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Re: Better check my new equipment refund policy!

Yes, that is interesting about the Maine Coons Doodle! Dave and I have often wondered if she might have some specific breed traits. One other thing she does that is just so funny, aside from acting like a dog, is when you pick her up, she just goes limp in your arms. Another thing I just find so funny, is she will just plop on her sides. She could be standing one minute, and just fall flat down on her side because she feels like laying down. If she's in my way, and won't move, I will sometimes try to push her aside, but she will not move. She falls flat and limp, and I have to slide her with my feet. When the Cats 101 shows aired, Dave heard the "going limp in your arms" as being a trait of Ragdolls, and he also wondered if that might be in her background somewhere also.
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