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OK, Sometimes happy things are forgotten, due to snags, small irritations and other things that we get hung up on. So I thought we all need a HAPPY THREAD. A thread where we can share things we are happy about.

So leave all your things that you're unhappy about by the door and open up your heart for the stuff you're happy and thankful for.

I'll start you off.

I'm happy because:

– I so enjoy the new house we moved to. It feels like love is the cement that keeps the walls together.
– I have a husband who loves me deeply, he makes me laugh and feel safe and appreciated.
– I have a wonderful mother, who cares for me and could bring down the moon for me, if she didn't like to look at it herself too.
– I have two loving cats, that are becomming more and more like great personalities.
– We have a bid on the aparment (condo) we moved from and it's a decent one, even if we are still discussing the price, it's almost there.
– When the apartment is sold we'll have money for various of things for the new house, like a new, enviromentally friendly source for heating, new couches and maybe even a big screen tv.
– Since the apartment will be sold soon, I can use the money I'm making for the new book I'm translating to buy me a new digital camera (DSLR) and maybe even a new computer.
– Tonight I did finish the writing part of the book I'm working on. Now it's the fun stuff left to do, the editing and layout!
– I don't have to get up tomorrow morning, so I can stay up late and just enjoy my "victory" over the book!
– In about a week I'm going back to hospital, but this time I hope my doc will actually "make my voice sing". I.e. he has talked about trying to do some plastic surgery to let me able to speak again. I have been whispering for the last 2.5 years. Not being able to say a word for that time (at one point not even able to whisper).
– Even if I have to go to hospital for surgeries, my health feels like it's improving, slowly but improving.
– That hubbys parents is healthier (Ben's father has been having breathing problems, but have become better), so that their wish to come and see us this summer will happen.

Ok, there you have a few things I'm happy over today. Now it's your turn!
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- I love my job. I count myself totally lucky because I can see myself STILL loving my job ten years from now. I love the people I work with, they are all really friendly and sarcastic like me hehe. I love working with animals, I have ever even moderately liked any job before and now I LOVE mine. My brother who so proudly parades his "I'm a heart surgeon i'm better than everyone" ego around doesn't even like his job as much as I do. He just likes the status.

- I love wearing scrubs to work, my employers bought me 5 sets of brand new scrubs for me to wear, had me fitted and everything, how cool is that? I expected to have to shell out a lot of money but they bought them for me. I love the way people look at me when they see me in my scrubs. If I am in a bank for instance and waiting to talk to someone in customer service they hurry right over to help me. So yeah i'm not a doctor or a nurse, but I help animals, and to me thats even better.

- I love Patrick, the man who has been my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my salvation after such a messy marriage. He saved me from never wanting to trust men again. He has supported me financially and emotionally, he has nevered judged me in my failures, he has urged me on when I was more than ready to give up. So he leaves the toilet seat up still sometimes, I can live with that considering how wonderful he is. If there was one thing missing from my marriage it was respect, my husband for me and me for my husband after I realised he didn't respect me. With Patrick I learn to respect him more and more each day.

- Envy and Chaos, what words can describe my haughty little princess and her silly little companion? They bring me such joy and laughter and never fail to surprise me. Envy was the reasonI realised I wanted to work with animals, I cannot thank her enough for that.

- Patrick's boss informed us that next week should be when they get the new funding for the big project they are working on, the one that will make the internet as we know it a thing of the past. It will make even dial up connections faster than what cable connections are now. This means a big fat raise for Patrick, and if all goes well a new house for us. I haven't lived in a house since I split with my ex, and that house was full of bad memories, I cannot wait to own one which will be filled with love and laughter and happiness instead of tears and pain.

- Feng Shui will be more than just a dream i've had for 13 years, it will be a reality.
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I am happy because:

- I've just finished my exams (yayyyy!) and the last one went really well.

- I have a great set of friends who I adore and respect sooo much

- There are so many opportunities available to me when I start placement soon and I am just so excited! I can't wait!

- Dylan is just great - he is adorable and my lil companion when my other half has to work late

- Simon is just... amazing... I love him so much and he looks after me a lot more than he really should some times but I love him for it - no matter how down I get he'll always make it right

(will add more later hehehe)
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  • I'm so glad my parents finally moved into a nicer neighborhood and started fresh (old one was getting pretty bad)[/*:m:2aae6og8]
  • My bf just got another job offer that pays more and one that he's been wanting to have for a while. That means I don't have to go to work for another few months and he gets to keep his first car.[/*:m:2aae6og8]
  • Twinkie & Sugar are the best cats, they adore us and we adore them. No problems with anything and they are very healthy.[/*:m:2aae6og8]
  • My parents have been understanding lately and I've gotten closer with my mom.[/*:m:2aae6og8]
  • School just started and I feel like I'm going to do well this semester. [/*:m:2aae6og8]
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Well, the bid on our apartment was accepted, we met half way, so on friday we'll write the contract and on tuesday the transfer is made. YEEHAAAAAAAA!
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Happy thread

I happy right now because Partner is going to put in a lovely new kitchen next week
The reason this makes me really happy, is that he just did it out of the blue...he came home last night with a load of brochures and got me to pick a kitchen.
He's going to order it today, and put it in next week (he is a carpenter).
Its going to be maple units and floor with black worktops. Not sure what colour to do the paint work....
I really wasn't looking to get a new kitchen just yet, but if any of you have seen my pictures of Jimmy in the gallery, you will have seen my kitchen floor and how ghastly it currently is
So I'm dead chuffed

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We just bought a new larger house for our wonderful growing family!
Our offer was accepte with no counter offer! YAY!

I am so happy that I am having a baby boy!

Most of all I am thankful everyday how much God loves me and takes care of my family!
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I am happy and thankful because...

* My bf has received a job offer; all that's left is the salary/benefits proposal and acceptance. This means we get to move and be closer to family and friends.

* I have two wonderful girls, Stephen and Penny, who make coming home every day such a wonderful event

* I have a loving boyfriend who accepts me for who I am, strengths and faults

* My company is considering contracting me to work off-site when we move which means I would still have a job!

* My car has heat and runs well. This is something I thank God for every day. I've had the worst history of cheap, get-me-by cars.

* My friends' pregnancies are going very well. Starting Feb. 5th, we will have babies arriving about every 2 weeks... according to the due dates anyway! LOL There are four on the way and the one more at the end of May.

* And because tomorrow is Friday!!!!


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Originally Posted by mismodliz
I* My car has heat and runs well. This is something I thank God for every day. I've had the worst history of cheap, get-me-by cars.
* And because tomorrow is Friday!!!!

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I am happy because:

This semester seems to be starting off MUCH better than last, and although I still HATE one of my classes, I LOVE the Child Development psychology I'm taking, and I'm on top of all my assignments and due dates!

Nya's incision from her spay has FINALLY healed, and she is back to her old, happy, cuddly self.

I got my nails done (I got gel instead of acrylic) and that makes me happy because not only are they pretty, but I'm NOT biting them! Yay for breaking a habit!

My boyfriend and I are doing wonderfully, despite both being extremely busy. He loves me even when i pick on him and he's wonderful to me. (I'm not too bad to him either lol) We're talking MUCH more lately about the future, and marriage and children. And it's matter of fact talking, not "if". (just waiting on the ring! lol)

And the people in the basement apartment that were causing SO many problems earlier in the year (well, mostly him, I don't have problems with her so much), have quieted down and are keeping their heads low until the lease is up. And then they'll be GONE and I won't have to deal with it anymore!


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