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Where does it say that? I can't see any text to this effect in the bill itself ( nor on the page you link to.

The bill in fact opens with the statement:

A permit system for breeding cats owned or harbored in the State, combined with a program for spaying and neutering, would provide a reasonable and effective means of reducing the population of abandoned or stray cats and eliminate the practice of euthanizing apparently homeless cats. Euthanasia would be permitted to terminate a cat's suffering or to protect individual or public health and safety or the health or safety of other animals.
If you have more information as a Hawaii resident, then could you link to it? Because unless there's additional information out there that I can't find, the only problem I can see is if the bill holds people who feed feral colonies responsible if the cats haven't all been TNRed. And honestly... I don't know that I necessarily have a problem with that, either.

I realize this is a statement likely to get me into trouble... but as much as I love cats, there should not be feral cat colonies on islands with as much endangered wildlife as Hawaii. Cats are introduced predators and like all introduced predators, can wreak absolute havoc on island ecosystems. Feeding a colony of unaltered cats in such a sensitive ecological environment is part the problem, not part of the solution. I can forsee some technical problems with this (what do you do when people try and honestly CAN'T trap those last few cats) but in principle I have no problem with the idea that "You feed 'em, you neuter 'em," not on an island.
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