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Do your cats bring you "presents?" Share your sto

My cats are indoor cats but I am amazed by their hunting skills! Today Thomas caught a mouse from somewhere and came to me meowing to tell me about his victory. I was disgusted when I had to pick the mouse up with a towel and rubber gloves but I guess that's one less pest in the house!
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My in-law's cat, Bart meows and meows while chasing his kitty toys and then finally makes up his mind on one of them he brings it victoriously to us. He is amazing because he is about 17 years of age and yet has a strong will to play and have fun. I love him so
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Vienna is Madame hunteress, she comes back with something at least twice a week. And ive seen her in the garden playing with her catches (I dont take it off her if it is already dead) and they havent been braught in, whihc makes me wonder how much she catches that we dont get "given"
Ive found plenty of dead vouls and mice in the garden too.
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do your cats bring you presents?

Our old cat Tinker used to try to bring in all sorts of prey, dead or alive.
But probably the most intruiging present was from our first cat, Pete.
He came home one day with a lovely piece of filleted plaice. I bet someone was cursing the darned cat who jumped in their window and stole their dinner

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Tigger and Robin brought home a live rabbit (very small) each!

My family thought that they were dead mice, so we said "Good boys! Um... no... I don't want that... no don't drop in on the rug!" We looked at their mouths a little closer... and we saw little bunny ears... and we saw the little bunny nose twitching still... How do you handle that kind of situation?! The cats just stood there wondering when we would take dinner already... we took them outside... and they just put the bunnies down - and they actually leaped... off a second story balcony... I wonder if they ever lived? Doh...
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Yes my mom's cats used to bring her lots of"presents'. Dead snakes or whatever they could catch. Oh and they were declawed so explain that one to me!!
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So Many!

Wow, I have so many of these stories. I've had (and lost ) many cats in my day. We have a great yard and the surrounding area used to be more woodsy.

There was Dove who brought home a dead rabbit to her kittens and the most fierce, Patches, drug the thing up the hill away from her siblings and ate most of it although it was as big as she was. That was funny because Dove didn't chase her and we could all tell she wanted some of that bunny.

Patches herself lived a lot longer than Dove and had kind of the legacy as The Huntress. There really wasn't a day that went by the she didn't bring home something, mice, birds, snakes, rabbits.

Our current pest control unit is Molly. She's trying to outdo ol' Patches, even though most of the fields and woods have houses on them now. I think the rabbits are gone, but she's brought home all the others. She cracks me up because she will meow at the door when she catches something and roll beside her prize to show it off. Or once we come outside she'll pick it up and bring it to us and give a long chirpy meow. It's really a wonder there's anything left in our yard.

The funniest recently, though was when my youngest kittie (called Squirrel because of his bushy tail and the way he hangs on a tree trunk and tilts his head) got a mouse in his possession. I don't know if Molly started if off, but it was injured and making that awful schreeching sound. You have to understand Squirrel is jittery and will take off fleeing for his life into the shed for no apparent reason. So I watched this little scene eagerly. He tapped the mouse, the thing hissed and threatened. He tried to swat it and the mouse tried to bite. Squirrel did a graceless side flip, landed on his back and ran in place for a minute then bolted for the shed. It was funny, but poor Molly was ashamed and I just patted her in sympathy.
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ohh yes.

we had a mouse hiding behind a bookcase for about a week recently. they brought him in and he ran away from their claws, and never left his shelter. We bought a mousetrap then (cool down, not a killy thing but a trappy thing ) but he never came out into it. He stopped making noise too, so we guess the poor thing died in there.

and i guess we wont know for sure until we move the book case which is built into the wall one distant day in the future...........
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When I was about 7 or so my old cat Whiskers left a dead Vole in my wellie boot for me.... Only I didn't discover it till I put my toes in and felt something soggy....ewwwwwwwww! lol
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My mother's cat, Tuffy, who by the way is an "indoor only cat", is petrified of the outdoors.. Anyways brought them a rat body, with NO HEAD! They always expected to find the skull when they moved, but no such luck.... Do cat's eat bone!?!
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