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Anyone like starwars?

Just wondering whether we have any star wars fans in this forum, and if so, whether they are looking forward to the new film (only 6 months to go!)

I only actually watched the movies in the summer, and now I'm hooked, and think the films are brill. Just wondering whether anyone else is also a fan, and if not, why not.
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I consider myself a star wars fan, but I'm really not THAT into it, as I enjoy the movies and will watch them over and over, but I am not into any kind of trading, books, role-playing... etc.

I really don't take it THAT seriously though: I know a lot of people who are furious about the changes made for the special edition in 1997, and are equally mad that George Lucas is not releasing the original theatrica cuts on DVD. Honestly, while I may not have approved of all the changes, it's just a movie! I don't take it that seriously..

I also happen to have enjoyed the prequels. They are far from perfect (the dialogue will make anyone cringe), but they are what they are, and I genuinely enjoyed them, especially the really subtle cool moments in them.

I am DEFINTIELY looking foward to Episode 3! All of the things I have heard have been good so far..

My favorite site for news is:

Go to their Episode III news page, and you can find out a lot of stuff...
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I really like the star wars films, but maybe because I don't really know any better, I don't mind the whole special editions and things like that lately. I don't think I've seen the originals so I don't really know what all the fuss is about. I don't really care much for the collectable things either, I'm just hooked on the movies instead.

I'm really looking forward to the third film. I love the whole new darker feel towards it, and have read all the spoilers I can get my hands on (I'm very bad with spoilers ). Have you seen the teaser trailer for it then? That got me really excited for a few days, up until the point I'd actually started counting down the days until it was released!
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Yeah I thought the teaser trailer was very neat! I was excited to download it, and then I saw it on the big screen with the incredibles (a very good movie!)

It was chilling to hear the Vader voice in the surround sound of the theater, and that light-saber battle at the end looks so intense! (and very physical... on the DVD of the original trilogy, the first look shows them punching each other mid-duel, and the trailer shows Anakin pinning Obi-Wan down in such an anger-filled way).

Ooooh, and the Emperor looked so scary again! It's weird ,I thought in the original trilogy that was just because he was old and messed up that he got so wrinkly and scary-looking, but apparently it happens WITHIN this movie based on the clips...

I may not be counting the days, but I'm definitely looking foward to it! Hopefully early next year we'll have the first REAL trailer
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Hold on. What's this "teaser trailer" and is it available online??? How did I miss this???

I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan - I was a child growing up with a brother who loved the movies and I'd play with his Star Wars toys and figurines, to marrying my sweetie who was obsessed with it as a child and has nearly every original Star Wars toy released (from his childhood - we were mildly intrested in the new toys, but they just didn't grab us). The ideas & beliefs underlying the universe of Star Wars really resonate for me - and am continually amazed with the people behind the films - to have such vision and drive and to create entirely new ways of filming and techniques to create different special effects truly blows me away. Every so often, I have to remind myself that the first Star Wars was filmed in the 70's! What Lucas were able to accomplish then is truly amazing.

We must have about 8 different box sets of the original Star Wars trilogy, and both the newer ones on DVD, and now, the latest release of the first three on DVD.

I do agree with the dialog being really painful at times - just awful - in all five movies. But for me it's not hard to move past it.

I loved the re-releases of Episodes 4-6. Thought the additions were so fun and added SO much to the films. It was also amazing to see them again on the big screen! Can't wait for Episode 3!
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Originally Posted by ospunkyo
Hold on. What's this "teaser trailer" and is it available online??? How did I miss this???
It came out a couple of weeks ago, I didn't even know it existed and came across it by accident, heres the link to it, if you're interested.

If you go there, then at the bottom right of the page it gives a link to the trailer.

I think it's fab, and I really like seeing Obi-Wan and Anakin fighting, and when the emporer says rise in that weird voice, wow, no words to describe how cool it is! I was kind of shocked when I saw Anakin with the Sith eyes though, I mean, Obi-Wan has just been talking about Anakin's turn to the dark side, then there's a picture of him looking VERY evil, I was actually kind of shocked!

I love all the spoilers I've been hearing, though I'm not sure how much to trust them all. I've heard of Anakin doing some VERY evil things whilst working for Palpatine, (and I mean evil!) but one things for sure, this movie is going to be brilliant, and I'll definatley be one of the first to see it. Can't wait!

Also, have you seen the teaser poster? If you look carefully at Anakin's cape, you see other pictures in it as well (except for the obvious). I don't know if it was intended, or just an optical illusion, but some of the pictures are a little creepy.
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OMGosh! ME MEMEMEMEMEME! the first movie i ever saw when i was a kid was return of the jedi since then i have done nothing but collect star wars stuff! course I'm not as bad as some ppl get but omg thats so me! I cant wait for the 3rd one to come out! I'm hoping to go to the premiere in melbourne! I absolutely love the new ones cant get enough of them even if the old ones are just that much better
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oooooooh. The teaser trailer is really cool - Lucas film does a great job with all the teaser trailers for these films.

I looked at the poster, BelfiCat, but the resolution wouldn't allow much detail beyond the obvious. I'm incredibly curious to see one up close, though, and see if I spot what you are referring too!

I didn't know Episode III was called "Revenge of the Sith" - I thought that was really interesting since "Return of the Jedi" was originally named "Revenge of the Jedi". It seems MUCH more fitting for this one.

Kazzles - I'm also planning to go to the premiere here. For the re-releases and the new two, they did midnight showings which were *so* fun!
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Yes, the "Revenge of the Jedi" thing is exactly what Lucas had in mind! I think it is very fitting.

I won't be attending any premiere, but I hope to at one point that week head into the city, because I have a penpal from the Netherlands who is a big fan, and he and his girlfriend have come into NYC for the premieres of both of the prequels, to stand in line As crazy as it sounds to do that, they have met a lot of people and made some great friends! I look foward to seeing them again
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Oh my, i'm such a starwars fan. sigh. I love starwars. But i have to say, Epsiode I and II were horrible. They really dissapointed me, and i don't really care too much about the new one, cause i'm convinced they screwed it all up. I will check out the teaser though, but the originals were the best, Episode III, IV and V.

Anyone know if Lucas is going to do VI, VII and VIII next? Too bad he didn't have the funding (or the will perhaps) to do them all at once, instead of coming back a few generations later and changing the feel of things...
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