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How did you come across the name for your cat(s)?

For my latest, Polly, her name was actually neoPOLLYtan. She was the 5th of what the shelter called "The Bottle Babies" that I took in in early June. The first 4 siblings I brought home all looked like flavors to me, vaNILLA, CHOCOlate, Licorice and Tang. When Polly showed up a couple days later with her dilute calico coat, neopolitan ice cream came to mind, hence the name Polly. It stuck and it fits.

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Cat owners' prayer: "Lord help me be the person my cat thinks I am"

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My rule for cats is that I find them/pick them and my SO names them.

Our first, Puccini, is named after my SO's parents' first cat together (when they were in college). His dad's side is Italian so the name came naturally to them, I think he was named about Puccini the composer. When we got Pucc, we actually thought we were getting a girl (he's registered as a female named Crystal) until we saw his neuter papers- right away my SO said "PUCCINI!" and it just stuck.

I was hoping for another Italian name for our second. Again, thought we were getting a girl, so we brainstormed female Italian names. Arrived to pick up our new girl and discovered she had hidden in the rafters. I took the next cat within reach, "Chester".... lol. Didn't fly with my SO. He's a big Ninja Turtles fan and decided to name him Roku- short for Oroku Saki, the full name for Shredder from the TMNT series.

Nothing to do with the cats' appearance or personality, just my SO being creative lol
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Skye suits his given name so we kept it...
Pazu was Baloo in the shelter. We wanted something similar and love Miyazaki's films so, chose to name him after a character.
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Tom Cat
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I'll list a few.
Adonis was my first feral, he is just so handsome that Adonis fits.
Zeus was an injured little boy who needed strength to get through. Zeus is a very powerful God.
Sunny is the deep golden color of the sun.
Moon is the cream color of the moon.
Buttercup was one of five kittens that came to me with their mother at about 6 weeks old. I called the mother Jasmine and her five daughters were the flowers. Buttercup, Daisy, Rose, Lilly and Poppy.
Being out here with so many kitties they are more of a colony, it's hard. I wish I could keep them all inside and safe. If I'd known I was going to be a cat rescue I'd have chosen a place way far away from the road. A cat took my Rose from me. I was thrilled that the girls never strayed far, I always saw them, any time I went out. Poppy, Lilly and Daisy all disappeared in one summer, before I even realized (in my heart that they were never coming back). I hadn't seen them but was informed a new neighbor had a pack of hunting dogs, that were getting loose, a lot. I can't let myself imagine that it was the dogs. But I have never had so many disappear in one summer. Haven't have any disappear since, it's been several years.
Well, that brought back bad memories. Sorry.

I am not a cat lady,
I am The Cat Lady!
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MowMow's original name was to be Rah or Utu. When I got him home he spent the first few months wandering and MaOWING at me constantly.. in pairs. Two MAOWS ... pause... two MAOWS.. so I just started calling him MowMow. Now he's Sir Utu Rah MowMow.

Shepherd Book, because I thought he looked like a wise man with lots of secrets when I met him... It doesn't really fit him but.... too late now. He answers to it.

Neelix because he was so friendly and outgoing.... in an almost obnoxious way, just like the character on Star Trek: VOyager. It fit him and it still does.
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MowMow, I love your names

We named ours driving home from the shelter (about an hour's drive). They were from a litter of 4 - all black boys called Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo. Ours were the last 2, but the names didn't suit them.

They are both named after talking cats from the anime Fairy Tail. Happy was decided first - after a funny blue cat. His character is cute, silly and a bit cheeky but very loyal and loving.

I thought Lucky would be a nice name to go with Happy, but my partner chose Pantherlily - another cat from the show, who is a bit of a badass with a battle form. He is not as emotional, more a 'toughg guy' but has a hidden soft side.

The funny thing is, becuase the boys looked so alike, we didn't really know who was who when we gave the names. But their personalities fit their names perfectly and they also match ours as well.. Happy is most like me, and Panther is like my partner.
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All of my cats are named after TV/movie characters, and each one fits them well.

Samantha's full name is Captain Samantha Carter, after the character of the same name from Stargate: SG1. She's beautiful, smart, and sweet, yet tough, and she rules the household with an iron paw. Definitely the 'top brass' in our house!

Alice got her name from Mila Jojovich's character from the Resident Evil movies. As soon as she entered our home, she wanted to lick...everything, especially people. My husband and I instantly thought of a Licker from Resident Evil, but thats no name for a cat, lol! So she became Alice, a tough and independent girl. Her full name is Alice Turkey Giblets No...Alice - for the mentioned above, Turkey - because she lays down looking like a Thanksgiving turkey all the time, Giblets - because of the turkey position and because giblets are funny, and No - because we said "no" to her so much as a kitten we thought she might think that was her name, haha!

Jules is officially Jules Winnfield, named after Samuel L. Jackson's character from Pulp Fiction. When Jules was a kitten, he thought he was the toughest thing four months old and four pounds, I remember him going total fluff-puff-hissy-spitty-'Halloween Cat' on a 100lb+ Golden Retriever at work (of course the Golden looked at him like he was nuts!). The name fit perfectly! Thankfully he's now learned that not all dogs are out to eat him, but he's still the toughest boy around, lol!
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Ellie's full name is Eleanor Roosevelt... sounds odd but I love names of old famous people for pets, I think it's funny.

Tootsie got her name from looking like a little Tootsie Roll
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Tom Cat
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Moses got his name because, as a kitten, he was always batting the water out of the bowl. (Moses parting the Red Sea) I named my other boy Noah because he was so gentle. And I originally thought Josie was a boy and named her Jonesy from a Stephen King novel but then changed it to Josie when my vet said she was a girl. (at the time I didn't know almost all calicos were female)
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I kept Artie's name when I adopted him.
I did not care for it at first, but then I fell in love with him and him..
It suits him!
His original name, when he was first surrendered as a kitten, was Trout!!
So glad his adoptive mom changed it to Artie!!
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