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Funny school memories

Well its been 6 years since I left school now.
Clints thread of posting himself as a child got me looking for one of me in a group (Couldnt find one btw)
Anyway I got reading my little book I made when I left school of best wishes etc. And there was one which made me laugh so bad I forgot all about it.

In 1998 we went abroad for the first time ever. 2 weeks in Bulgaria (Drop the comments LOL.)
On the last day I picked up a pretty nasty ear infection. Long story short it put me in hospital for 2 weeks and I was deaf in that ear for most of the time. Even now my hearing isnt as good in that ear as it use to be. We went on holiday in the summer holidays due to start school after the summer on September 3rd. Well Since I was hospitalised I didnt go back then.

When I did go back, this was the story floating around school (LOL)
A tarantula crawled into my ear while I was asleep and bit my ear drum.
I cant help but laugh now that as children they thought something like that could happen!

I was off school for just under 3 weeks, I remember that clearly cause my mum made me go back to school on September 21st (My 16th birthday!!!!)

Anyone else have such stories?
(btw I havent been to Bulgaria since )
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Sorry for the extremely long post...if you are short on time, you might want to skip this one. More of my "story-telling"

Our 20th year class reunion was just a few weeks ago (where does the time go?) so my memories are pretty vague, but here are a couple that originated in 7th grade:

I remember in 7th grade there was this extremely gross guy (who lived down the street from me) that was always either picking on me, bullying me, telling the girls he hung around with to "beat (me) up" or trying to get my attention in some way by doing something shocking (i.e he "flashed" me; he "mooned" me, etc.. ). I'll never know why, though...I was always an easy target for bullies, I guess.

One day, I was standing in the breezeway by the front door of the school, waiting for my bus home. This gross guy came up to me and said "Look what I've got" and he had a single marijuana leaf pressed in one of his text books. (I had no idea what it was, btw, so the shock factor didn't work) However, the principal, who was standing right behind him DID know what it was! Gross guy was suspended for the rest of the school year (dumb***)!

Then there was the girl who was the most popular cheerleader, and a real B**** toward me. I was a little chubby in the 7th grade and we had first period track together. Shower after track was mandatory. One day, she shut off the main water valve and peeked over my shower door (by then I was soapy and about to panic - running late 'cause I sucked at track ) She laughed out loud, "Oh my god! You are SO FAT!" She attracted a crowd, who all had to take a "peek" and she and the rest of the "popular" (aka mean girls) crowd ran around calling me "fat girl" for the next several years. (I am toning down her words for this post)

That childishness finally stopped in mid high school and I went my own direction. She always dated the quarterback of the football team and was so proud of herself (I couldn't care less) but she always wanted to flaunt herself around me. I'll never know why she singled me out, but I learned to ignore her.

Time goes by...When I was in my early 20's, I was an avid cycler. We had beautiful greenbelts (paved trails that worked around through the woods and around huge, beautiful estates and a lake, etc). I rode 20-30 miles at a time, twice a day: early morning and again after dinner. I was in the best shape I had ever been in, and felt really good about myself.

I went to a local sports bar one night, and there "she" was, and her date was the same quarterback-guy. As soon as I walked in, he came over to me (he had picked on me some during school because of her, but I doubt he remembered me...he certainly didn't recognize me). He 'bought' me a drink (which I insisted on paying for!) and followed me around like a puppy for awhile. I wasn't interested in him at all, but was nice to him and politely told him I was dating someone (in truth, I was recently seperated and had just filed for divorce - I was just there to play pool and have a couple of drinks with two of my female friends - twin sisters - who were late, as usual...last thing I wanted was to be around any male).

She sat there staring daggers at him and at me. I don't want to sound mean, but she hadn't taken care of herself at all and looked horrible. Maybe it was due to medical reasons, or maybe it was just coincidence, but she had gained at least 200 pounds since high school, if not more. I actually felt sorry for her until she gave me a really nasty look.

I walked over to her (trying to get away from her date, actually, but he followed me) and said "Hi (name)! How have you been? I remember you! We went to school together! We had track in 7th grade. Remember the time the water got turned off in the shower....wasn't that funny? I went through the entire day with shampoo in my hair..." I was laughing at the memory (and the expression on her face) when she got up from her chair, grabbed her (boyfriend? husband? friend?) by the wrist and literally yanked him out the door. She never said a word to me, but I could hear her screaming at him once they got outside, even over the music!

So, it was actually a sad story, but one of how the "mean girls" in school can get their "paybacks" after all. It was sweet "revenge" in a way, but I was sincere that I wanted to be nice to her. We were adults, and I didn't hold a grudge...yet, (I guess there was still a hurt 7th grader living inside of me) I still had to remind her what she put me through for years. She hadn't forgotten, I'm pretty sure.
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