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Tom Cat
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Sebastian is permanently banned from my bathroom because things kept mysteriously disappearing from the counter never to be seen or heard from again. I have a sneaking suspicion that some of them might have gone down the drain. I've had to buy two or three new contact cases because the lids keep disappearing. I could probably solve this problem by replacing the lids when I'm finished putting my contacts in, but the extra 3 seconds of effort killls me! I started closing the door all the time when I discovered that a pair of earrings I'd taken off and left there before I'd gone to bed were gone. I only ever found one and my best friend gave them to me

My bed is really heavy so I never move it, but once Sebastian pulled my hairbrush underneath it and I couldn't reach it without moving it. I was absolutely amazed at the collection of "lost" junk under there! He's a regular little packrat!

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