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Tom Cat
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What phobia(s) do you have (rational or irrational)?

Mine is a common one: spiders!

Yeah, I know...very few are harmful but I've been told that all have some degree of venom. Most won't bite unless 'cornered', and if I understand correctly, the arachnid (not a true spider) called a "Daddy Longlegs" (common in the south) has such tiny fangs it cannot penetrate human skin. I also read that these creatures are the most venomous arachnid known to exist, and they eat spiders, especially the more toxic types(Black Widow; Brown Recluse; etc...)

I think my phobia started due to being bitten by a Brown Recluse when I was 9. I removed a drawer from a very old dresser and there was a card in the back. I reached in to retrieve it and felt what I thought was a splinter. Within a few hours, my hand had swollen to several times its normal size; one fingertip was black and disgusting, and the others looked discolored, too. It was during the night, so I woke up my mom and told her my hand hurt. She was half-asleep, never opened her eyes and said: "run some cold water over it."

By morning, my fingernail had fallen off of that finger, the tip of my finger was badly necrosed (rotting) and the rest of the nails on that hand had turned black. I eventually lost all of the nails on that hand, and my finger and nail are still very slightly deformed.

A few months later, we had just moved into a new home. I walked onto the front porch then ran back in and told my mom there was a black widow by the door. She rolled her eyes at me with that, "yeah, sure" and followed me out. Showed her! It was an average sized female black widow who was in the process of dining on her mate. That is a vision which still haunts me.

To this day, I freak out at the sight of any spider...the bigger the spider, the worse I freak out. I usually have someone else dispose of it, even if I have to go ask the little girl next door...I can't do it. A few months ago, there was a harmless common wolf spider on my counter. I had no one to rescue me, so I HAD to kill it myself. I squished it (it managed to get a couple of 'hops' in before I finally was able to do so) and it was so full of goo that it splattered. I immediately threw-up. I couldn't clean it up, so I put a dozen or so paper towels on it then stayed out of the kitchen entirely until I could find someone else to do it.

Yes, my brain knows that the chances of being bitten by anything that would cause more than a brief sting and almost nil...but my instinct says "death on 8 legs". Strange thing about it, it seems to be getting worse as I get older.
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My phobia is of spiders too!

Here in Canada I don't think we have any real harmful spiders, But I'm still petrified of them! They're most often in the shower up in the corner so if i see one i freak and jump out and make someone kill it before i go back in

I think it started with my aunt. I was never really scared of spiders but you know when you are around someone a lot you get their habits or learn something. Well growing up on a farm i couldn't be scared of them but she used to babysit me a lot and she was petrified of them so I think I picked it up from her

I really wanna move to Texas and seeing as you're from Texas and your story of the spiders you encounter i'm really rethinking that idea! ack! Of course I don't think even a mean ol' spider couldn't stop me from doing something i really wanna do

Rachelle Aka Raiyn

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Haha this is a good thread! I dont know if it's really a "phobia" but I definaltey have an "irrational" fear!! Matt's closet! His bedroom is actually the attic loft, and he has this really creepy closet that's right beside the stairs. For some reason this closet has always given me the creeps, but then wierd things happened... It has been known to open all on it's own (and it's got one of those slidey-latch locks so that's bizzare), and it'll rattle like mad sometimes! (The other day I was going down the stairs past the closet and it started rattling JUST as I walked by it. I nearly fell down the stairs it scared me so bad.

This one time, while he was away, I was sleeping in his room, and his bed is across from the closet. Well I had a dream that I'd woken up and the closet was wide open! It was so real and freaked me out so bad that in the dream I just hid under the covers and willed myself back to sleep. That's when I really woke up, and was bundled under the covers. I was absolutley TERRIFIED to look over at the closet. (I did... it was closed thank God!)

I can't come up the stairs if the closet is open, infact I can't go NEAR the closet if it's open. If I turn the corner on his stairs (it's got a bend), and the closet is open, i scream and freeze up until he comes and closes it (or I dont go up at all). I swear my heart rate actually increases when I go past it, even when it's closed! And dont even get me started on the times the cats have just sat there STARING at it

I think I have every reason to be freaked out, but Matt thinks I'm being irrational!


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Cool Cat
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Oh and the spider thing? The only time I really encounter them is at the cottage, and then we kill them with duct tape Stick them to the surface then squish them with the roll so you dont have to feel it or anything. And it mostly cleans itself up That stuff is REALLY the most useful substance on earth! lol


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Spiders and other "creepy-crawly" type bugs like catepillars. I'm okay with the common housefly, mosquito and box elder bug but that's about it.

Gosh, Brynn, I guess I've heard that a daddy long legs' fangs are so small they couldn't penetrate human skin but I'd never heard the part about them being venomous. I sure hope it is true about them not being able to penetrate human skin after hearing that! We have lots of daddy long legs here in North Dakota as well.

I once found a spider crawling on a cabinet in our kitchen when I was young and I was, and still am, so afraid of having to touch it in order to get rid of it that I found a can of Raid and sprayed it to death! It was pretty quick though. It's not like it lingered on for hours or something.

This doesn't happen all the time but every now and again I get this eerie feeling if I were to pass across our living room window without the lights on. Sometimes I just get this creepy feeling like somebody's watching me from the window.

I also have a fear of twisting, turning amusement park rides if combined with height and speed, i.e., roller coasters. Heights and speed have never bothered me; just the idea of twisting in all directions while in high places or going fast. Another weird thing about that, though, is that I can handle the twisting and turning motions if it's not really fast. For instance, I'm okay with the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland but I have no desire to go on Space Mountain. Also, my husband actually got me to go on the Rocket Rods ride at Disneyland before they took it out. That was kind of a thrill 'cuz I knew what was up ahead. There were no crazy flips or turns; just speed up - slow down, speed up - slow down.
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I think spiders are nice little creatures. I always pick them up and put them outside. If I am around friends&family that cannot stand them, that literally scream"kill it, kill it" I do my best to save them. It always puzzles them ..but I have always liked them. I am actually the one that screams:"Don't harm it"
I am a litle scared, if not grossed out, more than anything, of mice, rats. But I still don't like to see them in traps. I understand they are a pest ...but they must have an important role on this Erath just like any other being. Even if that is for them to pose a challenge for people like me, frightened of them

explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth.
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my phobia...is anything that seems to establish any form of control over me...

wgen i feel like im not in control, i freak out and get voilent or isolate myself from everyone...its not a physical fear, but i am always afraid of being controlled, which is why im such a rebel!!! and i have nver grown out of it! im 15, been this way since birth

but, a physical phobia is being fat. i am so afraid of being fat, i went from anorexia to balimia to anorexia and balimia again(until recently i started having heart palpitations and almost had a heart attack)and have recently went to recover from this problem...but i have a serious food phobia. id say these are my two worst fears(and im virtually fearless otuside of these things!)

Give a man a fish, he'll eat for one day
Teach a man to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime
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Spiders, Praying Mantis, and Clowns. They all just give me the creeps, just the thought of any of those sens shivers down me, yuck! Yep, those would be my fears.
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Aggressive women. I dont leave the house for fear of seeing a woman even get mad at stubbing her toe...even if its down the street. I will burst into tears and go straight home. Let alone a woman confronting me head on...I just get quiet and hit rock bottom right away. Its often days before i can drag myself out of bed and weeks before i leave the house again. If its a man I just yell back at him, i could care less...Its just women.

Mean small dogs. Like poodles or pomeranians or min-pins....if one growls at me i start bawling and am afraid to move. I love small dogs dont get me wrong but if one growls at me....I freeze in sheer terror and cry my head off. Even my moms chihuahuas.

The Dark....Im terrified of the dark.....i wont walk by a room that doesnt have a light on. I wont even walk by a pantry or closet thats open if its not well lit, i wont even reach in to turn the light on. I wont walk outside if its not very well lit by streetlights at night.

So good luck to me if i walk down a dark street at night and scare some womans dog and the dog growls at me and SHE gets mad at me for aggravating her dog.
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I also have a fear of spiders, but Brynn...Mythbusters proved that Daddy LongLeg's CAN and DO bite humans. Adam stuck his arm in a tube full of them and one bit him (he felt it). Brave man he is, since the myth was disproving that that particular spider supposedly is the "most venomous."

Guess it's really not.

Anyway, I'm also afraid of any other creepy crawlies like roaches, centipedes, etc.
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