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Weird Eyelid and Feeding Questions

Ok, I have two questions. First of all, on my 11 week old kitten that I adopted, I sometimes notice a weird white eyelid on the bottom of his eye. It seems to only show when he's half asleep, and then it goes back down as he closes or opens his eyes all the way. I don't see it when he's awake, and the whites in the corners of his eyes look ok. No redness, cloudiness, or discharge from his eyes. No weird behavior otherwise. It's kind of freaking me out though because I've never witnessed a cat's eyes do that. He's going back to the vet in a couple days for some more vaccinations and I'm going to ask about it, but can someone who has seen this before shed some light?

Also, I'm feeding him dry kitten food (which he loves) but I heard that after a cat has been fixed, it's time for adult food. He was fixed at 10 weeks, but he is only 3 months and I'm worried that it's too early for that switch. Is there any truth to this? Thanks in advance
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Still a kitten for about a year from what I think is necessary for growth, so keep feeding the kitten food, and even add some canned food to his diet, so he'll eat it when he gets older,

the eye lid is kinda strange sounding and I hope you can find something out about it, as I agree it to be strange.

probally best to have the Vet check it, but till then keep him clean and inside where you know he can't get into something thatr could harm it or cause an infection.
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I agree, kitten food 'till he's about 1 year old.
As for the eye, are you sure it isn't just his third eyelid?

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Yes, you're describing the third eyelid. As long as it shows just while he's sleepy/sleeping, it's fine. Sounds like that's all it is in your case.

OTOH, if that eyelid shows up when he's fully awake and stays there, then there's a possible health problem.
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most people feed there cats kitten food till one year. I was told by namy vets and people here, that they do not need kitten food after being fixed. Being yours was so young when fixed, i would feed kitten food till about 4-5 months, then switch.

I know when we got Teagan, Tierney started eating kitten food again, and boy did he get fat! as soon as we fixed teag, everyone went to adult food.. and everone is normal weight now.

Good Luck!
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Thanks so much for the replies everyone. A third eyelid, huh? Never heard of that one, but I'm relieved that it's something normal Whew. He is an indoor only cat, so no possibility of him getting outside and getting into trouble.

As for the food, thanks, I'll keep him on kitten for a few more months then. He seems to really like it, and he has much more energy than he had when I brought him home. He goes crazy zooming through the house. He seems to be putting on weight pretty fast, but he was skin and bones when he got here, so i guess thats fine.

Thanks again all!
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If you think he does start to put on too much weight I would look for a food "for all life stages" rather than a plain adult food. Kittens are still doing a lot of growing until about 12-18 months so it's important that they get all the extra nutrients thay can.
Have fun with him!

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Crazy zooming, huh? Heehee.

He sounds like he's progressing normally. Kittens grow at an amazing rate, so you'll see something like a pound or more per month until 10 months or so, then the growing slows and eventually stops. Just keep an eye on his middle (make sure you can feel his ribs, but they're not sticking out).

Mine all got snipped around 2-3 mths, and I continued feeding them kitten wet/dry combo till they turned one. Around that time when I switched, I also moved toward scheduled and measured feedings just to maintain. This worked well for me. Everyone's got different preferences, so just read around until you find something that works for you and your cat.
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I adopted my guy at 5 months, 7 lbs, right after he was fixed and kept him on kitten food. At his 9 month visit he was going on 13 pounds! The vet said it was diet time and asked me what I was feeding him. I told her kitten food and she did say after being fixed, he should of been taken off kitten food because it was too fattening for him. I have since then switched him, and I guess he either slowed down because of the food or he is just about as big as he is going to get. He is 11 months now and weighs 13.9 lbs. I can't see taking them off of kitten food too early. They do need the nutrients. He seems to be doing fine.
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