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Re: Why does the foster kitty not get along with our other cats?

Did you slowly introduce Momma to your other kitties, or did you just kind of throw her in the mix? To me, it sounds like she didn't have a chance to get used to your kitties. What you want to do is keep Momma separated from your kitties by putting her in the bathroom (or another room where she can retreat to) with some toys, food, and litter box. Rub a towel on all of your kitties and leave it in the room with Momma. Do the same with Momma, too. Rub a towel on her and leave it somewhere so your other kitties will become accustomed to her scent.

Some cats can adjust to new situations almost immediately where others will need to adjust at their own pace. There are others here who can help you better than I can. I've given you a starting point. I'm sure there are others who will chime in with their experiences.

Good luck!

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