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I am not troll and agree she is a sweet cat but it does take work and money to take care of a cat. Like I said give her to who none of my friends can or want a cat and my parents wont take her. I dont want to put her in a cage. All I am saying is I dont think I want to do it anymore. I dont think I am a bad person it is a cat and not a human baby I didnt know when I got her that cats live for 15 years I thought it was 7 times each year so it wouldnt be this long of a commitment. I am taking good care of her so dont think she is being abused. Maybe now that the furniture and apartment is safe it will go better. She is a good cat and I do feel guilty thinking this. Its not like I cant go out cause I have a cat at home and its not that demanding but I would like it just me alone with no hair vomit balls, shedding and knocking glasses over and paying more money for the cat.
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