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Re: Meet my cat Turbo!

Thank you for the nice comments. I am very involved with the APBT breed and in return i have learned alot about K9 nutrition. I hope to do the same here for Turbo. A while back he developed an allergy to certain foods. I know dogs can be allergic to grains and wheat in the foods, does the same go for cats? I switched Turbo to Natures Variety Instinct which is what i have my dog on because he is allergic to grain and NV claims to be grain free. Since switching Turbo to NV i have noticed that the scratching on the back of his neck is completely gone. There used to be no hair and open wounds where he would scratch alot. The only problem now is that he hates the food and will only eat it if he has to. He tries to steal the dog food and any food in the house actually and its hard to keep it from him. So, the search continues for a good food. I will do more research in the health section.
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