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Re: stress over fencing...

Could you string a temporary cable-tie? High up between two tall things (buildings, fence, trees) I would string a cable about 10' tall. Have a wheeled pulley on the cable with about a 5-8' drop of chain. Have a swivel at the pulley end and at the chain end, where a snap would attach. Use another short length of wrapped cable with snaps and swivels at both ends to attach between Lola's collar and the drop-chain from the cable-tie.
If you are able to place the cable-tie in a manner that she cannot go around and around the base of the cable-tie supports, she could trot/run back/forth between the two anchor points. If she would stay on it longer than an hour, I would provide a permanant shelter (shade, wind, weather) and a bucket of water.
This could work as a temporary exercise option until you are able to fence an area for her to safely run and play.

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