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Really Need to Vent

My roommate and I have never shared the same opinion about 'outdoor' animals. This didn't really bother me, even after the cat I was supposed to adopt from his mother got thrown outside and killed by a motorcycle. I considered that "a horrible accident".

Now, this roommate of mine has a sister who is, for lack of a better term, a moron. Her dog was HIGHLY sensitive to loud noises and anything 'unusual'. This dog was terrified of fireworks especially. She left him tied out back on the Fourth of July, and was horrified that the poor, scared dog HUNG HIMSELF ON HIS LEAD.
My roommate actually had the nerve to tell me "He was better off killing himself. Any other family would've euthanized him."
I wanted to hit him. There was nothing wrong with this dog, aside from the fact that he received NO training, was left outside in all weather and rarely had human contact. Everyone that walked in the house was told "He bites, don't go near him."
I didn't believe them when I met the family a year ago, so I went out and played with him. No growling, no barking--he just wanted to play.

I absolutely HATE people like this. They treated their deceased GSD like a king b/c he got proper training from my roommate's biological father, but tossed Ringo outside when they didn't feel like dealing with him.
They treat Tucker (their current cat) fairly well, but hated Mario. Their animals never see the vet, don't get proper food at all, and have loads of behavior problems.

Why are people allowed to do this?
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Drifter hates loud noises and goes into a fit trying to hide from them. The Canada Day fireworks scared him to death; he even peed himself which he hasn't done since I first got him 8 years ago.

No another family would not have put him to sleep, they (if they were worth breathing) would have understood that the dog has a noise sensitivity just like some people do, we all have or quarks and so why would animals not be any different?

If they had bothered to get off the couch and put some effort into training that poor dog... argh I can't even think right now this is upsetting to say the least.

Honestly people like that don't deserve to breath, or ever own an animal. Owning an animal is a privilege not a right. Why can't people understand this? Why do people like this always have animals when those that would care for them like they were royalty can’t afford them or have some other circumstance that prevents them from owning an animal.
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They tied a dog outside on a night when there would be a ton of fireworks?!!!


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Amazing. Well, THIS is America. The place where you can pretty much do anything you darn well please, including mistreat and ignore family pets.

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What the bloody ****?... that's just not on. Do you guys not have animal cruelty laws or something?
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Our cruelty laws suck. The whole system sucks, I know a guy who slammed a puppy's head into the side of his house, AC didn't take the dog because THEY didn't see it happen.
Well apparently the guy ended up tossing puppy in his shed to starve to death.

Oh and then there was the whole Bella thing some of you guys might remember on here. That family was never charged even though AC took pics of Bella at the vet. Bella died because of their neglect.
Then I hear from the kid there the mom poisoned or did something to kill the kids' parrot and ferrets. Still nothing!

Now they have a dog strapped to their porch, who has become half starved, injured, and riddled with fleas and mange. I keep calling the cops on them, but still again nothing.

Those are terrible people for letting that dog die. I have an extremely fearful dog. I would NEVER just throw her outside. They are murderers as far as I am concerned.
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All these stories are horrifyingly sad! It just goes to show some people don't deserve pets.

I honestly worry about a person who is cruel to animals; this loose translation of a phrase I once heard is soooo true - never trust someone who doesn't like animals!
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We have the animal welfare act, which is enforced by the RSPCA. They have the power to get the police to someone who is even SUSPECTED of animal cruelty. I don't know how good the system is, but we do have it in place.
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Going completely off topic but the RSPCA suck. I've called them many a times and they haven't come out. In my personal opinion they are pretty much only interested in making their T.V. shows and mainly doing rescues that get them publicity.
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You're entitled to your wrong opinions I suppose.

However, I know for a fact they don't suck one bit. They are just way too underfunded and understaffed to be as efficient as everyone would like. The people who work for the organisation are saints. If you really thought they sucked, you could try actually giving them a hand.....
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