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Remember whan I was feeding the kitties bottled water

A water softener removes minerals. Its what it does. If your water softener isn't removing the calcium, then your water softener isn't working. They don't last forever, need monthly inspections and regular maintenance (especially if using rock salt), and there are various brands and types of salt available. And as mentioned there are additional inline-filters available that are quite affordable, all the way up to fancy 5-stage reverse osmosis filters.

Per the World Health organization, North America, Central Europe, and Australia rank highest in tap water quality tests on the planet.

There is no excuse to be harming the environment and using so much fuel to have water bottled and transported in the US. And if you look at your water bill, you'll see the price difference is generally 500-1000 times.

Penn and Teller is no more a comedy show than Mythbusters, they are both infotainment. I am VERY surprised by their result. Do you have a link to the video from Mythbusters, as that goes against just about every other test I have seen.

For example, in 20/20s taste test, the supposedly worst tasting water was Evian. KMart's American Fare and Aquafina, both bottled tap water, ranked first and second respectively. The truth though is that testing is inconsistent because water is flavorless and minerals and chlorine that can be tasted are in such trace amounts. Water can taste different if you think it does, and even medicines can have a healing effect if people believe in its efficacy, its a well documented placebo effect.

Your best bet if unconvinced is to do yourself a favor (you won't get sick) and fill twenty shot glasses with various bottled, filter tap, and plain tap and setup a blind test taste all served in the same glass at the same temperature and handed to you. Don't be a victim of marketing.
Originally Posted by Dave_ph View Post
Its' all over the US Jeanie. We're a bunch of gun tottin' trigger happy cowboys.
All the cool ones anyway. Got a souped up laser and red-dot sight Colt AR-15 and .50AE Desert Eagle in chrome finish with adjustable sights and molded grip. Go Texas! Yeehaw! Guns are inanimate objects though. Hate people, not guns, far more productive.

No need for a massive test I've already compared my long time favotite Zepherhills to tap water. Zepherhills wins by a mile. Did youz guyz miss the fact that my dishware and shower walls are covered in chemical film from this stuff? That's its thick enough to be etching patterns into glasses?

Penn and Teller crack me up but I can tell you what side of any issue Penn will come down on becasue he's a wacko Libertarian. I've seen some really absurd things on that show. The worst recent one was the Martial Arts show. The only showed the biggest clown you could find on that one.

The Mythbusters are engineers, eccentric engineers but engineers doing legit if sensational testing. 20/20, same as Teller. I haven't watched it in years. Anyone who employ's John Stossel isn't reliable.

I'll have to see where Jesse Ventura comes down on the issue. Till ten I'll belive my own taste buds and eyes.

I bet this is tasty and healthy.

The last time people tried to elimate free roaming cats it resulted in The Black Plague.

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