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Jr. Cat
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Can't find anyone to adopt one of our kittens

My mother in law drove to WA from Iowa to bring us what was supposed to be 2 kittens but she brought all 5 from her farm for us to choose 2 from. Well, as I knew would happen, my husband tells her to leave all 5 and we will find homes for the other 3 because he knows a couple of people interested in them. Well the 2 people who he thought were interested were just saying "awww show us pictures" on Facebook but didn't want them. I posted something on my work intranet and got interest from 3 people. 2 of them only wanted the one my husband eventually decided he didn't want to give up (so now we are keeping 3) and another came up over the weekend to look at the other 2 but my husband decided that he couldn't give up one of the other ones either (so now we are keeping 4) and wasn't interested in the other available one. Nobody wants this kitty It is such a mellow cat and it likes to sleep but has been playing with its litter mates as well, just isn't overly active. My husband doesn't want to give it to people he doesn't know, nor does he want it to go to a no kill shelter because he thinks it will be overwhelmed there and overlooked. He has someone in mind who specifically asked us for one of the kittens but he is hesitant to give it to her because she isn't the most responsible person.

We already have 2 adult cats and ONLY wanted 2 kittens and now have 5 and are now keeping 4, which is way more than I even want. It's overwhelming for me and if we can at least find someone to take one kitten it would help.

Are there any other options out there?
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It would be better to give the kitten to a no-kill shelter than to an irresponsible person IMO - that is if the shelter is truly no-kill and not just the 'we don't kill them here but ship them to places that do when we get overloaded' type of shelter. The kitten will surely be overwhelmed at first but once it settles down will make someone a great pet it sounds like.

That being said, you've already got such a full house what could one more matter? The mellow one will probably be the least of your worries.
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Tom Cat
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Are there any no-kill rescues in your area that can help? I know some rescues will cross-post for owners or other rescues to increase exposure for adoption via websites and such.
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Jr. Cat
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Originally Posted by Heather72754 View Post
It would be better to give the kitten to a no-kill shelter than to an irresponsible person IMO.
I know, at this point what is one more right? Frankly I'm embarrassed to admit how many we have. We were only supposed to have a total of 4 including our adult cats and THAT's even one too many in my opinion. It took me forever to agree to ONE kitten because I was perfectly happy with 2 adult cats. Then I agreed to 2 kittens so they'd have a playmate. Then my husband couldn't let go of another and I very begrudgingly agreed to 3 and now have even more begrudingly agreed to 4. I knew this would come to this when she said she would bring 5 out. Our house is only a little over 1000 sq ft PLUS city ordinance states you can have no more than 4 pets. We are already overdoing it by 2.

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Lol, hope your husband is helping out with these kittens in a big way since he is pretty much responsible for: 1. them being there in the first place and 2. them not getting adopted in the second place.

How are your adult cats doing with this kitten invasion? BTW one of our long-term members on this site has you beat by a mile: 10cats2dogs tell you anything? And I think she's added a couple since lol.
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Jr. Cat
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Our one adult cat has taken to them and even let one share his window seat the other day. However, our elderly cranky female who is about 15 still hisses and swats at them.

Part of me says what is the big deal having 7 if we love and take care of them. I have always been OCD clean so I know our house will be as clean as possible, but it gets tiring vacuuming once a day, and scooping poop and constantly feeding them and making sure they don't tear the house apart. Then I think about taking all 5 to get spayed and the possible vet bills and just the general keeping track of everyone because they will be indoor/outdoor. However I would not want to admit to family or friends that we have 7 cats nor would I ever want to have anyone over. I have already told people at work and they can't believe it or can even imagine having that many.

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Premier Cat
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Hi Mapper!
I was going to wait, till I got to work, to respond to your post!
Believe me, seven cats really won't be bad at all!!
The kittens will have each other to play with, which will take a lot of stress off of your cranky girl!
Lots of litter boxes! Use clumping clay litter, once the kittens are older, when they're little, they will often try and eat some of the litter, so clumping is a no-no at this point!
Scoop twice a day-minimum!
I DON'T have a smell problem at all, and I don't use scented litter either!
I do have to get ready for I'll check in again later!

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I must say I'm a bit anxious about you having 5 kittens at once...that's a LOT of work, a LOT of vet bills, and a LOT of food!

My suggestion would be to take your husband to check out the local no kill rescue. If it looks like a good place consider surrendering some of the kittens, maybe 2 so they can get adopted as a pair? I understand how hard it is to trust other people with kittens, but they're at their most adoptable NOW and if you're going to end up overwhelmed when they all turn into monsters at 6 months (I almost lost my mind with 2 teenage kittens! I can't imagine 5 at once!)....better sooner than later as far as surrendering goes.

There are people here with many cats, but they didn't add 5 all at once! And certainly not kittens. That is a huge upset for your two older cats to deal with, and at the very least you need to have a plan to help them adjust to living in a kitty kindergarten - rather than the seniors facility they might like in their old age!
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Cat Addict
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Mapper, I had a big smile as I was reading your post. I could see that all coming and isn't it just like a husband to feel that way and maybe not realize what it all means. If you are going to really keep 4, well what is one more quiet one? I think you brought up some valid concerns all the way around. I also feel concern for your 15 year old with all those kittens running around. I really feel older pets deserve a lot of respect which you can manage with some timed containment. Only you can decide if you want this commitment. I just think about all the people who write into the forum going a little nuts with the energy of kittens running all over their house.
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Tom Cat
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I understand how you feel. In my family you are not supposed to have multiple animals. Just last week my mom told me that two cats is fine but 3 is crazy. She found out from a relative that we were considering taking in one of their strays from the colony. I'm turning 40 soon so it should say a lot that my family is still concerned about my two cats!
I won't even tell them about the lizard...

Your husband shouldn't worry about taking the quiet one to a no kill shelter. We adopt out quiet kittens all the time at the shelter I'm at. They can be perfect for mature people or couples with a young kid. Some people are looking specifically for calmer cats. I would tell the shelter the kitten is quiet and calm but friendly and gets along with other cats. That's just good info for them to help place the kitten. Shelters do take pains to make sure cats are not overwhelmed. If a cat is overwhelmed and does not seem to be acclimating they might send it to a foster home until it is adopted. You can check with the foster home and ask them to explain how acclimate their cats and if they have foster homes available if the kitten does not take to the shelter lifestyle well.

Have the kittens seen a vet for wellness checks? If not take them in and explain your story. They might know of a good place/ home for the kitten to go and it's not unheard of for a vet to opt to keep a kitten for themselves.
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