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Need some direction

I'm 22, soon to be 23, and I have NO idea what I want to do with my life.

I"m sitting here trying to pick a class to take this semester(I work full time, can only take one night class each semester).

I'm at least shooting towards a *certificate* program.

so far I"ve taken an Art class(was thinking web design)
then a Autocad(thinking Mechanical drawing/ drafting)
then Blueprint Reading(thinking Construction Management)

So basicly I'm wasting time and's a bit fustrating..........

I love my job but I"m a temp (Groundskeeping)...........and will probably always be a temp......and can only make $10 an hour, which means unless I marry someone, I'll be living with my mom forever.

I just get soooo depressed when I start thinking about all this.....................

Oy, now I'm thinking Graphic Design.....but I HATE sitting behind a desk all day, I love working outdoors, which is why I went the Construction way....How on earth are you supposed to know?

I've never been really passionate about anything..............I guess I'm just going to have to play the lottery....

There's alwasy Custodial jobs available at the University, but I"m not a big fan of that either, but it would mean benifits and a steady income...........

How did you all(that have this kinda thing all figured out) know what it was you were meant to do?
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Well, you mentioned web design and CAD and graphic design -- and if you hate sitting behind a desk all day, these are NOT the jobs for you. I'm a digital designer and that's all I do -- 99% of my work is electronic.

I think it's good that you're experimenting, though -- you said you're interested, maybe start looking at college websites and see what programs they have that would support that.

They have those career tests online, too, where you answer a bunch of questions and it tells you what you're fit to do. I'm not sure how accurate they are, but it might be a good idea to take one -- even if the results aren't correct, maybe you can figure out some of your own ideas by the questions they ask.

Edited to answer your last question...

I've always been into art -- drawing, sculpture, anything I could get my hands on. In the later part of high school I started to play with the computer -- Photoshop, web design, etc. I went to college for Fine Arts with the interest of 3d animation, but the program at my school doesn't have good classes for that. So I applied for Digital Design and got in...and found that I enjoy web design and interactive interfaces as well. Our program is great because we get a little piece of everything and then we can find a job that suits our interests/abilities (we co-op every other I'll be graduating with 2 years experience as well).
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I think autocad technicians get paid $30000 to $40000 a year. You might not think it is enough money for you, but for me, it is A LOT of money. I make $700 a month after tuition and fees. I have managed to afford an apartment for myself (can't have a roommate because of my five furbabies), but I don't own a car.

I actually don't think I'll ever enjoy owning a car. I love biking. Of course there are raining days when I wish I have a car but hopefully I can move to a drier climate when I am done with graduate school.

I don't think night school is the way, but then I am a full-time student, so my opinion is biased.

I am 22 and I also have no idea what I want to do with my life. It is making life really difficult. I would preform so much better if I can just see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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I am 26 and am not sure what it is I was meant to do. I am currently working in retail which I hope is not my destiny (I am constantly looking for a job at least somewhat in my field that would be rewarding). I really would like to find a job that helps people but nothing that would require me to speak to large groups. I guess the best thing to do is evaluate what you like and what you are good at. For instance I thought the idea of teaching when I first went to college seemed like a good idea. Then I realized that I am not really good at public speaking..not to mention uncomfortable. You need to find a fit that is good for who you are.

So even making $10 an hour it's hard for you to get your own place? Why can you only get temp jobs? I don't know anything about you or your situation but I am just curious.
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$10 dollars isnt that bad is it???
I am confused.
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Originally Posted by manitu22
So even making $10 an hour it's hard for you to get your own place? Why can you only get temp jobs? I don't know anything about you or your situation but I am just curious.
Nope $10 just isn't doable for me.....Maybe an apartment IF I had a roommate....but I hate the city, need to be 20 miutes from any town, plus my horse is at my neighbors until I can get a house w/ a little land for her.....

Lets see my payments.....$250 for my car
$200 for car insurance
$100 for gas
$100 for my horses feed
$50 cell phone
$100 for the loan I had to get for Tubey's operation.... To bad it didn't prolong her life any....

I make about $1,200 a month.......but I alwasy seem to have unexpecting money issues...mostly my stupid car($500 on car, $500 on horse, $700 on cat, $400 on another cat).....need about another $500 of work on it right now, but don't have the money saved up yet....

Like I said I LOVE my job, but it's a 90 day temp program that they have so you can only work 90 days then you have to take a month off and get rehired again.....for 90 more days...on and on....except summer you get to work straight thorugh from may to I have to save up the spare money I have left for my month off, or find another job for a month..................

MAYBE I might like a desk job, if it's somthing I like, like graphic design.
See, the only computer desk jobs I've had were as a receptionist.......and I hate the telephone and am anit-social and don't like greeting people that come in...............or entering data for hours on end....BUT maybe with Graphis design.....I MIGHT like it.....I DO have a passion for horse racing...and would love to work for one of the stud farms..........they all have graphics, web, marketing type peoople.....then again i don't really want to leave Michigan....

Shengmei, $30,000 would be more than mom only makes about $22, anything more than that sounds like a lot to me.....
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Sounds to me like you're artistic --- you like creating things that look nice --- you like to be outdoors.


Problem solved. Thank you, thank you.
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I can see how $10/hr. isn't enough to be moving out on your own. It's even hard to do so on $11/$12 hr. but anyways living at home is great until you find out what you want to do with your life.

I'm still unsure in a way what I want to do and if I am going back to get my bachelor's degree. I changed majors soooo many times.

I suggest you go talk to your advisor or councelor so they can help you on the right road
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Your on the right track, work on a 2 yr libearal arts degree as you deciede what it is that really interest you.

One class at a time at 22 yrs, that's smart, I am 40 and now have to do that now that I wised up.

I choose 4 yr computer science degree at 32 yrs not knowing what my true passion was either. Well the school here does a lacks job of giving hands on training and everything is in lecture.

I just started 2 classes of the 3rd yr and got the notice of financial aid suspention because grade average between my c and d was too low. Only way I am going to recover is one class at a time.

I don't learn well in lecture, and that means quality time wasted unless I am ahead of the lesson, which doesn't ever happen because I can barely work with logic and syntax in any kind of efficient manner.

The first 2 yrs really don't give enough programming training for anything to stick in my brain, so tuition in a lecture is tuition wasted, no more student loans, it too easy for them to get it and not provide the right learning enviroment.

So, your enjoying what you do, getting some college credits, not overlaoding you free time with too much home work or debt, that's pretty good.

I was 37 when I found out I really wanted to work on guitars and would persue it full time, but it's one of them jobs that really don't pay well and I realize the 4 yr degree is going to have the potential(no promise) of a better job.

I hope this helps because just putting it on paper really clarifies I am doing the right thing being I just rethunk my strategy after that fine notice.
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It sounds like you need to make some hard choices.

Where I'm from, $10/hr is a pretty decent bit of money for anyone not on salary. My husband and I had an apartment on that much, and we got a mortgage on little more. It can be done.

But back to the 'hard choices' part:

You're paying $200/mo on car insurance?? How new is your vehicle? With a $250/mo car payment, I would guess that it's quite shiny. Do you need it? (We bought our two cars for $600 and $1000. When the $600 one needed work, we decided to buy a newer one - 1995! Eep! Owning older cars, we've rarely made payments, and our insurance is $400 every six months.)

You have a horse. I realise you probably couldn't fathom changing that, but there may come a day when a horse is not an expense you can afford. (I was there, once. It was a dream come true when I got him, and it broke my heart to have to sell him. But it had to be done.)

You hate the city so you can't get a roommate. Just how important is it for you to move out? Until you make that decision, you are going to be living with your mom forever. (I gave up on my ideal country home and took the basement of a house in downtown of my hometown. $300/mo. It's college living.)

You say you might take a desk job, BUT it would have to be something you like. Sometimes, we work jobs we don't like, and if you want to be choosy about how much money you make, you just might have to take a job that you wouldn't otherwise choose. (I can't stand working with idiots. How I ended up working in HR, taking call-offs from people who complained about hangnails and icy windshields, I don't know. Oh, wait, yeah I do... it paid $10/hr, more than I'd ever made before. Hee!)

And you don't want to leave Michigan, though there are horse-related jobs you might want to get into. Have you tried?

These things? Are life. I'm almost twenty-six and have no idea what I'm "really" going to do with my life, but for the time being, I have to make ends meet. That requires making hard choices, and it took a few reality checks from my family before I was able to make them. Some hard choices might be in your future, too.

Best of luck to you.
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