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I've finally started college. I graduated from High school three years ago.
I"m soooo stressed. I' still haven't a clue what I want to do.

I've been taking an art class just to get me started, but I'm looking into financial aid so I can go full time next semester. But I also have to work full time to be able to make my car payments.

Did anyone else have a hard time trying to figure out what career to pursue? Or did you always know what you wanted to do?

I love what I"m doing now(i'm on the grounds crew at the U of Michigan), but it's just temp work (90 days) I've been doing it for a year now. (you have to take 28 days off in between the 90 days and they can hire you back for another 90) But they's not really any chance of becoming full time.

I was thinking of going into Graphic Design but the idea of sitting at a desk every day is not fun. I've done that for the first half of this year and for a whole year previously(as a secretary not graphic design). I love to work outdoors. I also find I really like the construction worker types I work with now.
I'm thinking maybe going into Mechanical Design or the like. I've had three years of drafting in school so I at least know a little about it. I no nothing about Graphic Design.
Landscape Design would be cool too but none of the college around here have that and I can't afford to go away to school.

I'm super stressed out right now, I really wish I had started going to college right after graduation, i"d be just about done right now. It would have probably been in something I don't want to do though.

Arrr......I'm going to have to do some major thinking this weekend.
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I started college after graduation in a big university an hour and a half from home. Lets just say it wasn't for me. I was always an honor student, took the hard classes and got only As and Bs, graduated at the upper end of my class. I went to college and the sudden freedom of teacherse not taking attendence was too much. I NEVER went to class. Literally, I'd go in for exams and that was it. I spent every weekend at home, working. Never made friends at school, pretty muc hated the whole experience.

I was a psychology major - thought about a criminal justice minor - I KNEW I wanted to do criminal profiling or psychoanalysis of big time serial killers for a living.

Then I went to my community college at home. I was going for an Associate in Science and Certificate in Criminal Justice. I KNEW I wanted to get into forensics (think CSI). I still had problems going to class and withdrew two semesters in a row (MAJOR waste of my money since I didn't get any back).

I took the rest of a semester and all summer off, then went back to take some classes that I can apply to a degree in Veterinary Technology at another community college while I'm on the waiting list. I'm working at a vet's office and for once I KNOW this is what I want to do I look forward to going to work every day, love my job and couldn't imagine being happier anywhere else.

Some people go for something with all they've got and it turns out great, and others never find their place in life. Once you find your true passion, you'll know it! Good luck with school and keep us updated!


"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast."
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I have a BA in psychology. I took university transfer arts at a local college before going to the university in my town because it cost a lot less money.

I knew I wanted to get a psych degree but I have had it for two years and do not want a masters in psychology....and where I live there isn't too much I can do with just a BA in psych.

I LOVE school, I absolutley love learning, I even like tests!! I would love to take more classes but it is just way too expensive here now. It is almost $300 per class just for the tuition now. (Canadian dollars)

There are so many things I am interested in but not one that just shouts out for me. I hope that over the years I can experience a few of the things I am interested in.
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Much the same as Jessie, I went to college straight out of high school. I wasn't too interested though (mostly because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do) and my attendance and work ethic were poor. I changed majors 4 times I think. Luckily, I withdrew from most of my classes, rather than letting my GPA drop. Finally I quit altogether.

I took some time off, but eventually I went back. I'm still not 100% sure what I want to do for the rest of my life, but at least now the motivation and determination to go to school and do well are my own. I know I want to work with kids, and I'm double majoring in psychology and child development. This gives me many options, so I'm sticking with it.

I'm glad I waited. If I'd gone with what everyone wanted me to do (and I thought I wanted to do) I'd be just about done with law school now. Thank goodness I took some time off; I realize now that that is so not me!
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My experience has been pretty bad. It literally stress me out so much when I started college, I wish I'd never gone.

Other than that, I've been going off and on for a few years. I changed my major about 4 times and wasted a lot money on classes that did me no good because of it. I got accepted to the university I wanted, but it's in another town I hate and it was so late in the year they had no where for me to live. The summer went by and I bagged the whole thing. I've had a couple girlfriends who were pretty needy and hated me even being at work when they were off, let alone at school, so that didn't help.

I've finally decided to go to nursing school, but the process to get in is a major hassle. I'm not going to be able to get in until December of next year, so until then I'm still working fairly low paying jobs.

Overall, had the stress not affected my health so much I would have been done long ago and better off. Try and go at it slow at first. I got forced into 5 classes after being out of high school for 4 years. The counselor seemed like this was normal, and being young, I never thought about the amout of work 5 classes would be. A math class (my most hated subject), an english class (I like it, but my skills were down), a reading class (was told I needed it, but I didn't), psychology (the only class I wanted), and art history (another class I didn't want). It was way too much and I dropped two classes midway through.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one that was/is a bit confused about what I want to go to college for.

I scheduled an appointment with an advisor for next week. See if they think I'm too dumb to go for Mechanical Design or not. I'm horrible at math and only took pre-algebra in HS. So it'll be a lot harder than Graphic Design but I think I'll like it more.

It all depends on if my dad will help me pay my way or if I can get financial aid in time.
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I started out college in an undergrad science program with the intention of doing post graduate work in molecular genetics. I finished with a double major in Communications and English Literature (because I love language and words) and a minor in Religious studies (because it interested me). I work teaching Substance Abuse and Emotions Management programs to federal inmates... It has nothing to do with what i wanted or what I started out as, but I love it... There's not many people I know who followed the same major all the way through - take what you love/enjoy as you'll only be happy doing what you love/enjoy.
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I have a BA in English and am 1 semester away from graduating with my MA in English Lit. There are so many diverse opportunities for an English major (everything from politics to teaching) that it is really hard for those of us who didn't want to teach to settle into a career choice. I've changed my mind from journalist, to political speech writier (I have a minor in poli sci), to university press editor, and finally to lit teacher.
I'm the type who misses school if I'm away from it too long (which is why I've gone through school so fast--only 23 and almost done with my Master's degree), so I figured I might as well stay in the academic setting. Right now, I'm looking for community colleges in Virginia to teach literature. As you can see, though, this decision didn't come until (sadly) this past semester. I see how underprepaired non-English major students are for literature these days and it is so frustrating. Most of them don't even do the readings we assign because they don't understand them and just wait to get "the important stuff" from the teachers.
My advice to you is to concentrate on something you are truly passionate about. With all of these "likes and dislikes" you are talking about, it sounds like you already have your mind made up, you just don't know which major would fit those things. Why not talk to a career advisor on campus?
Here's food for thought: My neigbour got his degree in Construction, now he is part owner of one of the best restaurants in town and he and the two other owners built a lot of the restaurant by themselves--right down to the tables and chairs. So, you really never know where you're going to end up with whatever degree you choose!
Good luck to you. And remember to talk to a career advisor or an academic advisor in the departments you are interested in. They'll help point you in the right direction!
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Originally Posted by lolakitty23
I have a BA in English and am 1 semester away from graduating with my MA in English Lit. There are so many diverse opportunities for an English major (everything from politics to teaching) that it is really hard for those of us who didn't want to teach to settle into a career choice.
I was fortunate enough that when I talked to my science advisor about getting out of computer science (after 1.5 years), she asked me what I liked to do. I responded, "Well, I love computers, but I also like to write." Blamo!!! She suggested Technical Writing and I haven't looked back.

Purdue doesn't have a technical writing major, perse, but within the English department there is a Professional Writing program, which offers multiple difference areas. So, I have an English degree with a focus on Technical Writing and a minor in Computer Technology. I plan to get *edit: go for, not would take a few years to actually GET the degree* my masters in the near (one year or two) future.
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