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breed id question

- I went a little overboard with the background story, the question is in bold. Thanks guys. -

I am the proud mother to three amazing eight month old kittens. Two are from the same litter, and one my fiance and I recently adopted.
Stoli and MJ, as opposite as they are, are my siblings. They have been in our family since they were 10 weeks old. MJ my giant fat cat, and Stoli my tiny calico are both obviously American Shorthair.
About a week ago we decided to take Stoli to get spayed at a local animal shelter. MJ has been neutered for some time and the idea of breeding Stoli had always been in the back of my mind - but with health concerns and her size I decided it was time. Being at the shelter that day was fate, as silly as that sounds. Waiting to pick Stoli up my fiance and I were browsing around looking at all the animals when I stumbled upon a tiny grey kitten shaking in this huge grey cage.

I asked his story.Chromeo (as we later named him), was left in front of the shelter in a box with several litter mates a couple weeks before. They all were dirty and looked as if they had been living outside for quite some time. They were the youngest cats at the shelters at the time, so they placed them in this large cage in the middle of the largest room with the most foot traffic.
Well, poor Chromeo did not adapt well to this, rarely played, wasn't vocal, didn't eat much, and hid when took to be considered for adoption. All his siblings were adopted within a couple of days and because of this Chromeo did not have much time left at all.
After hearing this I adopted him on the spot. The staff kept trying to warn me that he was just too shy, and it would probably take weeks for him to come out of his shell, and told me if i brought him back they wouldn't blame me - I had a thirty day test run.

It was just as I expected with Chromeo. He is the furtherest thing from shy. He plays in the sink and the bathtub, and can make a toy out of anything and everything. I don't think he has left my side since we've brought him home except to create havoc or another mess to clean up. Stoli and MJ have slowly welcomed him into our family and watching my old cats bounce around again puts a smile on my face.

Chromeo is a unique looking cat, and looking at him next to Stoli and MJ - I just cannot say he is a run-of-the-mill American Shorthair. He has a sharp face and long ears tipped with hair. His legs are unusually long and his paws, specifically his back ones, but his fronts ones as well are just huge. He also sports a longer, more slender tail than either of the other two. He also doesn't meow, and it isn't quite a chirp either - it seems as if he is talking to you.
The curiosity is killing me. I have looked up cat breeds online and have several ideas but everything seems to be a little off. Maybe more seasoned cat owners would have a better idea? Any opinion would be wonderful.

and because I cannot leave the other two out.

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Re: breed id question

Welcome! ...and I LOVE to READ, so I love it when someone posts a lengthy post I can really sink my teeth into. Your kitty-stories were wonderful and your Chromeo (do you have horses? "chrome" is a term many horsemen use to indicate a lot of flashy white markings) looks so much like our Toby(1995-2007) who was about 14-15 pounds at maturity and fit, not fat.

It almost seems to me that with Chromeo's angular face, he could have some Oriental/Siamese background in his genes. As to the big feet...well, there could be some other breed-genetic influences, or he could just be getting ready to grow into a very large kitty! Without papers, it is difficult to tell, but "out there" are all the genetics that make up our different cat breeds, they just mix, mingle and come together randomly with unsupervised breedings of feral and/or un-s/n'd cats.

My childhood cat (who was born in our garage and lived to be 21) was a Meezer-Tabby-mix, however she wasn't long/lean like a Siamese...she was put together like a stocky tabby cat, but she had no stripes and was colored (pointed, though darker) like a meezer, had the blue eyes and strident Siamese meow.

Toby was our first "talker" cat. He never really meowed, he sort of held conversations and spoke 'sentences'. This is what 'talking' with him was like:
Hey Toby, how are you today?
Meeeeaaaaoooow-er rrrrroooowwwwr eeeeeeeeaaaaaaarowrm?
Oh yeah? Tell me all about it.
Mirp mirp mirp mmmmmeeerrroooowwwweeeerrreeeeeaaaaaaammmmah-mirp!
Are you sure?
Mmmmmmmeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrroooooowwwwaaaaaeeeeerrrr r mah-hah-he-mah-meah.

He would just sort of string together sounds in like a long, drawn out meow/yawn sort of tone and would keep 'talking' with you as long as you talked to him. He would also make a noise that we called "trilling", which probably sounded like him making the above noises, but with his mouth closed? Anyway, I love the "talker" kitties, they are so much fun. Toby was the only one I've met who made such long 'words' though.
Enjoy your talker!

I was trying to find pics of Toby and I see I don't have many on my PhotoBucket account. Here he is with his sister and brother; Silver-Mouse, Toby and Mister.

Here he is in a group-shot. Toby is the large tabby/white in the middle:

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Re: breed id question

When it comes to my kittens I could talk, write, post all day. I get teased a lot - I'm probably the only 22 year old cat lady. Chromeo is actually the name of a musical group - but the lead "singer" adapted the name from the exact thing you described. You know how artists these days love to be flashy.

I know Chromeo is a "mutt". I don't think personally i'd ever own a pure-breed cat. Trying to figure out what might have made him "him" is just a mission I cannot give up.

A "trill" is the perfect way to describe the noise he makes. He is very vocal to me, not so much my fiance. I can ask Chromeo how his day is going and literally sit and listen to him chat for sometime. It is very silly.

I thought oriental/siamese as well - but Chromeo lacks well lets just say the intelligence of a Siamese.
Then I thought something more exotic like an Egyptian Mau or Abyssinian because of his large extremities but this is highly doubtful.

I just do not think Chromeo is going to get very large. I watched MJ grow from a 10 week old kitten to the 18-20 pounds he is now. Don't be mistaken MJ isn't a fat cat - even though we like to tease him about it - he just broad and stocky. I don't see the same thing in Chromeo. His long legs, long neck, and big feet have to be a trait of some breed - or hes just part rabbit.
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Re: breed id question

Cats can be very different, even within a litter, like my Trio.
Silver was a very petite and delicate kitty, at 6#. Very svelte and lithe. Active and precise in her movements.
Toby was much larger, 14-15# and what I would call stout. He didn't look non-proportional, but he was tall, long and had the width to go with his size. He was a very goofy and playful kitty, perhaps not the most exact/accurate, but he definitely got into The Zone when playing and didn't mind bouncing off of things.
Mister was slightly lighter in weight, ranging from 13-14#, but he was taller, longer and 'deeper' than Toby. By deeper, I mean his chest/ribcage were not rounded, he was very narrow from shoulder to belly. Just very skinny-looking in all aspects.

Those are just three examples of how cats from the same litter can differ.

I never saw their mother, but this was their sire, The Wanderer:


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Re: breed id question

Cute kitties!
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Re: breed id question

He might have some of an Asian breed in him, then again maybe not. Kobi was built very much like him when he was a kitten...little pea head, long lean body...back legs so long that his back end looked like it was 6 inches higher than his front end. He just turned into a really big boy...19 lbs and not overweight.

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Holly, Misty & their friend, Jake, the dog.
Onyx, Callie May, Maggie & Kobi forever in my heart.
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Re: breed id question

I love talking kitties, and it would be even better having a conversation with your unique boy. How very wonderful that you saved him from that scary cage.

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Re: breed id question


Your babies are beautiful!
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