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when pets outgrow their novelty

reading about people who give their pets away because they shed too much or the kids lose interest made me think about this. it's certainly not the worst abandoned pet story, but it's weird.

where i lived before. my balcony was directly over the circular drive. first floor but really the second, you know, the lobby and all. just outside my bedroom window the roof of the front of the building continued, it wasn't anything you should really go out on, but it was covered with rocks. just decorative crap.

anyway, the head of my bed was right under that window, and one night i woke up to something thudding against it pretty hard. i didn't look out right away, but it happened again so i did. there were two apples in kind of pieces, and while i was looking it happened a third time. an entire apple came flying down and hit the rocks instead of the window, and flew apart. there were 11 stories in the building so i imagine it was coming from fairly high up. i was about to call onsite security when something crawled up against the window and started scratching like it wanted in.

it was a rat. before you go, "ewww," it wasn't a sewer rat, it was mostly white with a grey face and grey spots, so it had obviously been someone's pet. or maybe it still was and had just gotten loose. so i called security and asked them if they could come over and get it off the roof because some drunk people up high were throwing apples at it. (i assume they were drunk, an entire unpeeled apple doesn't seem like a good snack for a small animal, and it almost broke the window at 3 am so i don't know what sober people would think that's a good idea.)

the security guard argued with me. "are you sure ma'am? because someone in building one lost a siamese kitten." "no. i have a siamese cat. i know what kittens look like. this is a rat." i finally got them to come over, and the guard wanted to take the screen off my window, go out there and shoo it in. i said, "well, you can do that, except i really don't want a rat running loose in my house, and i have two cats so you probably should try to catch it. it looks tame." he wouldn't do that, but another guard said sure, so he went and got it. it was really tame.

i don't know what happened to it, maybe the guy who caught it kept it or the people who owned it claimed it. coming close to getting hit by an apple bomb is the most abuse i've witnessed in person, thankfully.
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some people...GRRRRRR!!!! would like to throw a few cinderblocks down on THEM from 11 stories up and see how they like it.
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Poor thing, rats make great pets they can be very loving , there really smart, and are just great little animals. I have a group of four girls myself.

I really think it would help if people who research before buying. If people would look into and find out what an animal really needs maybe they would figure out of they could handle it or not.

My ex roommate came home out of the blue with a "teacup" potbelly pig just cause she thought pigs were cute.Now I would have been fine with this is we were maybe ya know renting a house with a yard and room for a pig and not an apartment.She figured she would be able to keep it here be having it live in a cage.
The first and second day the pig gots tons of hers and her boyfriends attention. But by the third day they where tired of her and kept her locked in a little common area between our rooms, the bathroom, and the living room. This made me sooo mad but what was worse was the pig really loved them and would be so excited to see them but they would just pet her then go to their room and ignore her for the rest of the night. By the end of the second week the pig was gone sent back to the store cause they didn't have the time for her. ( but they had hours on end to play video games, watch movies and do basically nothing) Then the next day my roommate goes out looking for a puppy.

The whole ordeal really upset me. I felt so bad for the little pig.
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i've known people like that i even ended one friendship because they were so irresponsible with their pets. i can't tolerate abject laziness and idiocy when it's part of otherwise intelligent people's behavior. if someone doesn't know any better, it's still not okay but they don't know. if they do know better and just do whatever they want, i can't handle it.

if you live in this building, you can have cats but nothing else. well, fish i suppose lol. or something small, but not even teacup poodles. i guess i sort of agree with that because downtown isn't exactly the place for a dog. i see plenty of dogs getting walked, but i also hear at least one dog howling every single day. it echoes among all the buildings so i have no idea where it's coming from. yet i saw a woman just last week with the most adorable st. bernard puppy move in (and smuggle the dog) and pitch a huge fit when she had to get rid of it. i think a lot of people never even think past, "oh it's so cute." (now)
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Originally Posted by cinderflower View Post
"oh it's so cute." (now)

Even as a little kid I never really got that. When got a pet that was a baby I was always excited to see what it would grow into.But then again I wasn't a normal kid, not that Im normal now either or anything XD
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there's something to be said for living in the moment, but i don't really think it has its place with pets.

i know not everyone micromanages like i do, and life isn't fun if you always do that and are never spontaneous, but getting an animal as a baby shouldn't be an impulse buy
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this sort of thing disgusts me to say the least, my mother & sister in law go through pets as if they were disposable toy's

this year alone my sister in law has adopted & rehomed 10 different pet's, the last 2 dog's & 2 kitten's she rehomed her reason was that she couldnt afford to keep them, didnt want to give her time to care for them & could no loger stand the mess & smell from animal's

guess what 3 week's later she has 2 new puppy's & a new kitten grrrrrrrrrr

I will NEVER be able to understand this behaviour to have a pet & then give it away without another passing thought for that animal is just strange to me

"what greater gift......than the love of a cat?"

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