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who wants to read the last nail in tim's coffin?!

I just recieved this email from *unnamed man*


You seem to be making yourself the victim at every possible
opportunity. I
heard of how you wined to my mother saying, "Did you hear what he did
me?" You seem to have forgotten the FACT that you're the one who
called me
and destroyed our relationship., that you started this or rather ended
You forced me into a corner and then tried to backpedal out of the
thing the next day (Tuesday) at the read through by pretending nothing
happened. Regardless of your EXCUSES, the fact remains that you had

My relationship with *unnamed evil girl*: As you well know, *unnamed evil girl* and I are like
siblings. Were we to have an affair, as laughable as that is, it
would have happened already. Why do I stick *unnamed evil girl* in everything?
she's a good-looking girl, with the talent to back up her looks, and
been growing substantially as an actress over the years. Why shouldn't
increase the salability of my films! She's an asset!

My company: You mentioned that you didn't understand why your Atlantis
didn't merit more attention. 1) It was a college project - I critiqued
and was really hoping it would die. 2) It's not well written, and I
far to many things on my plate to take on another re-write project.
Why did
I take on *unnamed evil girl*'s project? It had great potential from the start,
yours, and I felt I could easily develop it, which I have. My company
NOT here for your benefit or advantage, it's here for me to make money,
using good scripts/ideas - your story didn't qualify.
I've also become aware of your behavior with regard to *unnamed evil girl*. Your
together at the Comicon and everything said made it back to me. I
discovered you've lied to me about what was discussed between you two.
Unacceptable! I'm the victim of this relationship, not you. I'm
moving on
and I suggest you do the same. I'm removing you from any and all
with *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet*, you no longer represent this company or have any involvement
its projects. Consider this a termination notice. I cannot have you
disrupting my company's efforts directly or indirectly anymore. Things
could have happened amicably, but you decided to start telling stories
make yourself look good in the scheme of things. I no longer wish to
you, speak with you, or otherwise interact with you in any way shape or
form. With regards to the cat, Scooter has been at my place for her
existence, and has been cared for by my mother and myself financially
other wise. Your contribution to the cat's well being is greatly
appreciated, but that was when we were hoping to live together, and in
grand scheme of things, Scooter is best left at a place she can call
is loved and is familiar with.

We are done as a couple, friends and anything else. I've already
started to
see other people and I suggest you do the same.
DO NOT RESPOND to this letter, I DO NOT require your confirmation or
acknowledgement. Any attempt to render contact with me, *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet*, or any of
associates will be taken as a potential threat and a restraining order
be filed against you. I am erasing everything in the way of contact
information, scripts, and everything else regarding you on my computer
any tangibles and I expect you to do the same, and I will assume you
erase everything related to any and all *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* material on your computer,
on your partition of Barry's computer, as you are no longer authorized
posses it.
-*unnamed man*
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What a profound jerk.

I'm so sorry, but at the same time, part of me is glad that he's cutting you loose, as it were. Get far away from this toxic person, honey. He doesn't deserve you.

Always here if you need to talk.
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The ego on this guy is mindboggling. I'm so glad that you will be through with him. I am really sorry that it will be a painful process but whenever you start to feel nostalgic, read his letter again and I hope you feel white-hot angry again.

BTW, his letter is so pooryly written. This is one of the things I do when I get very angry--I dissect the **** out of people's missives. This one is NOT well done and for someone who wants to be a screenwriter and claims to take on "re-write projects" he has a LOT of work to do with his own writing.

You say revolution, I say jah. --O.A.R.

Dell and the two cats, Isabella and Hermione plus 5 amazing dogs
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Tom Cat
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BTW, his letter is so pooryly written. This is one of the things I do when I get very angry--I dissect the **** out of people's missives. This one is NOT well done and for someone who wants to be a screenwriter and claims to take on "re-write projects" he has a LOT of work to do with his own writing.
Took the words right out of my mouth. He is a complete and total jerk - treating your relationship like a mere business transaction. He sounds like a junior high kid playing "blame you, blame me" games. He is a sad individual and you are so much better off without him. I am so sorry that it ended like this
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Tell him to urinate off, he's a waddie. You can do better than him

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It's all for the best. Really, Cassandra, all for the best. I'm sure it hurts, but at least he's being somewhat up front now, instead of ignoring the situation.


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I know it's for the best, I'm in shock though, and I'm angry, very angry.

here's my own personal response... you all are the first ones to see it as it needs refining, and expect the swear filter to come into effect a few times:
*unnamed man*-

I did not whine to your mother, I responded to her question of "how are you doing?" which is perfectly proper when talking to another human being. YOU seem to have forgotten the fact that it was your misinterpreting the questions I asked as accusations and then pretended nothing was wrong at the read through, I didn't think anything WAS wrong. I did no forcing into corners and NO backpedaling. I have given no excuses for my questions, only reasons why they were appropreate.
As to your relationship with *unnamed evil girl*, I DO know that you two are like siblings, I NEVER intoned that you two would have an affair because your relationship NEVER THREATINED ME, even though you lied to me on numerous occassions about not having gas to see me but going up to her place instead.
what films *Unnamed man*? you haven't finished a *** **** thing. 6 years of unpaid work, because I trusted you and your vision, I trusted that *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* would make money.
As to your company, you barely critiqued my script, if you thought it was bad then you should have TOLD me so, not sit and ignore it waiting for it to go away.
*unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* is the sum of the people who worked within it's constructs, which if you recall was you, Henri, Barry, *unnamed evil girl* and ME, *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* was supposed to make ALL OF US some money and help ALL OF OUR careers, not just yours.
My behavior while not being in a relationship with you does not concern you, I was distraught and was venting to *unnamed evil girl* and her mother, NOTHING I said was false or stories. EVERYTHING I said to them was what you said to me and what you've done. If you recall *unnamed evil girl* is has been my friend too for the past six years, boo ***** hoo that our support bases are the same people and that after everything came out they agreed with me.
What upset you? the fact that I told her that you accuse me of binge eating? that you say I don't 'walk the talk' about getting fit? how about you? mr I'm gonna diet but eat twice as much fast food as an obese man, mr I'm gonna exersize but not with you because I want to be with you in a relationshipy way but I'm going to lie to you about it.
I didn't lie to you about what we talked about at wondercon because you never asked and you're not god so I don't have to explain my actions and words to you. I don't have to report anything to you. if I do recall all I told you is what was relivant at the time, being that she agreed with my questions as being valid
You think you're the victem *Unnamed man*? lets break it down nice and simple for your monkey brain to work out
Dec 20 2003- *Unnamed man* asks a 19 year old Cass out on a date
Dec 31 2003 - *Unnamed man* makes things 'serious'
March 2004 - *Unnamed man* tells cass he loves her
May 2004 - *Unnamed man* starts talking to cass about marriage and kids
June 2004 through Nov 2005 - *Unnamed man* calls cass on a saturday, telling her that he doesn't have money for gas to go on a date with her. Cass accepts this and calls *unnamed evil girl* to see if they can hang out only to have *unnamed evil girl* tell her that *Unnamed man* is on his way up to see her having told her he had nothing else to do that day. STILL Cass isn't threatened by the *Unnamed man*/*unnamed evil girl* relationship.
Nov 2005 - *Unnamed man* moves Cass down to San Jose in order to further their relationship
Dec 2005, Jan 2006 - *Unnamed man* responds to emails cass sends regarding 1) Judy 2) that cass felt ignored and neglected as a girlfriend. The response was a loving and caring response
Jan 2006 - Cass writes and asks the following questions in an attempt to ease her anxiety about the professional aspect of their lives:
1. Character wise, why does Cass have to pester Cali into a script?
1a. Why does *unnamed evil girl*'s character get tailored to her when Cass has to accept every change to hers?
1b. Why is *unnamed evil girl* allowed to give the same performance for each part?
2. Why does *unnamed evil girl* automatically get a better and/or starring role, even though Cass can act better with less coaching (this has been proven) and with less takes, more fluid dropping into character, seriousness for the part AAAND can hit her marks without having to stop and check ON CAMERA
2a. Why does it seem that *unnamed evil girl* doesn't have to work for her parts?
2b. Why is there no competition between *unnamed evil girl* and Cass? Why is it always *unnamed evil girl* in the lead with Cass as 'chubby best friend'? Even though Cass would be willing to alter her image (hair etc) and would work really ***** hard to get to the "ideal" weight for a 'leading lady'
3. Why has *Unnamed man* ignored Cass's finished script and latched on to *unnamed evil girl*'s handfull of papers?
3a. Why can't cass ever get more than 'it needs bridges' from *Unnamed man* regarding her script?
3b. Why, if she's expressed a willingness to let *Unnamed man* alter her script and is willing to wait for her script, can't Cass's script even make it onto the future projects list when there are titles on there by other writers that aren't more than skeletal outlines?
4. Why can't *Unnamed man* do headshots for Cass but can take the time to build a website for *unnamed evil girl*?
5. Why can't Cass get good promo shots for her character?
5a. Why can't Cass get bad shots for her character when *unnamed evil girl* gets every picture ever taken of her?
6. Why can't Cass get her audition reel finished?
7. What does Cass have to do to make Atlantis Legacy *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* worthy?

Feb 2006 - *Unnamed man* hears "I think you're ****** *unnamed evil girl*" from said list of questions. Doesn't try to talk it out or make any attempt at working things through. *Unnamed man* makes cass walk to a neutral location and dumps her, citing that he doesn't FEEL that she trusts him, that he can't babysit her, that she keeps trying to take the quick and easy way to weight loss when he keeps on about liposuction. *Unnamed man* states that he still wants her to be part of *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet*. *Unnamed man* demands that there be no contact for a week to let things "cool down"
Feb 2006 - *Unnamed man* tells *unnamed evil girl* that Cass accused him of wanting to have an affair with her, and tells Henri that Cass is trying to control the company.
Feb 2006 - *unnamed evil girl* tells Cass everything *Unnamed man* has told her, asking what it was all about, upon discovery that this overreaction is to professional questions.
Feb 2006 - Cass confronts *Unnamed man* at his house, trying to fight for what she wants, pointing out many things that would make any other woman dump him in a heartbeat including the fact that the only pictures he has in his room are of *unnamed evil girl*. And that MANY other people have mentioned that they think he has an obsession with her.
Feb 2006 - Cass and *Unnamed man* meet to work things out and talk about the future. *Unnamed man* yells at cass about how he is the head of *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* therefore no one should question him. *Unnamed man* also says that he's taking back the dumping, that they were still a couple, just taking a break from dating for two months, but could still be friends and coworkers.
Feb 2006 - Cass, who still loves *Unnamed man* even though he has acted like an ***** to her, still tells him that she loves him.
Feb 2006 - Cass recieves a snotty, cruel, and unwarrented email from *Unnamed man* threatening the entire relationship on all levels.
Feb 2006 - Cass talks with *unnamed evil girl*, who mentiones that the email is bullshit and that she thinks he's being stupid, who also says that every time she tries to mention Cass, *Unnamed man* suddenly has something important to do and refuses to talk.
March 2006 - Cass tries to call *Unnamed man*, ends up crying on the phone because his mother asked "are you ok" "not really" "You're not ok, why?" "did he tell you what he did to me? the whole thing?" "He has his ways"
March 2006 - *Unnamed man* emails cass the last time and accuses her of things she didn't say or do, he picked every word to hurt and humiliate her, proving that he has lied to her on multiple occassions and never really loved her. And that while they were 'still together' he started seeing other people.

So when have I EVER disrupted *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet*'s efforts?! if anything your incestuious emotional relationship with your mother is the only thing disrupting *unnamed company used as an emotional outlet* and will continue to control your entire life until the day you mercifully leave this planet.

you know what's ****** up? I still love you, and I will for some time, only the emotionally stunted can stop loving someone over the course of a month.
I never told stories to make myself look good in the scheme of things, I told the TRUTH, something which you seem to have very little understanding of.
I will respond to any ****** thing I want to because you CAN NOT just put out your argument and run an hide. You have put me through **** and WILL be held accountable for it.
You cannot prevent me from talking to my friends, I don't know what you said to *unnamed evil girl* but you're a ******* for doing it. A restraining order is again, an over reaction but then again you tend to do **** like that
If you want Scooter, I expect to be paid for her spay being that I paid for that AFTER you started ****** around
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and this is what I just got from *Unnamed evil girl*

I can no longer be friends with you. I have tried to be there for you and make you feel better but all that you do is try to insult and hurt my feelings. It is impossible to be friends with someone who is jealous of you. And I know that you believe that the reason that you and *Unnamed man* broke up was because of me but that is not true at all you made it about me cause you have an obsession with me, but you have brought this upon yourself. So with that said please do not contact me at all I don't want to make a big deal about this. I have moved on and you should do the same. And let this be a lesson to you that when people try to be there for you, you shouldn't walk all over them and in reality despise them. Have a nice life.
*Unnamed evil girl*
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Ugh. What a complete jerk. I'm sorry it's ended in such a nasty way...and this girl was supposed to be your friend? Patronising bitch. It sounds like you deserve far, far better than either of these two, and that you are well rid. ((hugs))
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talk about safety in numbers eh? Maybe there was "something" after all if she chose his friendship over yours... You are better off well rid of the prat.
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