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Re: Hey Heidi put your Malibu pics right here!!

Originally Posted by Billybobcat
No. Its just I've been coming here for awhile and all Ive seen are those 2 yard pics.
You are a very lucky person, I think she is beautiful. Stunning even!
Thank you so much. She really has become a special cat to me. She is the reason I joined CF, because she had just been diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver) and I needed support as I tried to save her at home. CF really pulled us through and it changed our relationship. She went from being a stand-off-ish former feral to my snuggle buddy who now sleeps with me every night and/or nap, either on my head (yeah, ON my head) or snuggled right up against my belly/chest, under the covers with her head sticking out next to mine or tucked under my chin.

...and you are right...I do not have very many pics of her. She is NOT a very patient camera subject, and I was thinking just this evening that I would need to take some better pics of her.

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