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Rant - dog breeds

I'm so annoyed. I don't like watching the tv "news" on a normal day, but lately a big story has been a dog attack in Vancouver (near where I live currently). It was a Pit Bull - and now she (the one who was bit) is calling for a ban on ALL "dangerous breeds" - pit bulls, rottweilers, etc. This makes me so furious! It's like canine racism. Claiming that because SOME (or even just a couple!) dogs of a breed have a bad temperment, that no one should be allowed to have one??

Large breeds do more damage when they bite, so when they do bite, it's big news. The worst biters are the dogs like Pomeranians and Chow-Chows. My dad's a mailman - the big breeds are dolls, it's the little ones that are always biting him! But of course no one calls for a breed ban on the little ones. You never see on the news: Headline! Child bit by Chihuahua!

A dog's BREED only somewhat contributes to their personality. It's how their RAISED that counts. The people who WANT a "guard dog", of course they're going to get one of the "dangerous breeds" for the bad rep they have. They then proceed to chain their dog, mistreat it, and perpetuate the bad reputation. I go to a dog park nearly daily and I see many many breeds, including boxers and rottweilers and german shepherds and pit bulls, all playing with each other.

Where my boyfriend lives, pit bulls are very very popular. In the shelter where we adopted his dog, nearly half the dogs there were pit bulls or pit bull crosses. Big, sad eyes staring up at you. And most of them will be put to sleep for crimes they never committed, but simply because of their breed.

It's just so sad.

Sorry, I just had to get that out.....
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Sorry but after being attacked myself by a rotvieler I have every symapthy with this woman.
There is nothing more scarey than being 14 years old in a park and someone who cant control their dog looses control of it alltogether, it attacks a total of 7 children playing in the park, the owner ran home because he couldnt control it to get his dad, in the end the police came as the dad arrived.
If a dog bites I firmly beleive it should be put down, im sorry if this causes a problem with some people, but get attacked by a dog and then see how you feel.

The reason pitbulls are so feared when it comes to them biting someone is (I watched a docu on tv) that they have the strenght the rip a fully grown mans arm off.

Now I know it isnt always the dogs fault (there are cases where a dog turns, even little yappers) but if we cant control the owners, using the dogs as power, a threat, cant control them then what other option is there to do?

I would absolutly love to have my own dog, but I am terrified of dogs I dont know, and even more of one I dont see on a lead. If I see owners with thier dog off the lead I give them a lecture that it is the law to have your dog on a lead at all times in a public place (I usually get told to F*** off)

I know I prob sound completly dog hating harsh, but im afriad after being attacked by a dog it does that to you, and seeing what dogs can do on tv. Im not saying just these particular breeds, but any dog which bites should be put down. (I know sometimes playing can get carried away with an owner and accidents happen, which I beleive should be left to the owners discrettion)
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I understand and I agree with you - a vicious dog needs to be dealt with. That dog that attacked you would sadly have to be put to sleep after that, it is just too dangerous.

But I think there is a leap between handling known specific vicious dogs to banning ALL dogs of a specific size/breed.

I also agree with dogs on-lead - my own dog is not very dog-friendly and we used to have a lot of problems with people with off-leash dogs in on-leash places who let their dogs run right up to mine, causing my dog to get very upset. And of course the owner couldn't control the dog.

I think training is key. Dogs need to be under control, they need to be trained - especially if the dog is large and has the potential for damage. I just don't like blanket statements and approaches like breed banning.
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Tom Cat
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I agree KittyEnvy, banning entire breeds is foolosh and ignores the real problem--bad owners. I have a good friend who has a pit bull. She is the sweetest dog ever and is even a certified children's therapy dog! Make owners liable for their dog's misdeeds and things would change quite fast.
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no no I dont mean ban entire breeds, these people would only move onto another dog to make nasty until there are not big dogs left. Altho when I re-read my post I think I gave that impression
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I am a doglover, and have never feared dogs(or any other animals )but dogs who attacks people, should be put down. It's sad, because i belive the saying that " Bad dogs doesn't exist, only bad owners"

And of course, when im walking my ferrets in the park, my biggest fear is that a dog will attack them! I have to have eyes in my neck all the time, so i think it's selfish of dogowners to walk their dogs without a leash.

They should think about all the people around them that either fear dogs, are scared for their children or are afraid that the dog will attack their pet!

They all say that they have totally control of their dog, but are very surprised when their dog goes mad when they see my ferrets. That shows my point, you DON'T have control of your dog if something unexpected comes up!


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In Norway the amstaff was forbidden this year....I can understand it, cause it's impossible to see the different between them and the pit bull...

But I also find it a bit sad, cause it's thanks to some people the dog is feared by so many people.


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This is a tough topic. I do not think any breed should be banned. I do think that anyone who has an aggressive dog and cannot control it or contributes to its bad behavior should lose their pet. If a dog (or any animal) attacks maliciously, it should be put down.

I was attacked when I was 2 by my great-grandparents GS. It ripped open my lip and gashed open my face below my eye. Luckily, I lived and only have very minor scars to show. Nothing was done to the dog. This dog hated everyone but my great-grandparents. For years I was deathly afraid of any dog of decent size and scared of any I didn't know. When I was 12, my sister and I were chased down by a neighbor's great dane for no reason. Luckily, as I've gotten older, I've come out of the fear. I even love big dogs now. I feel that they are protectors. Though my little Yorkie might be the fiercest protector I've ever met! LOL

Our recent neighbors had a pit bull. When I first met the girl, she told me that the old lady next door kept coming into her yard, seeing the dog and calling animal control for no reason so the dog had to be muzzled and on a chain. I was so mad b/c I thought it was so unfair! Prejudice against a breed.

Turns out the old lady was right. Not 2 weeks later I was walking Penny. The neighbors were outside hanging out and drinking and their pit bull broke the massive chain and chased us down. Luckily it was muzzled.

Two weekends ago, my bf went to take our dog out into the yard and the pit bull was there. I called animal control. I felt bad when they picked him up, but they guy knew the dog and thought the people had been evicted. So what he was doing in our yard and neighborhood, I don't know. The guy said they'd find the owners.

I hope nothing happened to him. Those people deserved to lose their dog, but it isn't the dogs fault. We were scared, though.


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Large dogs dogs are scarey in my opinion.
If I saw a large dog, or any dog to be honest wondering around causing trouble I wouldnt hesitate to called the rspca.

One thing which will ALWAYS stick in my mind from when I went on my first aid course was the most important person in the world is ME.
If a dog attacks once it is more likely to do it again, altho the next person may not be so lucky.
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I have a large dog myself, a greyhound. I would not have any breed designed for protection or agression: pit bull, doberman, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc. However, that is me...I realized I needed a breed renowned for gentleness, which is why we decided to adopt a greyhound.

I don't believe any breed should be banned, but I would be in favor of stricter rules of ownership. The dog confined to the property at all times or on the lead of an adult; perhaps licensing which can only be received after a safe dog handling course, etc.

I do agree with what others have said, though. Many responsible owners love guardian breeds and do a wonderful job with them. But it's the mental defective macho morons who seek out breeds with an agressive reputation and do everything they can to encourage it.

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