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I have a Sony Digital Video Camera and all I do is run a fire wire from the camer to the PC and use Video Explosion Editing software or even the crappy program that came with XP Home to upload the vidoe to my PC.

I then edit the footage and burn it to Video CD (Most newer DVD players will play this format) and when I get a DVD burner I will burn them all to DVD.

The nice thing is you can add music and effects. I have been in the profession going on 20 years now and have even worked with an award winning broadcaster. (Excellence in Government Programing).

If you use a newer digital video camera your footage will be of higher quality than standard, almost high defination. You can also record the edited footage back to your camera and then dub to standard VHS.

I love digital video as it really amps up the quality of the video and once it is recordered the fall out that you normally see on standard VHS is far less apparent.

Digital video tapes are about the size of a stack of credit cards. They are very impressive for there size.

Video taping kittens and even older cats playing is most rewarding.
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