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Re: Better check my new equipment refund policy!

I need to return my softbox.
Reason for the return, Ma'am?
There's a cat in it.
Cat hair?
No. A whole cat.
Um, I'll be right back. I need to call my manager. Wait here, please.

*muffled, behind a door*
A cat! Yeah! She said a cat! No, not just a hair, a whole cat! What do I do? I wasn't trained for this! This was definitely not covered in the manual! Yeah! Yeah. Okay. Yup. I've gotcha. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

*employee returns to counter*
We'll need you to UPS it to the softbox repair center. It appears this is a common problem and they were about to send out a recall on all of the products to fix this design problem. Please include a copy of your receipt and it will take the repair center about two weeks to fix your cat problem.

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