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How do you get through college??

I'm in my last year of college... finally. The last three years have been tough, but I'm really reaching the end of my rope. I'm a nervous wreck... I'm twitchy, I feel like crying all the time... granted I'm on medication for anxiety/depression anyways, but I have been for years and now I'm right back up to my top dosage! It's not like any one thing has happened to make me upset, it's just everything... textbooks coming in late, annoying teachers, and just the overall pressure and stress. I'm going nuts!!

Of course it doesn't help that I'm away from my fiance. But that's not new either - we've spent the last three school years away from each other, but we spend all summer and christmas together. I'm now busy planning the wedding (which is going to happen right after I graduate.) It's one thing that actually makes me happy! People say that planning a wedding is stressful and all, but it's what I do to AVOID stress!

And then money, I'm a full-time student, and I was supposed to get a part-time job like I have every other semester, but unforutnately I was only alotted to 3 hours a week, and that one class (I'm a teacher-assistant) is only running half that long... so I'm only getting paid for an hour and a half a week!! This means I either have to take another job or run out of money really quick... or ask my parents for money, which I HATE doing. Everyone thinks I should be working more to pay for myself, but with 5 classes it's just so much! Everyone (and by that I mean relatives) think 5 classes at 3 hours each, you only go in 3 days a week! They wonder why I'm complaining so much. But they don't realize all the work that needs to be done above and beyond that.... my term projects and exam preparation and assignments.... OY it makes me so mad that they think I don't do anything.

Sorry, I just had to vent. It's 3am and not only am I not very tired, but I don't WANT to sleep because that just means morning - and the new schoolweek - will be here all the sooner. Whimper.
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Yeah, i know the college burn-out feeling. It gets harder and harder to motivate yourself at the end.

But there are still some good things about college, and things to look foward to like your wedding, so hang in there, and take one day at a time.

Pretty soon you'll be like all of us who just graduated who wish we were still in college!
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I totally feel your pain. When I was in school, I was taking classes full time AND working full time. Talk about stressful! And my boyfriend (now hubby) was going to school 300 miles away. So we only saw each other about once every 4 or 6 weeks.

Don't worry about the wedding too much. Everyone says planning a wedding is such hard work - it isn't that bad. You just have to be organized! And don't be afraid to enlist the help of friends and relatives - they WANT to help!

Hang in there! You only have one year of school left! You are so close to the finish line, just take it one assignment and one paper at a time - you'll get there!!

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Posts: 1,076 be an undergrad again! I'm sorry you are having such a stressful time. Just keep in mind the big picture, and keep planning that wedding! Could you possibly quite that crumby job as a TA and find a different one? You'd make more money waitressing for one night!!!

As for me, I'm working on my Master's Degree. As if that doesn't keep me busy enough (reading 3 novels per week and writing essay after essay), I also have an assistantship, which means I have to work 20 hours a week within my department. These things add up when I have to teach a World Lit II class twice a week, tutor in the writing center, copy edit articles for one of my dept's journals, go to my own night classes, AND take care of everything that needs to be done around our house! This is my last year of school, so I am also getting my resume and CV ready, searching for teaching jobs at community colleges and trying to figure out where we are going to move to after we both graduate!! It's almost too much. Thank GOODNESS I'm not doing a thesis!

But I say: Do what you have to do to make the grade, and look toward the end. Just do what you have to more. I am such the over-achiever that I always want to do things bigger and better than everyone else, but I've stopped that this year. I've had Grad Student senioritis since Day 1 of this semester.

Hang in there, girl. Soon, you and your future-hubby will be together forever and school will be a memory. And hopefully, you won't be so reliant on that anxiety medication. Poor thing. Next: The Real World!! Are you ready?
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I'm in my last year of college right now, and this by far the WORST! Seriously, I sit through class tired and bored and checking my emails, chatting with friends on MSN or on this forum for a good part of the 3 hours in each class (laptops were mandatory, so we all have them!). I just can't wait to be out of school and working and I'm having a hard time concentrating this year.........

There really is nothing better than a weekend!
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Vodka hahahahaha!

I am a second year nursing student and the nursing courses here in the UK are pretty intense - no long holidays like the rest of Uni/college students... Sometimes when the motivation just goes all I need to do is meet up with some of my Uni mates, get it all out of our systems (preferably with some alcohol company but its not essential lol) and we all feel so much better and along the way learned about each others ways of working and coping with stress...

Best way to cope with college - eat well, sleep well, and have lots of fun really well when you can
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I know what you mean about doing just enough to make the grade. My anxiety/depression isn't just clinical depression... it's actually brought on in major part because I have "obsessive-compulsive tendencies". Which basically means I'm a horrible perfectionist who tends to break down when I screw up. Considering the start of this semester has been one thing going wrong after another, it's really sucked! So anyways, I have a really high GPA and it really kills me to not keep it up - but I just can't keep doing that to myself! If I settled for Bs it would be so much easier...

I could quit the TA job and find another one, but really the TA job doesn't take up much time and it's right after one of my classes so it doesn't cost me any extra driving time or money (yay!). It's even kind of fun. And it looks great on my resume, hehe. But I think I do need to find another job. My brother actually just showed me a job opening in his company, but it might require more experience than I have, but it's a computer systems job, right up my alley. I just don't know if I want to be putting more pressure on myself right now. Then again, the experience would be great.... agh.

I'm not sleeping very well lately, which isn't helping. But by the time I get to bed I'm either wired and not tired, or very tired but just so bogged down in feeling upset it's hard to sleep. It hurts so much being away from my fiance - no different from the past three years, but it still hurts. He's visiting for Christmas, though, so I'm majorly looking forward to that!

You know what sucks? So far this has been one of my lightest semesters for homework! I'm serious, it's been a month so far and I've had NO homework! And yet this is the most stressed I've been. I don't get it. I think it's just burnout, through and through - I never recovered from last semester (which was the WORST I've been through yet). I'm really hoping that the lack of homework now doesn't mean harder at the end of the semester. Fingers crossed, there...

Thanks for the support everyone. It feels better just to vent and scream and cry sometimes.
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My family thought that I was lazy too - even though I was going to school full time. My DAD thought I was lazy as well... well... not lazy... but that school wasn't THAT stressful... yeah right. I get lots and lots of bs from my aunts and cousins "Oh... it's so easy... blah blah... from friend (who has an easier degree) went to work full time and... (even though her school WAS her work). Blah.

No one knows how hard it is but you (especially if they have never gone to school before). They don't understand... so... well... forget them! You know how hard your working - so who cares what they think? Let them go to school full time (on their last year) and see if they feel like working after they go to class and do all the projects and papers and notes.

Also - if it's too stressful - just ask your parents for help if they will. Unless they are going to lord it over you for the rest of your life - I don't see why you shouldn't. I know you don't want to ask... but... you know. If money is a big factor in your stress... ASK! It can only make you feel better... at least about the money situation.
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I have "obsessive-compulsive tendencies". Which basically means I'm a horrible perfectionist who tends to break down when I screw up.
I sympathize with you there, I am the same way. I work full time and go to school full time, and i am actually double majoring. I'm so bad, I've killed myself every semester keeping up my 4.0, because I absolutly cannot tolerate anything less. Everyone tells me to lighten up, but they don't understand how serious it can be when you are like this. This semester I am carrying 17 units and I think this is the first time I might be able to settle for one B, but I keep going at it my hardest. I don't know how I'll get through.

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