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cat people seem nicer than dog people...

ok, so i joined this cat forum when i started to have problems with my cats... so naturally i thought a dog forum appropriate for my dog problems... boy was a wrong! i joined and posted my problem with lola running off and those people started saying i am unstable and just making me feel like a bad mother to my animals! from now on i will just ask you all any questions i have! thank you all for being so nice!
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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

Aweeee..........that is terrible! I've been on forums like that too, and I just stay home now (C.F.), where I belong!

Sorry you had to go through that!
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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

I think a problem many established forums go through is where a membership is fairly knowledgeable about their pets and new members have grown and educated themselves and then feel they are an authority on the subject...but perhaps they have forgotten that at one point, they didn't know anything, either. Then everyone gangs up on the new member who needs help and because of the way the membership responded, they ran that person off. Now, how does that help the new member or their pets?

I would much rather welcome people who wish to learn, want to learn, need to learn...and be friendly and welcoming while gently educating them, rather than run them off with rudeness because I don't agree with how they are currently doing things. Just because one way works best for me, it doesn't make it the only way.

What kinds of running off problems are you having with Lola? Simple obedience issues or something else?

We just caught a dog who had a "Home Again" tag on his collar and were able to get him returned to his people w/in 30 minutes. He is a bird-dog hunting type breed. Springer Spaniel, but shorter fur and taller, like a pointer. Anyhow, his owner said if he gets loose he is off! following his nose!
I am just glad we were able to return her dog to her alive. He could have been hit, and truth be told; my husband was getting his gun because we at first thought he was after the horse.* Turns out he had one of my tomcats cornered and I was able to grab his collar, pull him away from the "cat house" and place him in our wire dog-kennel that we use for the kitties in nice weather.

*we cannot allow a stray dog to chase my several-thousand-dollar horse through the fencing or bite/injure the horse.
We have good fencing and a low hotwire to discourage dogs, but if dogs get in there, harass the horse, won't leave the horse alone and we can't catch it or run it off...I will NOT go through another week of veterinary care and thousands of dollars in vet bills only to have to euth the horse because the injuries were too great, all because of a stray dog, like we had to do in 2004.

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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

*sorry this post is so long*
well we are having a little of both actually! some things i admit are our fault, ex: leaving things out that she can get into! but we have learned a very hard lesson with lola... we just moved into a old house and are still doing some minor improvements. the kitchen cabinets do not have doors because we took them all off to paint and havent finished yet! my mom doesnt always think things through and decided to put our other dog's arthritis medicine and the bottle of heart worm meds on a BOTTOM SHELF! i dont give the meds and so i never noticed them down there! well a few weeks ago we went out and when we came home lola had chewed through the medicine bottles and consumed 30 pills and enough heart worm meds for 4 dogs for a year! i thought for sure she was a goner! but my amazing miracle pup pulled through with no long term effects! she spent about 5 days in the animal hospital and now its been 3 weeks and she is totally back to normal! as much as i am thankful she is well and happy, i am equally worried about her increasing defiance to the rules! every day it gets worse! we live next to a walking horse barn and lola has decided to go check things out! we have horses but she completely ignores them! fortunately the field she has decided to wonder into does not have any horses in it now, but i still worry that the owners of the barn will see her in there and it wont be good! when i call for her to come back she COMPLETELY ignores me.... until i scream at the top of my lungs (she is very far away at this point) and throw a tantrum like a baby i realize that this is not an ideal behavior for anyone to exhibit BUT it gets her attention and she will stop in her tracks (i think anyone would) so then i stare her down and walk over to her and say "come on lola" as calmly as possible and only at that point will she follow me home and into the house. the past 2 days she has taken to the street, and she gets out there and unless i go to her and bring her back she doesnt listen to me and goes about her business! i want her to have "free play" but i want her to stay in the yard and come back when i call her the first time! i want to save up and have a fence built just for the dogs, but until then i am in dire need of some training advice! thanks for reading this ridiculously long post!
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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

I think you need to go back to basics with your dear Lola. Crate her if she is gong to be alone and leash her when she is outside. It would really help if you could find an obedience course to help you gain control.

One thing you will learn in a class is a recall word. It is a special word that you use when you need an immediate response. Some people use something like rice crispies . I have heard stories where it has saved dog's lives.

How old is Lola? If she is a puppy there is a stage around 7 months where they are just stupid and forget everything they have ever learned. They do grow out of that, thankfully.

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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

Its not a case of dog verses cat people - in my experience in any case. Its forum verses forum. I belong to another cat forum that I very rarely post in because I got blasted in my very first thread. I also belong to a dog forum - and never post there either because it was assumed I am a bad dog owner (Benji suffers from severe seperation anxiety and I was just asking for advice )

Anyway, to heck with them. I'm staying here.

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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

As long as you ask in the right place on ths forum, you shouldn't have any trouble getting help. As Allie says, forum to forum can be VERY different.
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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

That's terrible... I know what you mean. I haven't had any very nasty experiences in other forums, but there just doesn't seem to be another forum out there quite like this one.
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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

One thing you might try on Lola is this: Get a whistle (a toy, coach's, whatever will make loud noise). The first time you blow it, Lola should come running just out of curiousity. When she does, give her a treat. Keep doing this. Blow the whistle, give her a treat when she comes. Do this in the house at first so you have more control. I guarantee that once she understands that the whistle means a treat, she will come for you, even outside.

I have a collie and two golden retriever pups (well, they're 6 mos old now). I've used the whistle trick on every dog I've ever had and it works!

We live in the country on 5 acres and we like to let our dogs run. When they get out of our sight, out comes the whistle. Just be sure you keep the treats handy!

I agree with Leazie too. Go back to the basics with crates and leashing.

Oh, and WELCOME to CF! Everyone is so nice here, you'll feel right at home.

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Re: cat people seem nicer than dog people...

Ive been transfixed every friday night watching the Dog Whisperer. I love that show. I dont even have a dog but would love to have one. Just isnt the right time to commit to a dog. I bet youd enjoy that series.

People can hear what you saying if you say it in a kind way. If its a holier than thou you turn them off and they wont hear. Just remind yourselves when you post its about helping the cat. Not to show what you think you know.

I guess that is why I love the dog whisperer because he talks about the energy you give off to your animal but his lessons apply to your own life too. Wish I could help you with definite tips but alas Im just learning about dogs which are very different from cats. BTW I love Lolas markings. Shes a beautiful dog.

Keep hope for her. My friends rescued a cattle dog that wandered up to their office. He was a young,big energy, wild guy. With alot of work he is now a therapy dog but it took alot of work and searching for answers with several trainers, reading books, and consistant teaching.
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