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Tom Cat
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How do your cats show affection?

I am writing this out of curiosity.

I used to own a BIG handsome black cat named Nubey. I'll never forget what I had heard once my grandparents had met him. I was told that he was VERY sweet, very friendly, and loved giving hugs & kisses. I didn't believe it at first. I thought my grandparents were kidding.

Well, we finally received him, and we got him from one of my dad's friends. The first time I looked at him, I thought to myself "Well, you're new here, aren't you? Don't you worry about a thing. You might not be friendly at first, but I know in due time you'll get to the point where you need lots of love, so come see me when you do, and please take your time."

Then it happened: I remember it had been maybe the 4th or 5th day we had him. I was in my room in the basement just watching TV, having no thought about the new cat. I remember watching him come by me. He was either going into the litter box, or getting something to eat. I kept watching TV, and then he came back, stopped at my feet, looked up at me, and then he jumped into my lap. He looked at me, and he gave me a gentle headbutt, followed by a friendly loud purr, and he meowed at me. Next thing I know, the dude is fast asleep in my lap, purring. I thought "Well, here's the new kid, and he's already gotten used to me!"

The next day, when I saw him for the first time after he got used to me, he ran up to me, rubbed my legs, looked up at me, and then he did what I thought was impossible. He jumped up on his hind legs, put his front paws on my stomach, and gave me a BIG kitty hug!!! I was shocked and delighted. I nearly cried tears of joy. That's when I knew the new kid loved having me around.

As he got older, he became quite adorable, as in being very silly and playful. I'd often be on my computer in the basement, and out of nowhere, I'd hear a ton of loud pitter patter, and I'd roll my eyes and laugh. The one thing that made me laugh the most about him was that he always loved giving hard chin rubs (which I called "Chin BANGS") and another thing he did that made me laugh a LOT was when I'd be right in the middle of something on my computer, and he'd jump on my bed and meow at me to pet him. It was the funniest thing. He certainly had a good sense of humor.

how do your cats show affections towards you, your family members, and complete strangers (for that matter)?
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Nubey sounds like he was an awesome cat. My cat Bodhi is big on giving headbutts and chin rubs/nibbles.
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Jr. Cat
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Jack, my male cat, is a snuggler. He will lay on my legs or lap, and always sleeps touching me at night. He also does a lot of head rubbing if he is trying to tell me to feed him or that he wants a treat. He tolerates being held, but does not enjoy it.

Rosie, my female, is NOT a lap cat. Once in a very great while she will lay on my chest for 30 seconds or so, but it never lasts. She does LOVE to be picked up and snuggled though. Most mornings she will come up to me and reach her paws up my leg so I can pick her up and she can nuzzle her head into my neck. It is really really sweet and reminds me of a human baby...laying their head on their mom's shoulder. She could be carried around like that all day if I would let her. She also does gentle head butts if she's laying on my bed and I bend down to kiss her head.

I'm lucky that both my cats are so snuggly in their own ways. I really enjoy that they seek me out to get loved on.
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Jr. Cat
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That is too cute!! I've never heard of cats giving hugs like that. Auglaize gives me what I call a "cat kiss" - she'll purr while rubbing her inner lip along my hairline. I usually get a blast of BAD kitty breath, but it's so cute that I don't care at all
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Cool Cat

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My Amelia shows affection by rubbing on me, licking me and laying on my lap while purring. Sabrina, my cat who passed away last year, used to do the cutest thing and your post made me think of it and smile. Sabrina liked me to kiss her head so she would wait until I was laying on my back on the couch. She would walk up on my chest and bang her forehead against my lips. If I didn't kiss her, she would do it over and over until she got a kiss. Then she would let out the loudest purrs. I loved that girl!

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Tom Cat
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I won't forget the sense of humor Nubey had. He was very playful. I also won't forget those "love nips" and massages he gave me.
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Cool Cat
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My semi-feral cat shows me that he trusts me by letting me pet him a little. My daughter and I are the only ones we know of in some 8 years who have been able to touch that cat. My nephew might have, he is a good cat person too. I consider it a great compliment that I can pet him. I can even pick him up for just a moment, but he always struggles away, he really is scared. Some day I hope to be able to hold onto him long enough to get him into a carry box and take him to the vet. So far, no luck.

I miss the happy affectionate behaviour of my previous cats.
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I think Abigail does it by making sure she is always in the most inconvenient spot imaginable!

Unless she is in the deepest of sleeps, dreaming about chasing something no doubt (her nose and legs all twitch) if I leave the room, she will get up, follow me to the next room - walking inbetween my legs, until I stop, then she will lie down and go back to snoozing.

She will jump up onto my lap, and snuggle down - then she will look at me, and chirp away until she gets the head/neck/chin rubs she wants, then its all purrs.
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Cosmo, our oldest, will climb up on my husband's chest and head-butt him. He loves to get loving from Daddy, but couldn't care two figs about me usually.

Jasper, the middle child, is a snuggle bug. He will cuddle with anyone who will give him the time of day. He likes to lick my fingers and then bite/nibble my fingertips.

Annabelle, the baby, is not a cuddler or overly friendly. She LOVES the dogs and her brothers, but would rather us peoples not be around.

All three of them love to sleep on my legs or curled up next to my legs, though. They don't sleep with my husband, just with me.

Cosmo- 3yo DSH orange classic tabby
Jasper- 2yo DSH grey and black spotted tabby with white
Annabelle- 11-week-old shaded tortoiseshell Maine Coon mix
Cash- 8yo Australian shepherd/St Bernard mix
Abby- 3yo Catahoula/border collie/Australian shepherd mix
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Otis the tabby loves the kids. He greets them at the door when they come home (he waits for them. Sitting outside the door around the time they come home.). Then he drives them insane trying to steal their snacks and curling up beside them as they watch tv, do homework, or video games. If they allow it, he sleeps in their beds at night.

When they are gone. He walks all over me for attention. He has to be where the people are. Otis is a people cat.

My meezer is shy, but will come to me for attention. She likes to sit on my lap and lick my hand, but only if it will pet her.
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