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New here and caretaker for feral cats

I'm new and currently a caretaker for 6 feral cats. I have managed to trap 4 and taken to the Humane Society to be fixed as part of the TNR program. I had wished they would let me take more than 2 at a time to be fixed as it is hard to trap them. I have 2 more to go, a momma cat and the last kitten that needs to be fixed and I have been putting food in the Havart trap each night for the past 2 nights and haven't seen them, the food untouched. I really don't know what happen to them and worried as the last 2 are not fixed yet. And there is this big male cat that I've seen him once awhile and he's been fathering these litter since they have very similar markings.

Before, the mom and her kittens come to my backyard to eat everynight, but ever since I trapped 2 of her kittens to be fixed and released the next day, I haven't seen them. Makes me wonder if they 2 kittens that got fixed told the mom and the remaining kitten not to go to my house to eat. Is this normal for feral cats not to eat every night or know to avoid my place for fear of getting trapped?
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Hi deanna,

It's great that you're taking care of these kitties! I'm not an expert on ferals, but I'd guess that mama cat moved her kitten elsewhere when her other kittens didn't come back. We've had other members in similar situations, so I hope they'll see this and offer you some suggestions about how you might still trap the smart mama and her remaining kitten.

Have you seen the kittens that you released?
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yes, I've seen the 2 kittens I released, they come to eat food but I haven't seen the momma cat and the last of the kitten. When I brought in the first 2 kittens to be fixed, the momma cat waited all day and came back in the early morning of the next day when I released the kittens. They ate some food and from that day on, I didn't see the momma cat or the other unfixed kitten. And this momma kitten is like clockwork, she comes everynight and if I get home late from work, she'll still wait until she gets her dinner. I hope nothing happened to her or the other unfixed kitten. I also saw 2 new kittens 2 nights ago come and eat, but the following night and last night, I don't see them. If I could bring in the kittens to have them fixed at the Humane society without having to make apptmts and able to bring more than 2, I would have caught the momma and the unfixed kitten. Now that they're gone, it's likeing they will born more kittens since there is a big male cat that has an owner but is roaming around. I know this male cat has an owner because he's not skinny and doesn't hiss when he sees me, he just look at me and then move on. Only thing I can do is continue to trap when it's close to my apptmts and see if I can catch any, if not I'll just have to reschedule the apptmts. If I do catch that male cat, I'll even pay out of my pocket to have him fixed! thank you for replying.
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I adopted two feral cats from outside (they were living in our garage) a mother cat and her one kitten. At first we managed to get the kitten in the house by leaving the front door open and shutting it behind (I hid behind the door). She was particularly hard to domesticate (especially during the first three months, she was utterly wild) but eventually came around. We managed to get her mother in, in late December of 2012 and she came around behaviour wise quicker than we ever could imagined considering how aggressive she was when we first brought her in. She actually turned into a very sweet cat and was a wonderful mother.. Sadly she passed just 8 months later from brain cancer.

Feral cats can be domesticated. I don't know why most animal shelters see them as hopeless cases and totally unadoptable. It's hard to domesticate them but it is possible and very rewarding.

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It is very possible the mother cat became stressed and has moved her kitten some place else but also it is not uncommon for ferals to not show up every night or move territories because another, stronger cat moved in. Just have faith though and keep setting food out! I've trapped 9 ferals and out of those 9 only 4 have came back. One of them didn't show up for three weeks! But finally came back around. They know where the good is at and if the struggle is real out there and they get hungry enough they will come back.

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I managed to trap the last kitten of the black cat, but the mom(black cat) is just too smart. I haven't seen her around either. I saw 2 more new feral kittens, managed to trap one and haven't seen the other one for the past few days. Then my neighbor were complaining how the cats come to eat and poo in his yard! I told him, they poop in my yard too, but I have many cat litter boxes out for them to do their business and I'm not the only one feeding them. Besides I noticed that the ferals that I'm been feeding comes to my house on schedule and then they leave to go to their hideouts although I have 3 that sticks around to play at the scratching post station I set out so I don't believe these would poop in his yard. Some of the cats belong to other people since they don't hiss and aren't afraid of people, but those people are irresponsible to let their cats roam freely and impregnate the ferals. I trap all the cats that come to my house to be TNR and have them all microchipped. The Humane society said it's ok to feed them and I also provided them shelters out of 35-42 gallongs totes insulated with stryofoam and straws. The only thing that concerns me is the neighbor trying to poison them because even if they call animal control, since the cats are microchipped and I'm the caretaker of the colony, I would come to pick them up, they won't be put down. I told him about the TNR that would help control the cat population and even offered to set traps in his house, but he would refuse to hear me out. I don't know if I should call the humane society to see what I can do if I suspect or find that my ferals have been harmed. Would the cops do anything to this neighbor?
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Well, it's great that you got that last kitten, but it's distressing that there are more. You're doing an amazing job taking such good care of all these kitties! It's really unfortunate that you have an anti-cat neighbor, though I guess I can understand being upset that you've got kitty poop in your yard.

Unfortunately, I doubt there's anything animal control/cops would be able to do unless you had proof that he had harmed the cats - and even then, what the penalties are vary hugely - I don't know if it's by city, county, or state though.

So what does he want you to do, stop feeding the kitties? Does he understand that there are other people feeding them and that even if you stop feeding them, someone else probably will start, and that even if they aren't getting fed right there, they might still just like pooping in his yard? There was a poster a while back who had a similar problem, but I don't know if there was any resolution.

I think the best hope for peace would be to figure out some way to make his yard less attractive to the cats, since obviously no one's going to stop a cat from going where the cat wants to go... I don't think ferals are likely to use litterboxes, unless maybe you put dirt in them instead of litter, so that it's more natural to them?

Maybe someone else will have some ideas about how to lure them somewhere else. I mean, not that you want kitty poop everywhere either, but I guess that's preferable to risking something bad happening because this guy's so mad.
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Well done for the fantastic job you are doing with your colony. Ferals are very smart and as the kittens and other cats have gone and come back she is wary. You just have to persevere. I am sure members who also deal with this ma) have more for the neighbour, well IMO if you don't have a cat then to other cats it's an invitation to take extra territory and ownership of your garden. Even if you had neighbours with domesticated cats they will still use his garden as an extra toilet. I don't know if the police will do anything if he did hurt them. Uou could try to give him some ideas on how to keep the cats out including not just you freals but other cats too like motion sensor noise *nd water sprays but he might still tell you to get lost sadly
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well, I saw the black female cat last night and I put out just a little food while I go inside to get my trap, by the time she saw me with the trap, off she ran. The neighbor was saying his wife is complaining and so is he about the cat poop. I already explained to him about TNR and I'm not the only one feeding them and there are other cats in this neighborhood that could be pooping in his yard. The ferals that comes to my house, I don't know which ones, but they do use the litter boxes, cuz I clean it out everyday and there are clumps where they pee and #2 in the Catit jumbo litter boxes. I put plastic forks in the my garden areas where I don't want them to do their business and they do avoid them, wish I had thought about this earlier so I can tell that neighbor. I do have 3, one of them meow and purrs when I pet him, the other 2 runs around one still hiss and still uses his hand when I offer him a treat, but these 3 would come in the morning to eat and hang around to play a little and then come back around 530pm to get fed and stays there thru the night in the shelter I made. I will try to cover it when it rains come winter, but I'm not sure if they will come since they live in the No man's land that separates my house from the houses in the back.

Also, any advise on cat food? I used to give them friskies, but when I read the ingredients, it has too much fillers. Right now they are eating Taste of the Wild dry cat food and I mix a can of Fancy Feast Medley(they all love this). I read about Blue Buffalo Wilderness chicken recipe, not sure if this is good, it's also grain free, but it was on the recall list awhile back. If taste of the Wild seems like a good food, then I'll stick with it. I've never raise cats before, been a dog person for a very long time.

Thank you all for your input.

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Hi Deanna, welcome to the forum! Do you, by any chance, live in Toronto? I ask because it sounds as if your city does have a municipal TNR policy for ferals and because you mentioned that you can only bring 2 cats at a time to your local humane society's feral spay/neuter clinic, both of which are the case here in Toronto.

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