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Tom Cat
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*Rant* Irresponsible and rude pet owner

When I arrived home just now I noticed a little dog (I think it was a chihuahua/terrior mix) wandering around in the street in front of our house. She had a leash on but no human attached to the other end. She ran in front of a car, that stopped in time, honked and drove off. This spooked the little dog and she ran a few houses down.

I called for her to come to me, but she continued to skitter away with an occassional little "woof" in my direction. I was afraid to leave her out on the street, so I followed her to a house about two blocks away. She went up to the door and I was able to get the leash.

I rang the doorbell at this house, since the dog appeared to know it. I waited a couple of minutes with there being no answer. I picked the dog up, planning to take her to my house until I could find where she belonged. She had on a collar but no tags, and the leash was attached to the collar by being knotted several times around the it instead of attached by the clasp. That couldn't have been very comfy for the little dog.

Finally, as I was walking away with the dog, a lady answered the door. I asked "is this your puppy" and she rudely took the dog from me, as if I had tried to steal it. I started to explain that the dog was loose in the street and all she said was "Yeah, sorry" and shut the door in my face. I thought that was very rude.

Now, I wonder if I should contact animal control and ask them to investigate, but don't want to take up the time of a.c. from more pressing issues, as it is probable this little dog just got out accidentally, or was tied-out (on what was less than 4' of a ragged and poorly attached leash) and got loose.

I just thought it was all very odd. We don't have loose dogs in our neighborhood. This is the first time in the 8 years since I have lived here that I have seen an unleashed (well, a dog without a human on the other end of the leash, I should say) running loose.

Just venting...If my pet had gotten loose, I would have been very grateful for someone to have returned it.
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Last time I found a dog and returned it to it's owner I GOT A BUNCH OF FLOWERS! That woman is rude but I would wait and see if you see that dog alone again before I would report her... Who knows maybe she was having a really bad day

The more people I meet the more I like my cat!
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Tom Cat
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Location: North Texas
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Maybe I should go back there later, with your post printed out and ask her, "WHERE are MY Flowers?"

It is possible that she is having a bad day...it is Monday after all. I guess I am just always the type to go out of my way to show my appreciation and/or to help others out. I had lost a wallet, many years ago, and the eldery couple that found it went out of their way to return it. It was very important to me, as I was a single mom and had just cashed my paycheck...almost every cent I had to my name was in my wallet. The people that found it wouldn't accept a cash reward, so I made a huge fruit basket and took it to them as a thank you. I had also taken my kids with me, when I delivered it, which they enjoyed. They visited with my kids several times after that, as their grandkids live a long way away. It feels good to show appreciation!

I was suprised at this woman's reaction, but *shrug* what do you do?
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Cat Addict
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I'm a fan of the phrase "Kill them with kindness."

I would wait a few days, and then go back to the house and see if she's more receptive to a chat. Just explain to her that you had no intentions of stealing her dog, but you were just concerened that the dog had gotten out accidentally when no one was home. Apologize for the misunderstanding and leave it at that. She'll probably feel HORRIBLE for being rude, and by apologizing to her, you're not accusing her of any wrongdoing.

If I were afraid that she would never be receptive, I would just write a letter with the same intentions as above. But you see, I'm a master at killing people with kindness, just because I don't like being rude. I also get a bit of satisfaction knowing that I'm not stooping to their level.
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Premier Cat
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I was going to ask....
not that you should judge someones home...but did it look run down or anything?

I cant explain why...but from reading your post...I got the feeling that if it were me...I would also 'kill with kindness'.
Buy a nice leash and collar for the pup and either drop in person, if she wont answer, leave it at the door step or send in the mail.
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Tom Cat
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It isn't really run down...it is a nice house, but could use some maintenance. The lawn is not well-maintained, but they are also a rather young family, if the woman who answered is the female head-of-household...I would guess she is in her late twenties. This neighborhood is an upper-middle class area, so the home owner's association won't allow people to neglect their homes too much.

If she had been even sort of nice, I would have been glad to take her a new collar and leash, but I have a feeling that she would not welcome this gesture. While I was there, I noticed that they have several cars for sale that are parked on the street in front of the house...this is not something that will be tolerated long in this area. The local authorities will have the cars towed if they stay there long. I have also noticed before that there seem to be quite a few people in and out of the house, so it may be that there is more than one family living there...another "no-no" in the neighborhood.

*shrugs* I don't want her to think I am being nosey or trying to invade their privacy. I think they are a less-than-social group of people. I will just leave them alone...this is probably the best way to handle it. If I notice anything strange, I will let the authorities know.
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Yeah, I'd go with what emrldsky and BoscosMum suggested. Maybe with some time to think about it, she'll realize that you may have saved her dog's life.
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Send a message via AIM to roseeden
I don't want to sound like a hypocrite or a bigot or anything but...are they...mmm...immigrants?
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Tom Cat
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Location: North Texas
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Wellll...no, they are not immigrants, exactly. This is a rather awkward question to answer, but I am not being critical of your post...I just don't know the P.C. correct way to respond.
The government would classify them as a "minority" family. But, IMO, the term "minority" is obsolete, as most people in the U.S. are a combination of many races...myself included: I am part Native American (Cherokee), but so far back in my lineage that I don't consider myself as such (It is 7 generations back). I am also German, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Asian...and who knows what else!
I would like to mention that, in my experience, I have had more "issues" with our (ahem) non-minority neighbors than I do with our minority neighbors...I have a very good reason to feel this way, but it is something inappropriate in this forum.
I understand why you asked (I think) but I don't like to classify anyone by their country of origin, race, skin color, religious preference or heritage...as I absolutely love to interact with people who have strong heritage ties to other countries. It gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures, customs and beliefs, which I think everyone should consider doing. It is fascinating to me.
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Tom Cat
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Location: North Texas
Posts: 478
Thanks for the input, Tim...

I would like to think the owner will realize at some point that I was being helpful. It really isn't important if she understands that I may have saved her dog's life, but would be great if she thought about this enough to make sure the pup was prevented from getting out again.

I have considered going back over there and complimenting her dog...saying that the dog is very sweet and if she ever finds that she can't keep her for some reason, to let me know and I will take her.

I was also a bit frustrated that the dog has been bred in the past. She is not currently lactating, but obviously has at some point. She is a mixed breed dog, and should not have been allowed to reproduce, IMO. As cute as she is, there are too many unwanted animals in this world to allow mixed breed dogs to have pups. I'm sure that others on the forum will disagree, and this is just my personal opinion...I only hope that she was bred with another small dog...she is a tiny little thing and if she mated with a larger dog, it could have been very dangerous for the mommy dog, as well as the pups.

I guess I just need to forget about this incident and move on. I know in my heart that I did what was right...maybe the owner will know someday; maybe she won't. It isn't important either way, except for how it affects her supervision of her dog. I just hope this was a one-time incident and the poor little thing is not being neglected.
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