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So on a scale of 1 to 10 this is polly only a 2 in irritation factoring but today I had to get glasses. Sigh. I've been wearing colored contacts since I was 15, I had glasses before that and hated them. Well today my whole routine of wearing my disposable contacts for months at a time stopped. When I was 16 I had ulcers on my cornea from wearing the permanent contacts, so I had to switch to disposable.

Today one of my eyes started watering a lot so I took out my contact and every time I blinked it HURT. So off to the eye doctor I go, only to find out that i've developed an allergic reaction to my contacts that have caused bumps to form on my inner eyelid, which scrape my cornea every time I blink. The doctor could either A. prescribe antibiotics to help the bumps go away and I could take those forever to keep them from coming back or I could B. get glasses and not wear contacts again. Ever.

I chose B, and $250 later had a new set of glasses. Its not that they look dorky or bad, I look ok in them, its just I don't feel like me anymore. My natural eyecolor is this whole blue/gray/blah color and my contacts made them a nice aqua color. I constantly got compliments for my eyes. I also have a sunglasses fetish, I own at least 20 pairs, none of which I can wear now Sigh, just....sigh.
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You could get presciption sunglasses but that gets costly too.

I used to wear contacts allll the time. Got glasses when I was in 5th grade and I think I got my contacts in 10th grade. After 10th grade I would NEVER EVER want to wear my glasses until it was time to wear them as I got ready for bed. I *hated* wearing them in public and thought i wasn't the hugest dork. But now, and just more recently, I don't mind my glasses as much. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I just got a new pair with my updated prescription. I think I wear my glasses more now because I developed allergies this season (which i never really used to get) and it makes it almost impossible to get my contacts in in the morning and if I do get them in, my eyes feel like a gravel pit all day!! Sometimes I like to wear my glasses for a few days and give my eyeballs a breather!

Ok, enough dork talk from me for the night!
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I can't afford prescription sunglasses, I couldn't even get the transitions lenses on my glasses because it was an extra $50. I'm now wearing my new camera on my face /sigh. Oh well maybe in a few months I can get the camera.
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Did he say it was blepheritis? If so, that was what I had and it went away by itself after a month or two. However, one of the things I had to do was lid washings (literally washed my eyelids with a mild baby soap). Then another eye doctor had me start using different contact solution. He though I was allergic to the stuff they put into the "all in one" solution, so I got the kind where you do everything in separate steps. Separate saline, cleaner and disinfectant. It might be worth a shot for you.
Just let me know and I'll describe in more detail.

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My boss is going through the bumps on the eyelids right now. It's been tough on her; she has to wear her old glasses until they clear up.

I have been very blessed with perfect eyesight; besides my mom's brother, I am the only one in the entire family (cousins, grandparents, etc.) that doesn't need glasses/contacts. Trust me, I am very, very thankful for it.

My eyes do get so stressed out from work, though. I'm afraid that someday my occupation (graphic/web designer) will ruin my eyesight.


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I can relate. I got glassed in 5th grade and them moved to contacts in 10th grade. So let's see.....I have been wearing contacts for 22 years!!
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I have always worn the gas permeable hard contacts and have has extremely good luck with them. They took a little longer to get used to, but once your eyes are used to them and they are fitted correctly you can't feel them. I try to take my contacts out at night and on weekends and give my eyes a break. But I am rarely seen in public with glasses.
I am very grateful that contacts work for me. I am too chicken so far to think about laser surgery and I would be stuck in glasses all the time if it weren't for contacts. I am blind as a bat!!
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I'm sorry about your troubles! I wore contacts for about 5 years in high school/beginning of college, and while I enjoyed not wearing glasses, I was never comfortable. My eyes were always dry and uncomfortable, and didn't reliably stay in focus. I had myopia AND astigmatism, so I needed the double (touric) lenses which made it even more uncomfortable.

After a while, i found myself forcing the contacts less and less, and to the point where I just found myself always wearing the glasses beacuse they were reliable and comfortable.

I actually just last week had lasik eye surgery, and I am so impressed! My eyes were really dry at first, but they corrected both the myopia and astigmatism, and I have none of the problems that the older generation of lasik patients have experienced (i.e. halos, night driving issues).

If your corneas are suitible for the surgery after your current condition clears up, I'd definitely consider the lasik! It was expensive, but since I had saved up the $, it was a wonderful present to myself.

It's so strange to wake up and be able to see

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I can't have lasik unforunately. A side effect of having childhood epilepsy is that my head shakes, much like people with parkinsons disease. In order to do the surgery I have to be able to hold my head perfectly still while the doctor uses the laser. I cannot do that.

Yes the condition will clear itself up after a few months of not wearing contacts, but since this is the second occurance for me the doctor says its very likely to come back again after resuming contact use. I'm growing used to the glasses, only thing that bugs me is I automaticly take them off after coming in from outside because i'm used to taking off my sunglasses. Then I stand there for a minute looking like an idiot until I realise I need to put the glasses back on. It's also wierd because my eyes always feel 'unprotected' now, I feel like they are naked.
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Forgot to mention: I too spend MANY hours in front of the computer (Sims 2 is SOOO addictive) and to combat the 'computer eyes' effect the doctor told me to take a break once an hour by staring out a window for 30 seconds. Also to use eye drops twice a day(he reccomends Thera Tears)
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