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Going crazy at work!!

Ok, let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE my new job at the vet. I work in the kennel and am training to be an assistant. I get to play with dogs and cats all day and all the doctors and techs are super nice and funny and...they're just great!

So prepare for a LONG rant... nobody has to read this, I just need to get it out

Now there's Kelly. He's the kennel manager and a constant thorn in my side. He's the ONLY thing I don't like about this job and it gets to me more and more every day. He's this crotchety old man who hates things to be done any way but his own.

I'm constantly feeling like I'm doing things the wrong way and that he hates me. I don't was dishes the right way, I don't sweep the right way, I don't walk the dogs the right way! UGH! I can't take it!

Everyone just says "oh, that's Kelly, just ignore him and don't feel bad" but I can't help it! I hate thinking I'm doing something wrong, or not doing something I should be.


We change the water in the mop bucket so when we mop the floors at night, we use clean water. Makes sense. He tells me to wait until around 4:00-4:30 before I do it, so we can clean up any messes in surgery or during exams or out front before we change the water. Every day he's been doing it earlier and eariler... he did it at like 1:30 today. And whenever he does it... he gives me this look like "see? I can do it so why haven't you done it??"

He's been there long enough to know most of the dogs that get boarded. All the dogs I take out are leash walked. A good bit of them he ends up following me outside, stopping me, and taking the leash off without even saying anything to me, making me feel like I'm doing it wrong. Then he'll say "you can just let this one out, and he'll come in when he's done" like I'm SUPPOSED to know which to do it for. THEN he says "oh, Dr. Shrum wants them all walked on a leash, so only do this when I'm here" WHAT?? I don't think so! I'll do what MY BOSS wants me to do!

Any time I ask him a question he'll look at me like I'm the stupidest person in the world... I have to repeat it like 10 times, then he finally answers me like its just sooooo obvious and I'm a fool for not knowing. We get in the orders of all the bags of different foods (they're all science diet, like 10 different "perscription fooods"). There were three large bags of some other kind of science diet that didn't match what we usually get, so I went up to him and said "where do the big bags against the wall go?"
he's like "what bags?"
"the big ones out there that are just the normal science diet"
"the ones over against the wall... do they go out front, like are they for a customer? are we sending them back? I don't know where you want me to put them"
NO! those are MINE! I'll take home with me tonight"


Then what really got to me today... he's a Boxer breeder. But he just seems so uncaring toward all the animals. They were talkign the other day about ear and tail docking... he's completely for it. The only reason he doesn't do it to all his puppies is because he doesn't want to pay to have it done to "pet quality" only for "show quality" which kinda makes sense... but it wasn't even like "oh, well it isn't a necessary thing... its cruel and a lot of work" it was just an issue of money.
A women came in today and mentioned that she had just gotten her 5 year old cat declawed because they moved to a new house and she was tearing up the furniture. Then she said "oh I just hate those people who are against declawing" and I bit my lip.
Of course Kelly starts in with "when I had cats... 20 years ago... they were all declawed on all four paws. no need to have claws if they're indoor pets."
As soon as she left I was like "yeah, I'm one of those "horrible" people who hates declawing"
and he actually said this...no kidding...
"if the cat is going to be indoors, there's no reason NOT to declaw... they don't notice it and it doesn't bother them at all"

WHAT?? At that point I just had to walk away.

I constantly feel like there are two people working in the kennel, and I'm the only one doing the work. If I'm working at night which I usually do... its always me and him. ALWAYS. I walk the dogs at 2:00, I keep all the laundry going, I check the cats, I clean up any messes the dogs make. He strolls in around 4:30 to feed them. I do all the dishes. I feed the cats. I even feed the kittens and dogs in the treatment area that the techs are responsible for, just to be nice. Then I walk the dogs again. I still do all the laundry. I clean any more messes. I sweep the floors and mop the back. He literally walks around and talks to people the entire day and makes me feel stupid.

I really want to tell the vet that I can't work with him anymore, but they'll end up telling me to quit. Nobody likes him but they all just kinda "accept" him. He really makes me feel like crap.

There are so many things I didn't even mention... I'll probably come back and vent more... its just... UGH


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My best advice is to hang in there and keep your head up. I'd be hesitant to complain to the vet, because unless he's really doing something wrong you might come off as a bit of a whiner.

I had a similar situation once. It was always just my boss and I. He was weird and he drove me crazy, but I never let him really get to me. It took him about six months to realize I knew what I was doing, but once he did, he laid off and actually opened up to me. I soon found myself defending him whenever co-workers would make fun of him when he walked away. Funny how that works out, huh?

Eventually you won't be at the bottom of the totem pole -- so stick it out and I think you'll be just fine.
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Just a suggestion

If I were in your place I would make up a complete and detailed list of what you do on your shift for a few days.. And Then, give the list to your employer asking to have it read over to see if you are missing any thing your reponsible to do.. I had a very lazy co-worker and was in the same situation where I was doing all the work. When my boss saw all that I was doing things changed fast!!!

Good luck.


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Well its not like he's trying to get me in trouble for not doing stuff... he just makes me feel stupid and unable to do things. I HATE the feeling.

I thought I'd get a break today. Friday is my day to work the morning shift with two other girls and NO KELLY! Sadly, I come in and he's there. He was driving us both NUTS! He didn't say two words to either of us all morning... then he started sweeping up front while there were still appointments coming in (we wait until everyone is gone to do it).

I was going to mop the floors after the appointments were all gone like we're SUPPOSED to do. One appointment hadn't showed up so I was giving it a few minutes... next thing I know he walks by with the mop. I felt better about it because I walked up front right after he got done and the floor was all wet and slippery... there were three people tip toeing around the waiting room because they were coming in late for their appointment and didn't want to fall

I'm really learning to just get over him. He still gets under my skin every second of every day that I see him, but I'm at least accepting that I KNOW I'm doing things the right way (well, MY right way, not his) and I'm not just leaving things undone. I don't think anyone has a problem with me. He's just a cranky old man. I still don't like that he makes me feel stupid though.


"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."
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