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Tom Cat
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Emergency stray question

So, I'm minding my own business when I see a little orange tabby sitting onmy patio ledge.

As soon as I opened the door, he ran, but once I went out front with some food he came right to me.

He's VERY affectionate, there's no way he doesn't have a home. He's kneading on everything and purring up a storm.

I let him inside, with Apollo locked in my bedroom.

I can't tell is he's too young, or if he's already been neutered, but he does look to me at least 6months. He's yeowling and wants to go back outside.. I wonder if his owners let him out so he could go find a lady cat, or what.

He's a little dirty and it looks like he's been out for awhile.. All he wants is to go back outside. Badly. He's very sweet though.

Should I just let him back out and risk him getting hit by a car on the busy street outside my apartment, or just sit with him until he calms down and figure out where to go from there?
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Tom Cat
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I've gotta add one last thing, Apollo is such a good boy. He hasn't made a peep. They even sniffed each other from under my door and neither of them flipped out.
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Senior Cat
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Oh my....I wouldn't let him go outside again. You caught him already, and maybe some desperate family is trying to find him.

Or well, maybe there's noone looking for him, but he could die outside on that busy street....I agree he is not a stray at all, being so affectionate with the purrs and all.
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I'd keep him in and see if he calms down, especially if there's a risk of him getting hit. Give him toys to distract him and see if he settles down.
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Tom Cat
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He's calmed down a bit after sitting on the floor with him giving him LOTS of pets. He's currently laying next to my laptop on my coffee table. Apollo on the other hand is starting to get impatient, poor boy. Pictures incoming, I want to see if anyone else can get a better grip on his age, if possible.
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Ist thing I always do is scan for a chip. maybe just maybe this kitty already has one - easiest is to call the closest vet - most will scan for a chip and find any info for no charge. Of course most of the time found kitties don't have one but sometimes you get lucky.....

Definitely keep him inside. He is better off in a cage or closet or bathroom in your apartment while you check around for an owner than back outside for sure!

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Add - many times if I bring in a found cat for a scan a vet will come take a quick peek and approximate age for me as well - I'll admit I don't hesitate to prey on the inate sympathies of people who work in a vets office for foundlings, they need help wherever they can get it - plus a nearby vet is the perfect place for lost/found info & more locale specific ideas!
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Cool Cat
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He may be an abandoned animal (thrown out).

I feed a gray I call Guy. He had a collar on until about two years ago. As I'd been friendly to him for several years he turned to me for food by trying to claw a hole in a screen door. He's vey affectionate, but he won't come in. I managed to get him in to eat one time in the basement. I left him to his bowl of kibble, but when I went down, he hadn't eaten any and was hiding. When he came out, I let him out and he ate his food.

He's able to survive raccoons and the local coyote and the winter. Snow etc. but usually not too cold.

I suggest keeping your stray for a few more days to see if he settles down.

You say he's a little dirty. Is he cleaning himself now he's inside?

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Tom Cat
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Apollo is being an instigator now, he broke out of my room. Now the stray is in my bedroom with food and a litterbox. Apollo won't stay away from the door and he's aggravating the poor stray. I put an ad on Craigslist and the local animal shelter, in hopes that SOMEONE will find him.

It seems to be raining strays today. The tortie/calico girl that I saw a few weeks ago has returned. SHe has a collar so I'm hoping she lives closeby and she's just on an adventure.

To answer a question from another response - no he hasn't cleaned himself since he's been inside. He's still howling. I'm starting to think he probably isn't neutered, but thankfully he hasn't sprayed or anything. I'm going to see what happens by the end of the day. Not sure what to do if I don't hear anything and he hasn't calmed down any.
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Actually from my own experience, I'd say decide what you want to do with him first. You need a 'goal' before you can figure out how to proceed. Do you want to and are you capable of keeping him inside for an unspecified amount of time? If you can then try proper cat introductions as he'll be living with Apollo either for the rest of his life or until you find someone who can keep him. If you can't then find your nearest no-kill shelter and see if they have room.

Nevertheless, please keep him inside for his safety no matter how much he yowls.

When I found Cap'n Jack, he was a skittish thing and not as desperate to get out as yours. I kept him in a small bathroom for about a month before I neutered him. At first, he was so frightened he was literally climbing the walls to get away. He only bolted for the door once but mostly he would be hiding under the toilet tank or in his bed. And yeah, he would be yowling like I was torturing him or something. He was calm down enough to groom about 2 months after I got him. He was also noticably calmer after he got neutered.

You can't expect any major changes after a day or two. I had to keep Cap'n Jack in the bathroom for 1 month before he was calm enough to face a vet visit. And another 2 weeks after that before I let him out to freely mingle with my other cat and dog. This is considered fast as I was doing introductions with all of them thru a see-thru door. It was a wooden prison bar type door so they could all see, hear, smell, and touch each other. I believe that accelerated the process a lot.

Good luck and thanks for saving him!
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