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Jet Green
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Hmm, unfortunately that's pretty far from me and I don't know that area at all. I would try the following:

- Check the Yellow Pages and/or Google for pet rescue groups in your area, start calling, and see if any of them will lend you one or more crates. There are some around here that will lend trapping cages with a refundable deposit, so I bet someone would lend crates.

- Anyone who says they can't help you, ask them to suggest someone who might be able to. These groups usually want to help even when they can't, so maybe they'll have some ideas.

- Check to see if you have a FreeCycle and/or Craigslist (they usually have a free-exchange area) in your area. Post a message explaining your situation and see if you get any offers. I got a free crate this way once. Then you can pass them on to someone else when you're done with them.

Sorry I can't some up with any better ideas. I hope you can find what you need. Kudos to you for you for helping these kitties!
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