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Crazy childhood stunts

The dryer incident I mentioned in this thread ( made me wonder what kind of stuff you all did when you were kids that seems crazy now.

I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, Idaho between the ages of 2 and 9. Some other crazy things we did were sliding down the laundry chute narrowly avoiding a nail that stuck up 3/4" halfway down and sledding off a 6-foot-high cement block that jutted out of a hill (the owners of the farm used it to park tractors on).

How about you?
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I admit I was a brat who chased cats if I saw them.
BUT I was brought up that this was okay, my mum hated cats. As you can see ive know now how stupid that was and how beautiful cats are.

I cant think otherwise of anything really stupid that ive done. ill have to think.
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I also grew up on a farm and a kid who does knows how there's so much to get into out there. I used to go sledding in a coolie (spelling?) and would have to dodge some big trees all the way down the hill. When I was in junior high my dad got me a 3-wheeler. I never did crazy stunts on it or anything, basically riding down the country roads, but it took me a while to get used to the clutch. In the beginning, I used to floor the gas too much and let go of the clutch at the same time, making me pop a wheelie and nearly falling off the back.

That's about as crazy as I got.
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Another crazy country kid here! I grew up in south Louisiana. We used to have the classic big red barn behind our house, 2 stories high.

Sometimes, my dad would buy those big rectangular bales of hay and pile them up behind his truck. He would park the truck in front of the barn and let us jump from the hay loft upstairs into the hay below in his truck bed. When we were done we helped him haul it to the hay loft.

Thinking about it now makes me wonder how I am not in a wheelchair.

(Ps Anissa what part of Idaho did you live in?)
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We used to jump off our roof into the snow banks. I guess nothing else very crazy except that we used to 'double' our friends on the front of our bikes. One day, my friend lost her balance and jumped off. I then ran her over because she had jumped directly in my path. She wasn' wearing shoes either and wound up removing a good part of the skin on her feet and legs.
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I must have been suicidal...

When I was a pre-teen I made up a "coaster" wagon. It wasn't much higher then a snow sled, long enough for me to lay down on and I turned the front wheels by hand to steer it. I lived at the base of a mountain so the highway by my home had a good downhill grade to it. I could coast it downhill a good 4 or 5 miles and to get back I'd hitchhike at every pickup that was going up the road. One day I was going downhill at a pretty good speed and approched a much slower 18 wheeler. Instead of slowing down myself, I passed him up by going completly under it. I must have scared the heck out of the driver when I popped out in front of him.


May David remain forever in my heart.
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We lived in Canada from the time I was born until I was 7. The snowdrifts would get really big, and all older brothers and sisters would jump off the second story porch onto a big pile of snow. They teased me because I was too scared to do it. A few days later after it had rained I got up the courage to jump....and did, right onto what was by then a huge pile of ice.
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Originally Posted by jonsgirl
Another crazy country kid here! I grew up in south Louisiana. We used to have the classic big red barn behind our house, 2 stories high.

(Ps Anissa what part of Idaho did you live in?)
I lived in Northern Idaho in the lower part of what some people call "the Panhandle."

We also had that classic red barn behind our house. There was a long rope hanging down from one of the rafters. We used to swing on it into a pile of hay. We also would play on the snomobiles and get into the tractors and pretend to drive them.

One winter day I decided to go sledding all by myself. Eventually I got bored (even with sledding off the concrete block). I saw a cat sitting on the window sill of a tool shed nearby. I thought maybe she'd want to race. So I took off running towards the barn and pasture connected to it. The cat ran with me for several yards. I got to the entrance of the pasture and stopped to see where she was. She had stopped at another shed and was just looking at me. Then she started running again. I thought she wanted to continue the race, so I turned on my heel to run again. But I tripped on a frozen bit of ground that was sticking up in the pasture and fell hard. Another frozen lump hit me right in my chest and knocked the wind out of me. I passed out right there in the snow. I don't know how long I was unconscious, but I when I came to the side of my face that was in the snow was completely numb. When I got back to my house my brother, Aaron, said, "You're face is all red!" Sure enough, that half of my face was tomato red. I was fine, but I never went sledding alone after that.

One time in the barn, a barn owl pooped on my brother Tony.
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I have always been real close with my brother Tony (4 1/2 years older) which is amazing when I think of the things he did to me. We played cowboys and indians nad I got tied to a clothes pole and left for 3 hours, I got locked in the hut and he told mum I was having lunch with a friend! He oiled the brakes on my bike so when I tried to stop at the top of stairs I had to do a James Bond dive into our potato patch. Or there was the time he cracked my nose and damaged my sinuses! Strange game but we were playing with the polystyrene bits from the inside on a bean bag ans swiping at them with short metal bars( as you do) and he got my face when I moved forward!!

Claire x
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I love this thread! And Dutchman, you were crazy.

Annissa - aren't "pooped on" stories so funny? A goose pooped on my mom's head once -- THAT was funny and gross.

I lived on a hill when I was little (parents still live there) and my neighbors and I would ride down the hill in wagons. It was kind of like a game of roulette. Will I a) get down the hill safely, b) hit a rock and procede to fly forward onto the sidewalk face first, c) start veering towards the street and have to bail out. Completely thrilling.

We also went down that hill on skateboards while laying on our stomachs -- that didn't last very long due to the amount of bloody noses and skinned lips that ensued.

Since my neighbors on either side had connecting backyards that were also on the hill, we had a pretty wicked snow hill to sled down in the winter. We built a ramp that was 5 backyards long with jumps and everything. Again -- this was like a game of roulette because we weren't very good engineers. Will I a) make it down the hill safely, b) hit the first ramp funny and sail into the fence, c) hit the second ramp funny and fly into the shed, d) hit the third ramp funny and break through Mr. Gardipe's sliding door. Fun stuff.
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