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Tom Cat
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Is earth fighting for Her Life?

The devastation... beyond comprehension, but I still cry. Each natural disaster always leaves casualties behind. Lives rearranged, forever changed. But life still goes on. What it doesn't do is change, enough.
We keep doing the same ol thing. And teach are children to do the same. With each generation less lessons are learned and less respect is returned.
It started with just a little gum wrapper falling free from the hand. To draining **** near every drop of oil that lubricates the land. From having three cars to a family that only needs one. To the need for protection with no o-zone and the sun. From our destroying the rainforest to the brink of exstinct. To oil spilling oil in our oceans leaving wildlife to die, hungry and weak.
And over the years, lacking respect for what all this earth had, we took without returning. Oh, shes big, and has plenty of resources. And we still let that little gum wrapper fall...and life still went on, but with more trash on the ground. More pollution, little sollution. More houses, less trees. Disappearing rain forest more disease.
Earth is a wonderous place of beautiful life and I think she's been trying to make us see that she deserves more respect. These natural disaters are much more than 'raging' or 'blinding' or 'blistering' or 'turbulent' or 'relentless'. They are huge killers, and come with vengence! They are Her wrath of intention.
If we haven't seen it before...we should now. I do. How can you live on this earth and not see what's happening. They say it takes a miracle to make a blind man see. I think of the earth as a miracle. She's made me see.

God, I pray for another miracle. Too many are suffering. Let it not be long. Thank you God

It's easy to understand what cats want, just listen to what they say...MEeee NO
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Cool Cat
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Very good reminder for us all. We need alarm clocks like this, even if it's terrible!
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i totally agree, people use their inability to get around faster as an excuse to get a car when its so easy to ride a bike or take the bus. i used to live in holllywood and i was so upset when i recently went back and realized that i could no longer see the huge hollywood sign in the hills where i used to live, the smog is so bad it looks like a border when you go to hollywood. people think that they should continue to do what they do because nobody else is going to stop doing it so why should they? one person can make a difference regardless if anything changes. every action we make is a change in the course of our history, simply being born changes the way something couldve been. instead of turning back time and teaching us about history, we should focus on whats going on now and stop telling kids its okay to bomb countries for our own desires, to tell kids like me that war is most certainly not the answer. Two wrongs dont make a right, but they do make it even, but like a fire, though its even now, it only will get bigger and destroy all it touches. people today are so bitter, so paranoid, so afraid to see another person walk on the same sidewalk as them. the moment we learn to unify ourselves, to stop hiding behind our religions and our beliefs, our colors and our flags, we will be able to find a utopia, but until the day that we can do this, we will continue to be like the animals we so envy, stupid and reckless...we have days to celebrate our earth, we have days to clean it up, but if this is so desired why not is it done? hypocritical is the mind of society, for every law it makes it breaks another and out concepts shattered and abused, for every godly religion one is damned and in is living, it is breathing, it has allowed us for many a years to live upon its beautiful surface, and now it is dying by the very things it so loved: us. life cannot live without us as we cannot live without it, and to destroy life is to destroy ourselves, it is only a matter of time before we see to what magnitude we have hurt our dear earth, and by then it may be too late. every person who has lived in povery or hard times understands these words, when you finally realize that this is reality, that the chances of things getting any better is there but that you missed it because you took advantage of what life has to offer in vain, because you felt invincible, but now that you live like the bums you so dearly laughed at, you are like everyone else and that the chances of it happening to you are just the schools, children are like produce, come in one grade and go out the other, useless sacks made for the working class...its only a matter of time before the children revolt, and it is only a matter of time before earth fights along side them. my father told me that he feels bad for my generation because his screwed it up...i say to him now, it takes more that just one man to speak on behalf of a nation, and more than a nation to speak on behalf of the world. though we cannot control the sands of time, we can control what happens within it...being a teen, i truly see to what magnitude you speak, for i have to live with whatever choices are made until i am old enough to make my own, but sometimes i feel that the earth is reaching its has a funny way of happening, it also has a bizarre way of ending. though i see what agony and suffering we are going through now, i know that well be just fine. were all to blame, we contribute whethere we like it or not, every human being. we let it happen because were too afraid to speak up, and because were so afraid, earth is speaking for us.

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Premier Cat

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As Carl Sagan asked, "Who speaks for earth?" Some of us do, but we are considered to be unrealistic, with priorities that are mixed up. We know that photosynthesis makes life possible, but we continue to cut down trees. We know that the balance of nature is a delicate one, but we continue to disturb it. No ONE generation is to blame. God made us stewards of the earth, and we have not been good stewards since the beginning. We'd better open our eyes soon, however, or future generations will not be able to live on this planet. And, if we even consider the possibility of nuclear weapons, that could be soon.

As it is, we don't know what to do with nuclear waste, but nuclear power plants continue. It's frightening--unless we speak up and stop it. If solar power would have been given priority when it was first discussed, it would probably be in general use now--a safe fuel which will not be consumed, at an affordable price. I pray we wake up.


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Tom Cat
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The earth is bigger than all of us put together. We are to her like fleas are to a cat. Like parasites we take all we want, reproduce and leave nothing but waste behind. And like an infested cat gets sickly and more prone to disease, so does the earth. The difference is that the earth is the most powerful living thing that we humans are physically connected to and nothing can live without her. Not even the flea. She will not allow us to destoy her, not even a nuclear war. We will only destoy ourselves. Earth will recover but we may become extinct.
Think about it. The earthquakes are getting bigger. Storms are more violent. This last shake surely prooves her might. And not just did she rumble and roll, but from deep under the ocean she swelled up onto shore like something not one us living has ever seen before. She didn't stop with a wave of killer waters but reminded us of how hot she can get and while thousands are dieing and thousands more are in fear of dieing the volcanoe errupts. And now that she's shown just how hard she can hit, we still can't controll what will happen next. Without giving something back to the place that allows us to live, the storms just might never stop and she'll get what she needs if that means we all rot.
I have always believed there's a way to have world peace and earth harmony. A collective conscious gathered with love, peace and forgiveness through prayer.
And isn't it ironic how we, the people of the world, have collected together in order to save lives and relief.
Could it be that our Mother Earth is trying to teach us what we should do? I hope that we can be good children and learn our lesson. If we can band together why can't we pray together?
I don't mean to go off into religion but Jesus is the Son of God and so is my Brother. Why not look to One God as God Oneness? Don't we all look in the same direction when we look to God?

It's easy to understand what cats want, just listen to what they say...MEeee NO
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