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Huge problems, please read!!!

Hi, I am new to this forum and have no idea where to go with the problem so I figure, ask people that goes.

I have a very fat cat, she is 6 yrs old and weighs 17 pounds. The problem is that I cant free feed her as she will eat the whole bowl (approx 3 cups of food a day) I usually try and give her 1/4 cup morn 1/4 cup night, but when she eats, she digs her face to the bottom and swallows. She does not chew her food AT ALL. Then about 1/2 hour later, she pukes it up again....gggggrrrrr and ALL the kibbles are whole.

I need to find a food that has huge kibbles like dog food so she has no choice but to chew them and not eat so fast. any ideas?

She also gets bladder infections so I have her on royal canine for urinary tract infections as per the vet. I also have a male cat that had a urinary tract infection and would like to have them on the same food as he eats hers and vice versa...he is a nice weight and doesnt pig out.

I have had them on GO! Natural food and that is what they both got the infections on.
Please help me, I dont know what to do...Cleaning up puke every day is not fun and is wrecking my carpets.

Ps. I dont think she is allergic as I had her on hypo allergenic and she still puked up whole kibbles
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How is her dental health?

My cat was treated for a red swollen throat, the Vet thought the bacteria that was causing the gum deases was also possible speading down her throat,

treated with antibiotics, teeth cleaned, and now no longer does the puking thing much like your cat.

She also was found to be hyperthyroid from a blood test.

Had another cat same thing, teeth cleaned antibiotics and she doesn't puke.
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I just had her into the vet and teeth are ok...Actually I was JUST there and they said to try and put her food on a large flat plate all spread out so she had to pick around and find the kibbles...we'll try that tonight.
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Just a thought.. could she be so hungry that she gobbles down her food too fast? I don't know what the recommended amout per day is normally, I free feed, but is that enough to keep her from being really hungry?
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Making a cat eat slower is a simple thing --- put something in the food bowl so she has to push it aside to get at the food. Ping-pong balls, golf balls, or smooth clean rocks work quite well. Spreading it out works, too, but is more work to prepare.

Another thing that many have found helpful is to elevate the food bowl several inches off the ground so the food goes down from the bowl to the stomach instead of up.
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Zippy...I thought of the same thing so I tried free feeding her, she will eat 3 cups a day and gobble it everytime she walks up to the bowl...I think that is the way she is....I am going to try the big plate idea and add ping pong balls or rocks if I have to...elevating it...hmmm, never thought of that...
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I wouldn't be too concerned about your cat pucking up whole kibbles. I am on some breeder e-mail groups and this has come up before. Apparently cats don't really chew their food completely and whatever holds the food together just re-groups the food once they swallow . . . kind of like corn in humans.

What food do you have your cat on? Perhaps trying something like Innova or Merrick, Natural Balance or Felidae where it’s not all filler, but actual protein would help. Cats eat more of the cheep stuff because there isn’t enough “food” in it for them. Also, if it is an allergy try a signal source protein food like a chicken and rice blend. A lot of the higher quality food are blances for all life stages. Therefore it's good from kitten to adulthood and senior cats too.

Does your cat puck when you give them canned food too?
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I am trying to give her canned food tonight, I just bought some, she is on royal canine right now, the urinary tract one as she gets bladder infections once in a while and that is what the vet recommended, we also have a male cat that is on it and I would like to keep them both on the same food.
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If they both accept the canned food ok, why not try an all-canned diet? The soft ground food won't really need to be chewed by the one cat that bolts her food, and they might both not have so many bladder problems with the added moisture they will be taking in eating just canned food. Then you could give them crunchy food as a treat once in a while.
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doesnt just a straight diet of canned food wreck the teeth over time and they wont be as strong???? I have no idea, I am a horse person. What kind of canned food should I feed? And should I leave it out all the time?
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