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Disaster with the hamster!

We went out last night and stayed the night with my husbands parents. When I got home this morning I discovered the cats had gotten into the bedroom where my hamsters cage is kept. Usually when I am gone I close the door to the room just in case. Well I evidently forgot to do this

Well they knocked his cage off onto the floor. It is a three level cage and the bottomis a aquariam. The glass in the aquariam is shattered on one side. The entire cage is broken and no sighn of my hamster.

I have looked all over and dont see any evidence of a struggle, I dont see a peice of fluff or anything! Do you think there is any possibility he is alive and hiding somewhere?

We have had Buddy for over a year and this is the first time the cats have knocked his cage over to this extent. They always messed with him at first, but now they have grown tired of him and rarely bother with him. I never thought they would actually knock his cage over!

I am upset, my hamster was a good hamster! I just dont know what to do because I am not even sure what happened to him.
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It would be dificult to say really
he could be long done under the floor boards, or just under the bed
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I used to keep a gerbil, and one day I came home from work to find the aquarium on the floor shattered and no sign of Billy (the gerbil).

I closed Punky (she was my only cat at the time) in the bathroom (after checking in there for Billy of course.) and began to clean up the mess. I set a trap for him; I took a tall plastic container and cut a hole in the top. Put a paper towel over the hole and some food on the paper towel. I also made sure that there was a ramp up it. Within a few hours Billy came up for some food and dropped into the container.

I think there'd still be quite a commotion if they got the hamster.
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Well lastnight right before we went up to bed, Buddy the hamster came running across the living room, with five cats following.

He has suffered some injurys due to his adventure. His ear is cut slightly, and his eye looks gunky. I think it probably was scratched. His teeth are very short also. I hope there is not any more hidden injurys. I put some peroxide on his ear and wiped around his eye with warm water.

He was so happy to be back in his cage! Teh bottom layer has been broken so now his home is slightly smaller. He went right to work fixing his bed up. He also ate some seeds and drank some water.

he is very skittish now though! I hope he will be ok. We really missed him when he was gone!
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While I was offline the cats got Buddy out of his cage agian. I was sound asleep when it happened. I had moved Buddy to the safest location I could find for him. I also had duct taped his tunnel onto the top of his cage securely. Well somehow Jerry managed to unsecue the tape. I still dont know how he even got to him because the shelf I had placed Buddy on was only wide enough for his home and nothing else. I can not understand how Jerry got onto the shelf.

Anyhow this time Buddy did not survive the attack. When we woke up he was already dead.

I am still sad about this whole thing. Buddy was a good hamster and a part of our family. It is hard to lose something you care about.

I had a really hard time not being very angry with Jerry for a while after it happened. I couldnt talk to Jerry for a couple days. I did not let Jerry know I was upset with him, but I really was.

I know it is a cats instinct to kill mice. I also regret the decision to get Buddy in the first place. I thought at the time it would be ok. After a year of haveing Buddy with no incedents at all... then this all the sudden. I dont know why Jerry got it into his head to kill him, but he did.

I have forgiven Jerry.
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Im soo sorry to hear that
Like you say its the cats natural thing to do.
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So sorry about Buddy.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Keeping small animals with larger preditory pets can be hard. In the future a few tips might help you.

1.) Get a good cage with bars very narrow bars, they need this ventilation of air that class cages can not provide. It will also keep kitty paws out, and the cage stays nice and locked. Those tops for the glass aquariums just don't cut it... I know.

2.) Keep the cage on the floor, don't put it up on something, because yes, your cats/dogs/children WILL eventually knock it down.

Hamsters don't really need all those pretty tunnels and such, they break, are hard to clean, etc. You can get some nice wire cages you can set up as their own play yard and will love you for it!
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I dont think I will get another hamster. I couldnt stand it if something happened agian.

Buddy lived in a dessert empire hamster habbitat, not only a glass aquarium. The first layer of his house was a glass aquarium, with wood chips his running wheel and toys and his treat bin in the aquarium. Then on the top of his aquariam was a dessert empire hamster habbitat. They are made to fit the top of the aquarium and snap into place, the there is a hole in the floor that has a tunnel going down into the aquarium. Coming out the top and sides of the hamster habbitat are holes to add tunnels. Buddy had a tunnel going up with some quirky little pit stop things coming out of it.

The reason I put buddy on the shelf is because the first time they knocked him over he was in the bedroom out in the open. So after the first accedent I moved him into the kitchen, I have built in shelves and one shelf was just large enough to fit buddys cage, so he was inclosed on 3 sides due to the built in shelf.

I also put a heavy book on top of his hamster habbitat, so it could not be opened or knocked over. I duct taped his top tunnel to his cage as well. I dont really know how Jerry got him out, it seemed to me that it would have been impossible. The only thing I can think of is that his cage was weak due to the first fall.

it really is sad!
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