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Pulled Over Again!

This time I was in my bf's beater car driving from Houston to Austin. Saw the cop enter highway so was going speed limit and I passed up the cop driving the speed limit and this other car was behind me riding close since I'm going the speed limit. Well, this cop sees me and cuts right behind me to pull me over. For what?!

Well for not having a front liscense plate which when my bf got this car used, it didn't have no bracket for the plates up front anyway. Then he notices when looking around that the inspection sticker is expired (which came with the used car anyway).

Well, of course these things are my fault but it was like he was looking for something more! I'm glad I didn't get a ticket for having a dark tint (which came with the car again).

*I'm really upset with all this b/c I'm always getting pulled over. Yes I do speed, but not speed speed, just driving with the flow of traffic. Cops have nothing better to do than to pull people over in these hick towns and make $ off of ya. My dad got pulled over for going 72 in a 70!! The cop says he will do him a favor and just give him a warning!*

Thanks for reading and hearing it out
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Sorry to hear about it...are Texas cops that bad? I hate cops sometimes...two weeks ago, I had three officers rush into my house without giving me an explanation before entering. I'm not the getting in trouble type, and I'm usually very cooperative, but I know my rights and when they are being violated. Turns out they had the wrong address and tried to make me feel bad for putting up a fight. I'm still mad about it...
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Wow, that would infuriate me, especially when they turn it around and get mad at you. I honestly think Texas cops are that bad b/c when I road tripped before across all the states, only the Texas cops pull people over and hide out more.
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I drove from Oregon to Florida and got pulled over twice. Once somewhere in the middle of Texas for "speeding" even though I was going down a REALLY steep hill and had trouble slowing down. Got a warning.
The second was in Louisiana. I was going the speed limit, had my cruise control set for the speed limit then I saw a sign that said "reduced speed ahead" so in order to take off the cruise control on my car you have to tap the break, which I did so I could maintain the legal speed limit. The SECOND I tapped my break, the cop behind me turned on his lights. He pulled me over, got out of his car and came over his loud speaker "get out of the car!!!!!!" so I did... I walked over to him and he said "Why did you put your breaks on?" and I said "Because I HAD to in order to take off the cruise control so I could go the speed limit. I did it after I saw the "Reduced speed ahead" sign, so I could OBEY THE LAW." I had a real snotty tone with him which I don't think he liked, but he couldn't give me a ticket because he had no reason to. I left without a warning or a ticket.

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I'll never forget my last experience, LOL. I was taking my anatomy/physiology II class in the summer at a school pretty far from my house. We had class 4 days a week IIRC. Pretty sure we had Friday off. Anyhow, when you left the college, the only way out was along this curvy long road to the main drag. A general aviation airport was on one side and some buildings I assume were part of the school on the other. There were other ways out, but this seemed to be the only way to back to the freeway. The road was fun and wide and even had a median seperating the directions. Being summer it was really quiet out there. Well, eventually my going 50+ in the 40 caught up to me, LOL. I saw the Mesa (city) cop on the side of the road and slowed down a bit, but knew it wouldn't help. As soon as I passed he pulled me over. I roll the window down:

Cop: "Have any idea how fast you going?"

Me: "Maybe, but why don't you tell me"

Cop: "It's 40 MPH through here and you were doing over 50"

Me: "I was tying to catch up to the girl that was ahead of me to tell her something" (Pure BS by the way)

Cop: "Well my boss has me out here because people have complained about too many speeders out here" (Not sure who, no one was ever around and no homes)

Me: "Whatever, if your going to give me a ticket then hurry up, I have to get to another appointment"

Cop: "Why do you have such an attitude with me? I'm trying to be nice"

Me: "No reason really, I just need to be on my way"

Cop: "I'm not going to give you a ticket, but promise to stay below 50. I'll even let 47 slide."

Me: "Okay, thanks. Sorry if I was rude."

LOL, the funniest part was I was convinced I was getting a ticket, so I was rude right off the bat. The cop was the typical cold arrogant type as they always are, so he sounded just as rude. It was really funny because I deserved a ticket for speeding, especially being rude, but he let me off! I was shocked. I felt bad for being rude after he said he wasn't going to ticket me.
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Originally Posted by BaileyAndSammi
"Why did you put your breaks on?"
That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard, what kind of question is that??

Misery-I was convinced one time I will definitely get a ticket too and guess what happened, I got saved. I used to have a white Civic, which I gave back to my parents but at that time I was driving to Austin, speeding along with this other white Camry. We were speeding buddies basically since everyone else is going under the speed limit. Well eventually the Camry slowed down for some reason and then a few minutes later I saw a cop emerging behind me. So I pull in the right slow lane and go normal speed, he pulls up NEXT to me, not behind me with sirens and I pull over.

He looked in, asked me how I was doing and I asked "Anything wrong sir"?

He said "Well I was reported that 2 white cars were speeding on this highway"

I said "No sir, I wasn't speeding!"

He said "Alright mam, we must have the wrong person, sorry about that and drive safely"

Whew, I was sweating b/c I well deserved that ticket. I think he was probably looking for a male driving or something, not some asian girl not wearing make up that day.......
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Misery and KitKat, from the sound of it, you were alone in the car when you got pulled over?

It seems whenever I get pulled over (which is more often than I'll admit ), as long as I am in the car by myself, I don't get a ticket. Most of the time, I pull the cheezy "I'm so sorry officer, *sniff, sniff*, I didn't realize it was only 55" . And it works. He feels bad and lets me go.

The one time I got pulled over with someone else in the car, it was with my old BF . He tried to kiss the officer's butt and it back-fired.

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That's crazy. Both of you guys. LOL I'm a guy, so he must felt he had already written too many for the day. I really don't know. I've read a few threads on the internet that had police in them and they said they often decide before even getting out of their car whether to write one or not. Kinda strange.
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Yeah I think everyone at some point has been pulled over by a "bored" cop looking for something to do. For my band I used to drive a beat up old cargo van, rusty and full of dents. This thing was a cop magnet at 2:00 am. I got pulled over 4 times within a couple months for the dumbest reasons but it was just because the bored cops though they could find some wrongdoing associated with this vehicle.

My last ticket was 5.5 years ago, on a road that goes from 55 down to 45 and then to 25 all within less than a mile of road. Well the cop was running a speed trap right at the first 25 sign and I got nabbed for 45 in a 25. What really angered me was a few months later they changed the speed to 35 for a mile before going down to 25 and put up a stoplight as well.

I still speed all the time but I have my electronic devices and alert eyes to protect me. The police are supposed to be there to "protect and serve", not harrass.
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Here's another one about corruption in speed enforcement:

A couple days ago I was riding along picking up radar from a cop that was riding a few car lengths in front of me. One of the oncoming cars passed and he swung around and chased him down.

Cops are not supposed to simply ride with their radar on. The statues on police speed enforcement state that a cop MUST make a visual estimation of a vehicle's speed before he can use an electronic device to get a speed reading. A cop cannot possibly do this while driving in traffic, and with his radar running constantly, the radar will give him a speed reading long before he can ever visually estimate anything.

Radar guns also have a feature where the cop can punch in the posted speed limit and a tolerance figure. Then he can just sit on the side of the road doing paperwork and the radar will alert him anytime a vehicle exceeds that tolerance. Once again, there is no visual estimation of speed and a ticket is still issued.

However, a cop will ALWAYS write on the back of his ticket (the side you don't see) "I visually estimated the vehicle's speed to be blah blah blah and used my radar to determine that the vehicle was speeding...." so the courts know that he followed proper procedure in issuing the ticket.

I got this information from a book about speeding tickets written by a former cop. He wrote the book because didn't agree with the way that police agencies were using speed enforcement as a mass revenue generating machine, with no regard to road safety.
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