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Re: Kitty has a cold

He's starting to show a few signs of improvement - sitting up more, drinking more water, a little bit of gentle playing. And he did meow for his treat ball this morning, so maybe his appetite is coming back somewhat. He's still not quite himself, but hopefully on the up-swing!

He is really not a fan of that lysine stuff, though! I think the brand the vet gave us is Enisyl; it claims to be "highly palatable", since it's tuna flavored, and Desi is eating it happily with her wet food (she'll eat anything!), but he's turning up his nose at it and trying to eat around it. I'm not sure if it's a texture thing, or if things are tasting funny since he's congested, or what, but he does not care for it. And we're supposed to keep giving it to both of them until the bottle is gone, probably about three weeks. Any suggestions for how to get him to take it without a struggle?
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