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I am so MAD at Verizon

I am having steam come out of my ears! I am that mad at Verizon.

Here's the deal. My bf and I signed up for Verizon this summer since he gets a discount for working there. When we went to the store, the sales lady said she can sign us up and give us both the employee discount, not just him. We weren't going to change from T-mobile if only he got the discount b/c we were comfortable with our service plans already.

Anyways, this commission hungry lying idiot told us we were both going to get it, etc etc. They messed up our bills for the first few months so I let that settle first. Now I call information, goodness are they rude or what? So I call the store now since I got it over there. For the past few months they've been saying "Yes we will give you your discount".

Ok so I've called the store that I bought the store from, no one ever calls me back, not once out of the 10 times they said they would. Then the customer service lady there says she sees nothing about a discount. After arguing with her forever she finally sees the salesperson did put it in their notes. Well I talked to a manager and guess what he says?

"Well, I'm sorry we can only give you the discount on the primary line." I am furious not only b/c of the measley amount of dollars that I'm not saving but mostly b/c I was lied to. I told him the sales person lied and he didn't even seem to care. Nor would he void my termination fee since I was wanting to cancel their service. And I can't return the phone or anything. So basically I've been lied to, I think that Verizon has the rudest people working in Georgia call center and I thought T-mobile was bad!

Alright, I'm off to write to BBB.
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That is why I looooooove Sprint. I've never had any problems with them. I never have problems with their phones... ever... while all of my friends' phones are breaking down or not getting a signal - my phone is doing great.

Heck... I had one of their phones last me for 3 years without a problem! Also - can't beat those FREE night time minutes... I love calling people at night. I almost never use my phone during the day anyway
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Strange. I've had Verizon long before they were Verizon here, LOL. Gone through three name changes I think since the late 80s. I never have any problems and the people are nice. In my state, this city is huge and is in a large valley so to speak. Verizon tends to be the only company that has a good signal here. Everyone else I know with other carriers complain.
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Just for future reference: my husband and I nearly got screwed with our SBC dsl. We were told that we could sign a year contract and if we moved somewhere where we could not get SBC dsl then we would be released from our contract with no termination fee. Well, guess what? We move and we can only get Sprint (don't know how that is possible since it's a monopoly). DH talks to manager for forever, the guy lied to us to get commision. Our saving grace and the reason we got out of paying the fee: DH took down the name of the guy he talked to when he signed up for the dsl and saved it on the computer. He named the guy to the manager and for some reason that helped.
Anyway, sorry for your experience with Verizon. I'm really not happy with cell phone companies in general.

Loving her cat Stormy and missing her angel cat Justin 1-13-09
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Well the worst feeling is being lied to and them not even caring. So if she did make a mistake and lied to me or rather yet, give me the wrong info, they can at least say they're sorry meaningfully or give me something for all the hassles I've been through. Oh well, thanks for listening.....I'm just PMSing......
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I'm actually really angry with Verizon too.

Except I'm mad about my land-line. (I use Sprint for cell phone service...) So we've been bickering back and forth over my bill, them saying I subscribed to something and placing some crazy calls that I never made. Well I refused to pay for them, and kept paying only for what I believed I owed. So this balance that I was refusing to pay kept adding up. I eventually gave in and decided to pay the stupid bill. I go online, pay the bill and move on with my life.

Less than a week later I try to make a call and my phone is shut off! I'm furious, so I call them and tell them I paid online already. They ask for the confirmation number and dang it if I never save those anymore because I've never needed them. I logged and it didn't look like my payment was posted or even processing so I agreed to submit another payment online. As I hit the submit button (I'm still on the phone with the operator) it gets an error and again I'm not so sure if the payment went through. Frustrated, I said, I'm not sending through another payment until I know what the heck is going on. He agreed to turn my phone back on as long as I sorted out the situation the next day.

The next day I call them up -- nope, they've never recieved a payment. Nothing is pending, blah blah. Once more, I submit a payment over the phone with the operator. It goes through, we're done, have a nice day.

Fast forward to today. I open the bill that came in the mail yesterday and what do you know? I paid them three times! But not just any old three payments... three payments of $312.17!! So right now they have me on a $900 credit, lol.

I think I'm going to have to call them tomorrow and ask for some kind of refund...
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Originally Posted by Padunk
I think I'm going to have to call them tomorrow and ask for some kind of refund...
Definitely! Don't let them get away with company credit. You paid that money once and should get the other 2 payments back, no questions asked. Good Luck!

Our cell phone service is through Cellular One. We're really pleased with them. There are only a few spots we have been were the signal was dead (due to lack of cell phone towers in the area, I think) and we actually have a really good monthly plan. We basically have no roaming charges whatsoever west of the Mississippi (actually including the entire state that has the Mississippi running through it). That works for us because there really isn't anyone we call on the other side of the line.
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Yeah, I had a busy afternoon and didn't get to it today. I might want to add that I have a $600 credit, not a $900 credit like I said.

Oh well, thats life.
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