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I want a British Shorthair

I think I've gone nuts! I want a British shorthair - a lighter gray with the marble markings on the side - like the cat in the movie Stuart Little.

Am I going to go buy one? NO.

But I've decided that since I'll have my doctorate in a little over a year, I am going to get one after I get this degree and move to a larger place. I will start looking in shelters - and I'll inform everyone I can about what I want - then hopefully one will come along needing a home. Or if I did decide to buy one - I would not get one from a cattery - I'd go with a show quality cat that has been bred by people who know what they are doing - - but still - with so many kitties needing to be rescued - Why buy? I could find one somewhere, right? And then donate money to the shelter - which would be much nicer. dreaming is over.............but I still want one of those cats!
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