to eat certian foods like fish and cheese as long as it's not in excess and they have their food too and the human food is just a treat rather than a staple.
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I think strange cravings are okay as long as it doesn't exceed 10% of daily food consumption.
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Oh Lord, Dude will eat anything. He's stolen hamster food and eaten it. I had some baby carrots in a plastic bag, he thought it was cat treats so I gave him one to sniff in the hope he would figure out it wasn't for him. He ate it. We had to buy a 'Dude-proof' trash can to keep him from stealing pizza crusts, bread and other goodies out of the trash. If my birds drop pieces of their fruit or greens, Dude cleans it up for me. He will eat Doritos and popcorn. He begged me for a piece of fresh coconut when I ate some the other day, and you guessed it- he ate that too. He almost got whacked in the head with a hammer when I was cracking the coconut and he greedily drank the water from it until I shooed him away because I was afraid it would make him sick. I was so mad at him yesterday morning...he came up to the table when I was trying to fill my birds' seed cups with their food and clawed one off the table where it spilled all over the floor. He looked at me as if to say, 'Thanks, this stuff is great!' while he ate it up. He's patrolling the kitchen right now, looking for any tidbits which might have suddenly appeared in the last 30 seconds since he was out in the living room.
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My girl Izzy like weird foods too. She likes French Fry's, olives and other things I can't even think of all of them. I've come downstairs in the morning and she had ate half of a loaf of bread overnight (now it gets put in the fridge) She also likes popcorn I only give her 2 or 3 pieces for every time I make popcorn and I try to take all of the pieces of kernel out.
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I just found out the other day that Tabby likes lemon too!
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(now it gets put in the fridge)
Yeah, with Sir Eats-A-Lot here we have to thaw meats inside the microwave, just set it in there and shut the door so the Duder can't get at it. No plate may be left unattended at ANY time, it's part of Dude's "No Crumb Left Behind" program.
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