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car accident :(

I think I'm being followed by some bad mojo lately.

Today, I went out to check on some dogs I'm pet sitting for. I also went to drive by and take a second look at and clock distance to this house I've been interested in. On my way home, I was coming down a main road and a van was at a stop sign, then right as I was approaching (again, on a main road with the right of way) she pulled right in front of me. I wasn't going fast as I had just turned onto the street a block or so ago... but couldn't stop in time. Tried to turn onto a side street (where she was headed) as I stopped so it wasn't head on... still managed to hit the front corners of both of our cars together.

She was al older woman, tears in her eyes and so sorry for what happened. She had grandchildren with her distracting her, and looked but didn't see me as I was in her blind spot (but kept admitting her fault and distraction etc). Cops were called... then I went to get my purse and realized it wasn't in my car. I almost had a meltdown! I NEVER leave without my purse. If I park in the driveway I take it in with me, if I park in the garage I usually leave it in the car. Either way even if I get in the car I'll realize its not there and go back in and get it.

Cop comes, I VERY timidly admit to not having my purse but had just called my mom and gave her my insurance policy information and my drivers license number. A while later, she comes back and I realize the bigger reason the woman seemed upset. She has no insurance. And to top it all off, she's driving with expired tags.

Now, the damage to her car was very minimal - just a dented fender. My fender, headlights and bumper all need to be replaced. I think the hood is ok but didn't get that close a look at it. I was confused as to why they were towing both cars. The repair shop I was going to was right down the road, but a part of the front end was bent in and I was afraid it would be in the way of my wheel turning so I had them tow mine. Turns out her car was towed on account of the expired tags - they were basically taking the womans car until they could get it all straight.

For now, my insurance is covering it but told me I didn't have rental car coverage. Finally put up a fight and they admitted that due to the uninsured motorist act I DO get a rental. So that's coming tomorrow. The woman kept insisting to give me her information and that she'd pay for everything but I wonder. She was coming out of one of those title loan type places, has no insurance and expired tags. But from the sounds of it - the insurance company will be going after her for the money. And the cop mentioned a $400something ticket just for the no insurance, not sure about the actual accident. Yet somehow I still feel guilty.

I also am incredibly frustrated. This is a new car. I've never owned a new car until now and I absolutely love my car. I've had it for a little over two years and this is the SECOND time someone has pulled out in front of me - the first was coming from a parking lot and slammed into the other side of my car. Now I'm horribly nervous when I see people pulling up to neighborhood and parking lot exits - I guess now I'll be afraid of people coming from both directions. My poor little car and I just can't take any more damages


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Re: car accident :(

Oh Jessie, I am soooo sorry. What an aweful experience! ((((HUGS)))) I hope things get better soon, and yes, sometimes bad luck does tend to run in streaks. I know it's hard, but just try to relax tonight, ok.
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Re: car accident :(

Oh, man! What a stressful thing to go through, but at least everything is fixable and no one was injured.

From working at the Sheriff Office, if they traffic stop or respond to an accident and a vehicle has anything 'hinky' with it (no insurance, no tags, et cetera) they will tow and store the car until the owner/driver comes to pick it up with proof of tags, registration and insurance. I think you are lucky she stopped and stayed stopped, knowing she would be getting in trouble for the tags/insurance.

One Saturday morning a group of us (from husband's work) were driving to a local state park for a fun picnic day and the secretary was lightly T-boned by a car exiting left between through traffic waiting for a light and hit the secretary's car as she was rolling to a stop in the turn-lane, which of course was on the other side of the stopped traffic and the driver coming out of the gas station couldn't see around the stopped cars, so instead of slowly easing out until they could see, she just accelerated right out there and hit our friend, denting the passenger door and bending the back wheel and then denting the back quarterpanel to the bumper.
Secretary came to a stop, driver and passenger in the offending car looked quickly at each other and then screeched on out of there! Between myself, another co-worker and the driver behind us, we all concurred on the licenseplate and vehicle description for the responding officer. Turns out the license plate was stolen off a parked and non-op vehicle, so they never found the offenders.

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Re: car accident :(

That's horrible! Hit and run is a big fear of mine.

I don't think she knew the tags were expired because she seemed really confused about that whole portion of it. I also forgot to mention that at the end, the cop very kindly told me that the license wasn't a big deal and to make sure I always have it on me but I didn't actually get in trouble. I was expecting a major ticket for driving without it!

I have a rental car place coming to pick me up tomorrow morning, so I'll at least have a car. I'm still trying to figure out how much all of this is going to cost and how its getting paid, and who is paying for it!


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Re: car accident :(

Jessie -

Just a note to say I am so sorry this stressful and upsetting thing happened to you and your car! Maybe you are a little like me - I have had my car since it was new and I just get nuts when anything happens to it - even if it is just another ding from a door or pen mark on the seats. My son thinks I am crazy but it's my car and I like it, and I like it just SO!..Hopefully the repairs will be done quickly and you will be able to move on. Nowadays, I always recite to myself "It's only money! It's only money!" when something happens...

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Re: car accident :(

Jessie, you have had more then your share of stressful things in your life lately! I'm just glad you weren't hurt. I'm glad you got the rental, though. Being without a car is such a major inconvenience.
Hopefully your insurance company will handle it from here and you won't have to worry about it any more.
I do feel a bit sorry for the old woman. In these economic times people like that just can't keep it all together financially and something has to be left out. Unfortunately when it's the insurance that is not paid, innocent people have to pay the price.


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Re: car accident :(

Thank goodenss you weren't hurt! I hope that things work out quickly with your insurance company.

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Re: car accident :(

I park my car on the street, across from our school parking lot. My theory was that it would be safe from dings on the doors and I wouldn't have to worry about backing up with kids around.
When my car was 9 months old, a parent took out the front quarter panel & bumper while trying to pull into the space in front of my car. She was wearing thick gloves and her hands "slipped." Fortunately, it happened just as school got out, because all of the kids know my cute little Mustang. the mom had to come in and tell me about it - and pay for it. I was without a car for a week, which was a pain.

I still think about it every time I see her.

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Re: car accident :(

Sorry you have had to go though this, Jessie! I hope it gets sorted out soon and you can get your car back out onto the road.

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Re: car accident :(

Oh no, what a mess Glad you weren't hurt, though! Congrats on standing up to the insurance company and getting a rental car...

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