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Tom Cat
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Wedding Rant

Okay - so up to this week, I have been totally cool about the wedding planning. I hadn't really worried about it because everything was going so smoothly. But, this week was a completely different story. I'll start from the beginning so that you can see where I am coming from

We decided to order everything through a local bridal shop because she would give us a discount. She had a "wedding planner" who helped organize the orders and ultimately place the orders. So, we ordered my dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl dress, and the invitations all on the same day. We also picked out the cake and was told that the wedding planner would order that. This was in February. Fast forward to the first part of April...

My dress and the bridesmaid dresses were all in by April 7th. The flower girl dress hadn't gotten there, and neither had the invitations (I strongly suspect that she had ordered neither the dress nor the invitations at this point, but she swore they had).

By Easter, the invitations were in. The owner of the shop had written everything that I wanted on them down, and even called to check again with me before she supposedly placed the order. However, when we received them there was a typo... grrr. So, we had to reorder them at HER expense! She also informed us that her wedding planner had quit. Now, this lady had ALL of my cake info written down and luckily had left the paper at the store. However, she supposedly had already ordered the cake (we called her at this time to make sure that she had, and she assured us it was taken care of).

So, on Monday my mom called the cake lady to ask her if she needed a down payment, and she had no idea what my mom was talking about. THE PLANNER HAD NEVER CALLED HER, plus she was going to be on vacation in Florida on my wedding day!!!! So, here it is, a month before the wedding, and no cake. Of course, everyone we called was booked. I was completely panicking!! I finally called a wonderful cakery in a neighboring town, and although she couldn't do it, she recommended another baker. So, I called the recommended baker, and after I told her my story, she said that she could fit me in. She arranged a taste testing with my mom (I couldn't be there as I live 250 miles away), and my mom said it is the most amazing cake she has ever had! I was SOO relieved!!!

Oh yeah, and the flower girl dress STILL hasn't arrived...

After that fiasco was over, I received my honeymoon itenerary. I looked at it and realized the booked dates were for June 10-17. I get married at 7pm on June 10, and the flight to Cancun leaves at 6:30 am on the 10th. The travel agent had gotten the dates wrong . So, at this point I wanted to curl up in a ball and bawl my eyes out.

So, I called them and my travel agent was out sick. All her officemates could tell me was that the computer had the same dates. I sat in agony until the next day and finally she called. Apparently, she had mistyped the itinerary and after she double checked with Apple, the dates were actually June 12-19 (which is correct). Needless to say, if this continues - I will be a basketcase before the wedding gets here!!

Good grief! So to the soon-to-be brides on this board- this is what you will get to deal with soon

Oh and here's a picture of my cake, only my roses will be red:

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LOL, I totally sympathize.....our planning all went really well, until the day before, when we were suppossed to have our rehearsal...our entire wedding party showed up on the boat, including our photographer and DJ and they looked at us like we were crazy, ad said "Oops", we accidentally double-booked the room you were going to have the rehearsal in, sorry. We had to do the rehearsal out on the DECK in the freezing cold February wind. We had no music or anything. I was LIVID. To top it all off, they were being very rude, and not apologetic at all.

Then the big day comes....

i got there WAY early, figuring they would be apologizing to usfor screwing up the rehearsal so bad, but I was also tinking, they would be making sure the wedding was perfect since the previous night had been such a disaster. Nope! They were still rude, and we went down to the room were the ceremony was going to be held (it was suppossed to be all set up, this was only a few hours before the ceremony) and chairs, and food all over the floor, and a bunch of tables all around. I was FLIPPING out. OMG I was so mad. AND THEN....they wouldn't start cleaning it up, and my MOM and a few family members anf friends cleaned it up THEMSELVES! The worst thing was just that the lady (the coordinator) was such a WITCH the whole time.

Oh yeah, and they wanted me and all 5 bridesmaids and the flower girl to get ready in this tiny room the size of a closet with on of those small oval mirrors...that we were all suppossed to share.

I ended up throwing a HUGE fit, making a big scene and getting alot of our cost knocked considerably down and also made them give me and my girls one of the luxury hotel suites on board to get ready in.
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oh wow, you two,....

if this isn't an incentive NOT to get married, I don't know what is ...

Hugs to both of ya, and good luck with the wedding, Parker
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That makes me really glad to have had a small wedding

WOW. That's like paying to be aggrevated or something. You pay them a premium price. They are supposed to be better than that.
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My only rant when it comes to weddings was that we didnt have time for a rehersal and people showed up only vaguly on time so when Conan and I tried to get ready the videocameras were on us and i couldnt get them to leave so i ended up looking like a real crab.

Then when the ceremony began..i had sent the pastor a strict guidline for how i wanted it to go and what was being wanted a very classic christian wedding...well he blathered on and on for 20 minutes...said a 10 minute prayer...we didnt even get to say our vows and then it was "you may kiss the bride"

then when all the catered food arrived Conan and i stepped away for two moments to change into something more comfortable...less than 5 minutes...and when we came back out all the food was gone...his whole family had eaten it and we were left with the scraps that my mom could rescue from them for us. i was SO mad...and no one even seemed to care. my mom said she had tried to stop them telling them that it was polite to wait for us...but they could have cared less....

I was livid
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Cool Cat
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I don't have any major rants...there were a few things that didn't go the way I would like them to, but overall, there was nothing that turned me into Bridezilla.
Funny thing though. Our wedding was June 5 and we were leaving for our honeymoon on June 6. We typed June 6 into travel sites (mostly airplane tickets) sooo many times that it got hard to remember that the wedding date was actually June 5....that stupid June 6 got engrained in our heads.

Loving her cat Stormy and missing her angel cat Justin 1-13-09
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Cat Addict
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My wedding planning was a dream... with the exception of the large bat colony my mom discovered in her eaves the morning of the wedding, less than a hundred yards from where the tents were being set up.

The bats still move in from time to time, but Mom said they help keep the insects at bay. They no longer have a wasp problem, which they did a few years ago. Trade one for another, I guess.
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Bats are extremely good luck in China and Taiwan and bat motifs are often used in traditional weddings.

It is a blessing, rather than a curse
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First of all, your cake is very pretty.

Second of all, your situation is why I am taking care of EVERYTHING on my own. Anything I leave to anyone else doesn't get done, or doesn't get done right.

Good luck on the rest of your planning!! I hope it goes smoothly.
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My wedding wasn't very stressful as far as the planning went... it was just my husband's stupid family being there (and getting griped at for the ones that weren't there) that irritated me.

Good lord I can't wait to move far... far away from them...

We are hoping to move to Atlanta... 300+ delicious miles away from them... mwa ha ha!
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