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Cool Cat
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What sort of people live in your area?

Where I live. I have very strange people living near me. List yours and a bit about them.

Guy that likes booze:

he has become a alcholic, there is a pub just down the road. He goes twic a day for ages. Hes very unsociable, I've lived next to him for 4 years now and I've never been into his house, or been invited over. I don't dislike him but hes just a bit odd O_O He was drunk once he came to my door reeking of booze, and was complanning about my weed patch in my garden.. He said it made the area look tatty. Man that was wierd O_O

Iventor guy:

Hes over 60, and never been married, a really nice guy. Hes a engineer, he likes to lets say this on a friendly bassis 'invent' things, well he trys. I'm good friends with him, hes a nice guy. He must be good at ebay he sold part of a old sink for £35.00 Walking into his house is like going back to the 80s lol. Hes a great guy though.

O and D:

The final installment of my 'niegbours', Oand D are 2 retired people. Were friends with them aswell. Theres just something I always rember about them. They never turn there hearing ades on at home so when there next to each other they have to shout baiscally. I rember this one from a younger age:

D: "SORRY??"

I found that very funny. Maybe thats just me

Anyways enough about people in my area, anything you could share about the people in yours?
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Cool Cat
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Heywha - you should keep on making observations about your neighbours and then you could write a play about them!
We live in a block of flats - these are our neighbours:

'The midnight cowboy'
In his 40's - lives accross the landing from us. Comes and goes at strange times of day and night, hence the nickname. Likes a few drinks.

'Beardie cyclist'
BC and his wife live below us. Have lived here for years. Describe themselves as 'very shy'. Would not come to my 40th birthday party as they said they were too shy. But they are the prefect neighbours as they never complain and don't make a lot of noise. Say they never used to like cats until they met Jimmy. Now they love him

'Young marrieds'
Poor things cooped up in a tiny flat with 2 kids under 5. Have been trying to sell the flat for ages but sale keeps falling through. Their little toddler loves Jimmy - points to him and shouts 'Cat! cat!'. Jimmy remains aloof however.

'Smoking man'
His partner has just had a baby so she has banished him to the hall when he wants to smoke. Stinks up the whole hall. Nice guy though.

'Brummie Gran'
Our favourite neighbour In her eighties but still going strong. She is Jimmy's 'aunty' and looks after him when we are both out. She spoils him and gives him too many biscuits. He rewards her by scatching her sofa!

So that's my block. We are very lucky really, they are a pretty tolerant bunch.

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Our area is full of lay about dole council house scroungers.
This area is the cheapest of where I live, as soon as a house goes up for sale the council buys it and puts waste of space people into it.

Most of the people in my area are parents who can't get off their butts, and their teenage kids who vandalise the whole area.
Since the council has started buying houses here 3 houses have been broken into, absolute ton of grafitti EVERYWHERE.
My car has been smashed up.
Other neighbours have had smashed windows, cars, garden lights etc.
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Oh wow...I only have two close neighbors where I live but here they are:

The Karaoke singing, guitar-playing, party-having, college boy. At 5 a.m. sometimes, too.

The "little old lady". She is sooo sweet and quiet. I love her as a neighbor. lol
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I live in what I like to call the "student ghetto" although it's a few cases of vandalism away from a real ghetto

I know none of my neighbors by name. Infact, I doubt I could pick any of them out of a lineup. We're not that kind of neighbourhood. EXCEPT Mr. Chihuahua. This man, sits out infront of his rundown townhouse in a lawnchair all summer, topless, and wearing shorts that practically dissapear when he's sitting, with his beyond-annoying chihuahua tied to him. Chihuahua lunges and barks at every.single.thing. that passes them. I get a clear view of these two from my livingroom windown. yay.

There's the lady of the night (she's better described by stronger language but this is a family forum after all), that works the corner where the store is. I think she's in jail right now as I havn't seen her in a few weeks.

There are the boys who think they're tough, who hang out outside the corner store with their dogs (all "tough looking" dogs of course), trying to get people to buy them cigarettes or just otherwise causing a rukus.

And a variety of other lowlifes that I can't even begin to describe.


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Oh wow, I didn't realize just how good I have it here.

I have two neighbors whose houses I can actually see, on one side a young couple with 2 VERY polite children; on the other side, a registered Nurse and her mother. Behind me, a very large county park, and beyond that, the Mammoth Cave National Park. The next closest neighbor is Pos, who owns the farm across the road. At night, in the fall and winter when there are no leaves, we can see the lights of his house.

Imagine sitting on the deck at night and hearing nothing but bullfrogs and crickets. It's wonderful.
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So Mike when can I come visit?
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Let me see...there's the woman next door who beats her Yorkie and ties him up outside with no shelter and usually food and water bowls he knocks over and spills in about a minute. Next to her is the single nasty [email protected]*&! that tells her ever changing boyfriend-of-the-week to park in my reserved parking space. She had 3 kids living with her but I haven't seen hide nor hair of them for months, I guess they got taken away from her. Her mother has come by my apartment a couple of times to borrow my phone when her daughter wasn't there when she was supposed to be waiting for her. She told me she's been in and out of jail, on and off of house arrest so I imagine the kids are living elsewhere. Good for them. Her mom is nice but I can't stand that nasty ho. I haven't met anyone else in this complex, and I can't say I want to. They are a generally inconsiderate lot with their loud music at all hours of the night and the packs of kids roaming around 24/7 too. One Mexican guy even tried to pick a fight with my husband because he emptied a washing machine in the laundry room so he could use it after the guy's clothes were done and the guy thought he was trying to steal his clothes. Now we don't go over there unless we go together. I hate this place!
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Re: People

Originally Posted by seashell
Heywha - you should keep on making observations about your neighbours and then you could write a play about them!
I know. Its atually very amusing to watch Colin go down the pub every spare hour, the deaf people who don't turn on there hearing ades, and Bevis inventing. LOL, I guess I fit in really. lol.

ROFL!!!!!!!!! this just happened now! I have builders in building my new garage, the guy that likes booze was talking to them (there up on the roof), he said to the buliders he was moving his new car, he was worried they might drop a tile on it. As soon as he said that there Tape Measure slipped off the roof and hit his car I had to go back in I was laughing to much
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lol, Erik and I give nicknames to people we live around all the time...I'll start covering people and he can jump in and get who I've missed...these are from this apartment and our last one...

The Gay Guys -- These guys moved into our building nextdoor a few months ago and they're probably NOT gay...but I've never seen any girls around or in their apartment so Erik refers to them as gay. They keep to themselves and I've talked to the one a few times, but that's it...but they have wireless internet, too, and when they turn it on it always knocks me off mine and I get angry.

Milton -- He lived below us in our old apartment. He was a 60-70 year old man who was crazy...he talked to himself and constantly read from books loudly. One of Erik's friends and my brother loved coming over our place and laying on the vents in our lviing room and bedroom to hear him, lol.

Party Girls -- Stupid idiot girls that lived nextdoor to us and had LOUD parties until 3-4 am. Ugh! We lived in that apartment during my hardest quarter in school -- I had just switched to digital design and had to take a year's worth of foundation studios in ONE QUARTER -- so needless to say they urinated me off all the time.

Party Guys -- They used to live down the hall from us in this building and were LOUD until all hours of the night. There were 5 of them living in there at one point I think...they used to always leave their door cracked open so their friends could just come in...and the girls who are of the kind I don't like (over there for only one thing). One time they got a huge HD TV and left the box in the hallway for 3 days...and they used to ALWAYS leave laundry in the machines for days until it was stinking. The caretaker of our building used to take them and put them in a garbage back and put them in front of their door, and we've done the same (putting them in a basket they left in there). And the amazingness of them always parking in our spot, and letting their guests park in our spot...grrr... They have since moved out...one of them had their MOM move him out (he was nowhere to be found) and another one moved out and they were all screaming at each other in front of our building when moving their stuff. I'm glad they're gone!

The Bicycle Bum -- He was a homeless man in the neighborhood we used to live (around the school's campus, very ughh) -- he wore a big coat and road a bicycle, so that's how he got his name. He was always seen eating at Wendy's and Arby's (with his bike outside the window where he could see it), sleeping in a sleeping bag in front of one of the buildings, and hanging out with the gross hippy guys and skaters that hung around in the neighborhood. He's one of the only homeless people I've ever given money to, just because seeing him used to make my day.

Thursday Night Fight House -- Across the street from our old apartment was a house that the cops would be at almost EVERY week -- and always on Thursday nights. And by cops, I mean 5+ cars up and down the street, plenty of stuff going on. One week when Erik was out of town and my brother was staying at my apartment, the cops showed up at like 2 am and there was a lot of yelling and some guy got maced and was crying..ooh it was funny...we had a great time watching that. lol, and a fun little tid-bit...we broke our last ironing board because we were leaning on it too hard while watching out the window.
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