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Question for the ladies! Re Bladder infections

Does anyone frequently get bladder infections?

I have had a few in the past when I was 20, 22, and 26. So one every couple of years. I am 28 now.

In the past I have known I had a UTI because of 1) pain when urinating 2) increased frequency 3) felt like I always had to go every minute!

I was feeling a bit off before christmas, I sort of felt like I had period cramps all day long, but not overly strong ones. But it was about the right time so I didn't think much of it. I was completely exhausted no matter how much I slept. Then I had a strange feeling when I peed. But it wasn't painful just odd. I had no urgency or increased frequency.

By Dec 28th I had blood in my urine so off to the clinic I went. Both my white and red blood cell counts for my urinalysis were off the chart and the doc was suprised I wasn't in a lot of pain. I was put on cipro for three days and took some pyridium for the discomfort. After my three days on the drugs were up I still had a slight odd feeling while peeing so I went back for another urinalysis. I had my period by then so of course there were some red blood cells in there. I guess the white count was normal because he didn't say anything about that. He decided to give me another 3 day course of cipro just to be sure and because of new years the clinics would be closed for two days.

So I have felt fine since January 1st.

Now again today I have an odd almost crampy feeling but no pain, nor urgency, no frequent urination. So I am not sure if this is another one or not. I am following the docs advice though and taking large doses of cranberry extract and vitamin C (because I have this symptom again, I take lower doses normally) to try to help things out.

I always drink lots of water, am separated so am not sexually active at this time, and always wipe properly ain the bathroom So I am not sure what my body is doing!

Has anyone had UTIs close together or one that was really tough to get rid of?
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oh dear, this sounds all to familiar. i get chronic bladder infections. baby wipes became my best friend. wipe wipe wipe...many times a day.

detergent, soap, natural...erm..juices....and being intimate with my husband...everything gave me bladder infections. all incredibly painful. i took so much phenazo (the painkiller that dyes your pee) that i start to get kidney pain when i take it now

it became so chronic that doctors stopped prescribing me antibiotics. my body would eventually push it out naturally they said...and it does.

i may wipe properly too but wiping doesnt remove bacteria. i suggest TRYING an unscented baby wipe and whenever you feel those twinges of an oncoming bladder infection...use the baby wipes whenever you go to the bathroom and sometimes in may just be your saviour too.
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that stinks for you! I am sorry

Thanks for the tip though!
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Wow, graet tip, Cait.

I too, get frequent UTIs. I take a daily cranberry supplement (along with a multi vit) and I have been thinking of adding Ester C to this as well.
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I seem to have slight problems when I use bar soap when I am showering and cleaning myself. If I use body wash with a loofah, then I have no problems. I don't know if there is a difference in the soaps or what.
I was going to suggest cranberry extract, but it sounds like you are already doing that.

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Oh I know that feel, * got 2 so far* I'm getting over my UTI, one night had to go pee and went to sit down and Hello pain!. So off I go to urgent care and yep sure enough. I all so wipe and clean myself good, But think the baby wipes sound like a good idea.
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I get them about once a year -- usually from drinking too much coffee/tea/soda and not enough water. If I can't get into the doctor immediately, I usually take Cystex -- an over the counter drug that really helps with the pain and frequent urination.
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Sorry. I know they are painful. I don't have any added suggestions. I used to get them frequently, but haven't in a while. I started taking cranberry and a little fact I didn't know until I had a million UTI's was to urinate after intercourse.
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Have you had your doc check for other infections that might lead to a UTI? I think some PID infections can lead to UTI.
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I don't have anything new to add but wanted to stress the daily cranberry supplements and to echo that drinking a lot of water is great for your system! This combination has helped me get past breaking the cycle. Also, I limit myself to only one soda a day and I don't drink any coffee.
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