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Re: Feline Diabetes

Sorry it took me so long to get back to respond. My internet was down.
Thank you for responding. I am goign to read those links now. Also you don't have to worry about me putting my baby down. I would do anything for her and know that if he does have diabetes it is something that can be controled. When I adopted him I did so knowing he could have health issues and I agreed to take care of him and will. I have another cat that is partially blind and allergic to everything including cat hair. He gets allergy shots and it is expensive but as long as he has a good quality of life he will be with me. That is sad your friend thinks a cat with diabetes should be put down.

I tried the beads and my cat looked in the liter box like WTF is this. I tried it for a week. I even took different bowls of water and we played in them so he would drink a lot and I sat and waited and nothing happened. I am going the day after tomorrow and they will get the urine at the vets office.

I also think the increased glucose level could be due to stress. He is a very shy nervous cat. He is not over wieght and is about 7 years old.

I have been trying to increase his wet food but he prefers dry food. Thanks for the suggestion of what kind of dry food to buy. I am going to look and see where I can get that kind. I know I haven't seen it in stores.

Thanks for your responses.
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