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Luna and Kaia Go Home Tomorrow...

Their owner was not able to get them the 5 day quarentine, but he decided to move back to the states while they did their quarentine here. I have to admit i'm kind of relieved. I always wanted a Great Dane, and now having had the oppurtunity to own one(two!) I can safely say I am not a dog person. Or rather, i'm not a dog owning type person, I still love dogs.

After Kaia's accident in the park, and us spending the money for fixing up the house on her instead, I had to go back to work, not that I minded I like working. After I went back to work the dogs didn't get near enough attention and started being destructive, they chewed everything up but the furniture, for which I am thankful was left untouched. Having run out of funds for the house we also hadn't landscaped the backyard yet, which has no grass only dirt. When it rained (which it did frequently this year) they tracked mud into the house, their paws caused our newly refinished wood floors to need to be refinished again as soon as they leave. They slobbered on our couch so now it needs professional cleaning. They had their own giant water dish but they still used the cats' fountain and they broke the motor for it because they drank it dry one too many times. They bark at anyone driving by in the middle of the night. The other night they let Envy out, they were outside and decided they wanted to come in so they rammed the door (they do this instead of barking, I have no idea why) and it burst open, letting them in and Envy out. There are deep claw gouges in our door from when we made the mistake of taking only Kaia to the vets for her checkup and Luna decided she didn't like being left alone, it was a brand new stained glass insert real wood door =/. They tore up the outside screens for the door, part of their "ramming" process, we had just installed it , another $100 down the drain. We had to buy baby gates to keep them out of the rooms with the litter boxes in them, otherwise they ate the poo, they knocked over the original $30 baby gates so we had to buy the expensive $80 ones. It got pretty cold so we got them matching fleece jackets to keep them warm on our walks outside, we also had to buy them gentle leaders as they pulled like mad on the leash. We let them out before going to work and when they came back in they would rub their muddy faces on our clothing, we have since learned to don large plastic bag aprons when letting them in. Kaia went into heat (the owner sore she wouldn't any time within the next 5 months) she got into our bedroom and slept on the bed, ruining our down comforter, she also bled all over the house and all over her dog beds, they were too big to be washed so I had to hand scrub them...which was hard since they were fiberfill. I have never seen so much shedding in my entire life, oh and after their newly bathed freshness wore off they started to STINK. Its too cold to wash them outside, and neither would allow me to wash them in the tub, the groomers were too expensive(especially for a weekly-basis sort of thing for two dogs!).

In short (hehe) they are well behaved dogs, we loved them well while they were here, but we are more than ready for the peace and quiet of just having cats again. I think my expectations were pretty high looking back now, but I guess I just thought they would be like my Beau, who even as a puppy his favorite thing to do was lay on my feet and just be near me. Mostly I just felt bad because after I went back to work it was wake up, feed dogs, let dogs outside, let dogs in, go to work, get home, let dogs out, feed/water dogs, take dogs on short walk around the neighborhood, go to bed. On the weekends and our days off there hasn't been a time we weren't busy with obligations, at best they would get half an hour at the park once a week. I know theyre unhappy, i'm unhappy, Pats unhappy. We are glad we were able to "test drive" the dogs though, its worked out much better than if we had adopted a great dane and then had to deal with all of this.
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Yikes, sounds like it'll be good for them to go back to their owner.

I'd love a dog...but I definitely can't have one now.
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I'd have to say dog's are not for everyone. It is nice they had you to love and care for them in their owners absence. At least now you know you love dogs, but don't neccesarrily want one.

I miss my dog terribly since I had to leave him with my ex last month. I can only imagine how happy the owner will be to reunite with them.
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They went home last night, they were soooo happy to see their owner they pranced for about five minutes straight lol. He came, said thanks, grabbed them and their stuff and left. Thats a little different from the "Oh yeah i've got a check for you guys, I know you covered Kaia's surgery and everything and I know their food is about $150 a month and since you ended up having to keep them for four months instead of one i'm gonna give you a thank you check" He never did, though we are relieved just to have the house quiet again I feel a little used. The house feels so empty, and last night the cats resumed their running from one end of it to the other pell-mell.

You know, i'm gonna miss them, I didnt think I would after all the damage they caused but i'm sitting here daydreaming about Lunas big blue eyes and goofy grin.
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Big dogs are a LOT of work! lol

Ours aren't Dane sized by any means (only 120ish pounds), but still, the hair, the slobber, the mess, the mudd, the barking.

But I could never give it up for anything!

You are right, it's good that you were able to kind of 'test' it out rather then adopt a dog and have to give it back because it just didn't work out for you. I've done rescue for years.....when a dog is returned from an adoptive home, the look on it's face is the saddest thing you will see. It's like they just don't understand what they did wrong. They go into really bad depression. It's awful.
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